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Buying a USB adapter: Pennies. Knowing where to stick it: Priceless


Re: Seems ok

Mates rates is paying their full going rate, how else would they be able to pay for a round at the pub

It really is your last chance to see anything at Cineworld for quite some time, and this big-screen bork speaks volumes


Re: Cinemas in their current form are an artefact of the limited availability of reels of film

One of my most enjoyable views last year was the Italian Job on the big screen, and I wasn't the only one the screen was packed. So there is a market for showing back catalog. It all depends on the costs to show the film.

We're number... six. Analysis puts UK behind Switzerland and Kuwait in 5G adoption


That would be the same Samsung that supplies the radar to our naval ships.

Everyone manufactures or gets parts from China that's what the issues have been in the last few months.

How much cheese does one person need to grate? Mac Pro pricing unveiled


Re: Use

Just drop a Radeon 570/80 8Gb card in it.

It's what I did with the lads machine

Socket to the energy bill: 5-bed home with stupid number of power outlets leaves us asking... why?


Welcome to a home theatre install

Looks very similar to a lot of home theatre installs.

Separate sockets for each of the sources - the brush based plates for speaker cables - and the ones higher up the walls for the TV above it.

Trakt app users' personal data exposed: We were hit by a 'PHP exploit'... back in 2014


Being as it came without notice of a breach - that is what I personally assumed

Ooh, my machine is SO much faster than yours... Oh, wait, that might be a bit of a problem...


Re: Time machine

My bet is with one of the inbetweens.

Those are the thin-net years of Lan Manager (which was generally pants), the days before you had to make the decision of IPX/SPX Netbeui or TCP-ip depending on what server OS you had and variant of IP you were using - the pre cat5 years..

What happens when a Royal Navy warship sees a NATO task force headed straight for it? A crash course in Morse


Audio Morse

The next plateau is around the 24wpm mark, of course by that point you've also overlaid Q codes on what your sending so are doing entire sentences with one or two words which also meant that you have to shift to typing for decoding.

For those of us that sat a MRGC back in the day, the attrition was quite marked on Morse class. I think out of the 90 of us that started the course only one or two actually went to sea.

Expired cert... Really? #O2down meltdown shows we should fear bungles and bugs more than hackers


Maybe the network needs a friend

Travel on the trains and when One carrier is having issues it's tickets are valid on the others for a short duration. Maybe if one carrier is having a 'Really bad day'[tm] the others could let their customers on theirs.

You never know it might be like good for everyone.. so it will never happen

Where to implant my employee microchip? I have the ideal location


oh dear

..because nobody has ever had to go for an mri and doesn't potentially want a hole in their appendage where the chip used to be.

VMware 'pressured' hotel to shut down tech event close to VMworld, IGEL sues resort giant


Not enough Hotel rooms :)

Dixons to shutter 92 UK Carphone Warehouse shops after profit warning


say it out loud

Always reminds me of the old Dixons Warranty service just say it out loud


Ah the hours of fun that gave the teenage me.

I used to give CFW my money because they sold Sim Free handsets and it was easy to move the sim. Now loike most old tight people I buy a handset, use it until death and repeat. I was PAYG for three years but wanted a calls bundle to allow me to drop my home phone and that was even cheaper than my PAYG and VOIP service bundled together. The local combined PCWORLD/Dixons/CFW has half the handset types of the miniscule CFW across town. But since being taken over has just raised their prices to the point it's cheaper to buy from Amazon and just as quick to get delivered and has already been mentioned I'm meant to do all the reading up first. Pay your staff and be competitive and maybe I'd spend money there again, or become Maplins 2.0.

UK chancellor puts finger in air, promises 15 million full fibre connections by 2025


All new builds should be forced to have a fibre connection - period. How else can they drop pots by 2025 otherwise. But that would be nasty to the house builders who if they could get away with it would sell a broom cupboard as a place to live.

I'd also go as far as saying new builds should have solar panels, especially those so many million qs m warehouses, and whole building battery options for the domestic premises.

If the Germans can do it, why not us

Home Office seeks advice on Police Radio omnishambles


Re: Motorola Solutions

Zebra bought the non public Safety bit of Motorola Solutions. This would be the actual Public Safety bit.

Lollipop licked: KitKat still king in Android land


Re: Anonymous fandroid coward

Given the amount of retail PC's still running the OS they came with.. not really a good comparison.

If we looked at it that way you could look at the low number of PC's running OSX or the low numbers of Macs running Windows - the hardware is capable but the hurdles are there to stop the non interested changing OS

The 'blame' at this sits purely with the manufacturers that heavily skin Android and don't want to give that up. Either by redirecting the user to another store rather than the play one or from kickbacks from app companies..

BOFH: CSI Haxploitation Cube Farm Apocalypse


oh dear

New Keyboard please - mine appears to be covered in Tea

iPhone code ban facing antitrust inquiry?


smartphones and adblocks

If the market numbers are based on adds thats the Nokia n900 *uggered then as it can happily run adblocking software. Still it's less of my bandwidth going on adds I don't want to see on a mobile.

Ofcom lays out £400m plans for 2010

Black Helicopters

if the wanted to do something good

Remove the link between having a voice line and internet services.

I may want to use just my mobile for voice comms so why do I need to get a voice line from BT/whoever to get Adsl...