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Sony sued by ex-staff over daft security, leaked privates


Re: Summing Up.

You could not be more right.

I KNOW how to SAVE Microsoft. Give Windows 8 away for FREE – analyst


Yes give it away for free..... genius!!

£208 for a single Windows 8 pro license for a small business, around £30 for a multi-national. It would certainly be welcome in the small business world. MS could make their revenue up with Office Pro Plus as £480 a pop!! They should give it away it all about selling apps onto the platform anyway these days...

Outsourcing your own job much more common than first thought


Free market economy...

Isn't this a great example of a free market economy. Why are employers complaining? They do the same, I'm 100% sure they understand what the word 'outsourcing' means - smacks of double standards to me.

Example: Employer agrees a price for a piece of work, the employee gets it done and satisfies the agreement. Employer happy with delivery. So what if the employee outsources the role and frees up some time to live his/her life?

Review: Britain's 4G smartphones


Orange or EE coverage

It remains to be seen if Orange coverage will improve. Where I live its laughable, you struggle with GPRS never mind 4G. O2 doesn't fair much better but at least I can make a call on O2. Vodofone seems to be the best. (other networks and sub-networks available)

What annoys me the most is that Siri doesn't work without 3G, so the hands free (in car) experience is poor - my old 3GS with Voice Control did a much better job of voice commands, now I just get "I'm not able to do this at this time" - progress eh??

Bottom line - Live outside London forget data being reliable it simply isn't and I can't see how 4G is going to change this (get on a Virgin train and travel up and down the country - do you get 3G for more that 30 mins in 2 hrs?). Come on mobile phone operators you take on average £200-£400 off us each year - you must try harder!!

Windows 8: Is Microsoft's new OS too odd to handle?


No start button... boo hoo

No start button, WTF are MS thinking - imagine the meeting as MS. "Yeah, this start button thing really isn't working for our users. It just seems silly to me... 'start... run...' or 'start... type app or doc name..' it's plain crazyness and as for 'start... shutdown' what the hell were we thinking. TEAM it's obviously more intuitive to hide the start button and replace it with a 4x4 pixel mouse-over area... and I've had a call from my pal who desinged the ACPI power off function and he'd like to see more people using the power button to switch of their machines - he's a really clever bloke - so, lets hide the shutdown function. Oh, and one more thing, we can test how many users are adopting our flagship product by analysing our YouTube stats for the keywords 'how the fk do I lauch an app and shutdown Windows 8?'"

Windows 3.1 & 3.11 - Great

Windows NT - GOOD but basic

Windows 95 - Great

Windows 98 - Ouch

Windows 98 SE - Great

Windows ME - Ouch

Windows XP - Great (in fact super great)

Windows VISTA - Ouch

Windows 7 - Great

Windows 8 - Ouch

Windows 9 - Great

Windows 10 - Ouch

Pattern developing???


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