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Brit consumers shun the iPad - for now



"And when the prices come down, as they surely will"

Forgive me if I don't hold my breath while we wait...

BBC nicely summarises Gordon Brown's legacy


No mention....

No mention of the massive debt, then?

Jesus descends to Google Earth



Hitler with long hair... Hippy Hitler. Hipler.

Space Station lightsabre-sparring hoverdroids to be upgraded





CEOP renews attack on Facebook


Something about their name doesn't ring right...

"Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre"

Drop the middle bit and you've got;

"Child Exploitation Centre"

.... someone is benefiting from all this fear mongering...

Israel using Facebook as 'spying tool' in Gaza



"The friend of my enemy is my enemy"?

Murdoch tells old media to 'stand up' to Google, Bing



Who cares?

This is totally going to stitch themselves up, big time. I hope they all put up their paywalls at the same time - that means that a total FAIL will occur with all their newspapers simultaneously. If they do one newspaper at a time, they'll see it for a total failure, and stop - which would be a shame...

Maybe I should write a letter, suggesting that if only one paper does it, all the punters will quick match to their remaining free titles... and that the only solution is to do all of them at once.

I'd love to see that arrogant, ignorant b@st@rd go out of business!

Tories may scrap IR35 tax rules for contractors


What a total failure

I can utterly understand the Tories cutting this tax. It's restricted trade, restricted profits of UK based workers, and has raised a poultry £9.2m - which is most likely less that the amount it cost to administer the change anyway.

Getting rid of it is more common sense than it is political manoeuvring - even if politics is the motivation for bothering. Labour haven't gotten rid of it already since they'd admit to making a stupid mistake.