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Bank on it: It's either legal to port-scan someone without consent or it's not, fumes researcher

Paul 164

Whose benefit?

So if these banks detect certain open ports, do they display a notice on the website that the computer may be compromised, and that the customer should investigate further?

I bet they don't.

Probe Brit police phone-peeking plans, privacy peeps plead

Paul 164

Re: Damp cloth

Don't some police place seized mobiles into faraday evidence bags? If so the remote wipe won't work until removed and out of Airplane Mode.

So thoughtful. Uber says it won't track you after you leave their vehicles

Paul 164

App update descriptions

A great example of apps using the generic "we update the software regularly so we can make it better for you", whilst sneaking in new code to do this kind of thing and who knows what else.

About time the App Store made this kind of description against the TOS and forced app developers to tell users what they are updating... Then again, the likes of Facebook would probably just threaten removing their app from iOS and Apple would cave in.

UK PM May's response to London terror attack: Time to 'regulate' internet companies

Paul 164

Re: Book stores.

These laws are often useless, because the authorities with the powers to enforce them are scared of looking like they're racist.

A lot of the issues and lack of acting on previously known hate preachers can be blamed on Political Correctness, not encryption!

UK ministers to push anti-encryption laws after election

Paul 164

Wondered how long it would be before they started trying to really push that through!

Customer: BT admitted it had 'mis-sold' me fibre broadband

Paul 164


And in some cases it's copper coated aluminum cables - which are total crap for data!

Murdoch's 21st Century Fox agrees £18.5bn Sky takeover deal

Paul 164


Whenever I see pictures of Rupert Murdoch he reminds me of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons! Ironically he seems to have a similar complex over having to control as much as possible!

Why I just bought a MacBook Air instead of the new Pro

Paul 164

Totally agree

Apple have lost their minds along with their innovation.

Everything with them seems to be going backwards - having to buy adapters to use Ethernet, USB and having to buy external drives because I want to write a CD! I thought that was in the past by 15 years or so!

My iPhone is a 5s, mainly because I hate the larger phones and don't want to pay a lot of money for little improvement... Don't get me started on the iPhone 7 and its missing audio jack!

My laptop used to be an i7 MacBook Pro until somebody damaged it beyond repair. Looking into a new Pro, I found the specs very limiting (less ports and no optical drive), and the price higher than when I bought the i7. Not only that but not being able to upgrade the hardware on a machine I OWN is just a HUGE CON.

I had to opt for the older i5 mid-2012 MacBook Pro in the end - all because I want the option of using ports without adapters, using an optical drive and because I might want to add new RAM or HDD.

Unless Apple actually start listening to their faithful users, I see many of them jumping ship.

Power cut interrupts UK.gov cloud service supplier

Paul 164

Re: Poundhost / simplyhosting too

Our server remained offline until 5.25pm. We were not kept up-to-date and were fed copy-and-paste Twitter replies to any questions asked of them.

The situation was so bad that the boss made me move everything from the server we have with them to another company we have servers with.

Bye bye SimplyHosting!

Paul 164

Our SimplyHosting server fell offline at 8.35am - around the same time as this company's servers went offline... Too much of a coincidence for me.

Power 'issue' fells UK web registrar's servers

Paul 164

They've now resorted to copy-and-paste replies on social media! Great way to piss your customers off who are requesting more info and a possible ETA!

Paul 164

Doesn't seem so isolated

I received a server down alert at 8.35am this morning and the server we have with them is still offline.

Their portal briefly came back online 30 minutes ago which said everything was online, but the server was still inaccessible. Now accessing the portal is timing out.

My boss is now understandably fuming and we're receiving hassle from pissed off clients.

Spied upon by GCHQ? You'll need proof before a court will hear you...

Paul 164

"...they were each actually required to submit information as to why they were 'potentially at risk.'"

Basically meaning that GCHQ will then use this information to use as an excuse to scrutinise (well, monitor) these individuals under the guise of the IPT requiring more information to review their cases!

The EU wants you to log into YouTube using your state-issued ID card

Paul 164

This is getting a bit too much like China's "Real Name" internet policy. If we continue to exist within the EU, we'll have this sort of crap forced upon us in the future without being able to object to it.

The reach of Big Brother might just be about to take a huge step too far.

“For every consumer to have a multitude of username and password combinations is not only inconvenient but becomes a security risk.” The irony here being that instead of having multitudes of logins that the government might not possibly be able to get hold of, your ID details will probably be all accessible to them, so any data in any account linked to the ID is easily snooped on, with a high chance of it being automated!

The other thing about it is that once a criminal has your ID details, they have ALL of your online accounts!

Hello? Police? Yes, I'm a car and my idiot driver's crashed me

Paul 164
Black Helicopters

"Subsequently a voice connection is established to avoid sending rescue services to small accidents”

I assume this means that the emergency services operator can have a two-way conversation with the occupants in the event of an accident?

How long before NSA, GCHQ, police etc are turning on the microphones in these cars to listen into conversations?

Apple v Ericsson: Yet ANOTHER patent war bubbles over

Paul 164

So basically it sounds like Apple want to pay less in royalties but keep their prices the same earning them more profit?

Sounds normal.

Lords try shoehorning law against revenge porn into justice bill

Paul 164

An easier solution...

... DON'T send naked or pornographic pictures or videos in the first place!!!

What happens if the photo's are stolen?

FBI arrests claims NullCrew hacker in Tennessee takedown

Paul 164

Double standards

So OK for NSA/GCHQ to do it but if some hacking group comes pissing in their yard then it's NOT OK

Microsoft: NSA snooping? Code backdoors? Our hands are clean!

Paul 164

SO is this like the UK Government's GCHQ looks over the code, finds a flaw, tells Micro$oft but ALSO lets the USA's NSA in on the flaw so it can be exploited? Very reassuring indeed.

"In order to reassure foreign governments that Microsoft's code is secure from such shenanigans, Redmond makes its source code available to other country's governments for checking. If they find flaws, they are fixed at Microsoft, but it's another way of reassuring customers."

NSA alleges 'BIOS plot to destroy PCs'

Paul 164

It's more like...

Let's rewrite it the way it's supposed to be read:

1. A foreign country developed BIOS malware “disguised as a request for a software update” that would have turned PCs into “a brick.” Plunkett said “The NSA working with computer manufacturers was able to close this vulnerability”. 60 Minutes names China as the culprit

READS AS: NSA had their foreign counterparts put together a BIOS hack in order for the NSA to "help" the BIOS manufacturers fix the hole, whilst ensuring they had their own backdoor programmed into it

2. The NSA is listening to “Less than 60 people globally who are considered U.S. Persons,” according to Alexander

READS AS: The NSA is listening to 60 US persons globally who are considered US persons but 6,000,000 other people who may or may not be US persons.

3. The NSA prefers to look at metadata rather than intercept communications, as the former is felt to be the “least intrusive” way of snooping

READS AS: NSA prefers to LOOK at metadata but advanced computer algorithms look at petabytes of your content and attachments to weed out subjects of interest for future operations. Nothing to hide unless guilty - that is until a terror suspect dials a number incorrectly and connects to you - then you're in the frame as an associate and researched heavily!

4. Before 9/11 the USA lacked the capability to match metadata from multiple carriers that would allow understanding of conversations between two parties and it is felt the lack of such an ability helped the 9/11 plotters to evade detection

READS AS: Bush wanted powers to spy on anyone he wanted but Congress didn't like it. 9/11 happened because the authorities turned their backs to it in order for Bush to push through the necessary wiretap powers. <- one many conspiracy theories

NSA-friendly cyber-slurp law CISPA back on the table with new Senate bill

Paul 164
Black Helicopters

It won't be long before people "drop" off the internet, go back to shopping on the high street with cash, stop sending emails/Facebook and stop calling people.

Of course, that is until cash is taken out of circulation.

Some of the things in 'Demolition Man' don't seem so fictional now.

DARPA slaps $2m on the bar for the ULTIMATE security bug SLAYER

Paul 164

"DARPA has announced a new multi-million-dollar competition to build a system that will be able to automatically analyze code, find its weak spots, and patch them against attack."

So they'll be out scanning any OS they can find and pass on the information of weaknesses found to the NSA who can exploit all those machines not patched!

NSA reporter leaves paper for eBay billionaire backed media biz

Paul 164


Another news outlet owned by someone who wants to shape politics and law based on their own interests!

NSA boss Alexander and deputy to take a hike next year

Paul 164

Preventative measures

Leave or retire from the service quickly before future legal action can be taken against them by any chance?

London plod plonks, er, pull request on EasyDNS

Paul 164

Takedown request for publication of notification?

Love the fact they posted it on Scribd even with the warning at the bottom of the request!

"... unless otherwise specified, this information is not intended for general public dissemination and should not beincluded on public facing websites..."

McAfee the man launches 'NSA-thwarting' $100 privacy gizmo

Paul 164

Re: Amusing...

Imagine - pay $100 for the NSA to have even easier access to your data... NSA keep the money saved on breaking a new device brought to market and spend it on extra storage!

Rotten Apple iOS 7 fury: Glitchy audio or is today's music really that bad?

Paul 164

Audio - Siri

Mine downloaded last night at 8pm in about 20 minutes, but then took 30 mins to "prepare" the update and then got stuck trying to connect to Apple's servers to "verify" the update before installing.

Finally got it installed and tried Siri out to see if it had improved, only to find that Siri (UK) now sounds more like a Speak & Spell from the 80's!

Anyone else notice this?

Apple prepares to unleash iPhone 5S, 5C for the GREAT BRAWL OF CHINA

Paul 164

Fingerprint scanner?

If the fingerprint scanner is introduced it would be of great interest to the NSA and GCHQ as the fingerprint data would no doubt be stored in "the cloud" and accessible by them.

Hey presto, fingerprint data on millions of previously unknown people.

NORKS prepping glorious People's Smartmobe

Paul 164

The phone will...

- Allow the DPRK to switch on the microphone and take a picture at any time

- Automatically store all text messages and usage on DPRK servers

- Use GPS to report the location of subjects attempting to slag off the DPRK

- Only allow the national anthem to be used as a ringtone

- Receive propaganda news stories from the DPRK and instantly play or display taking over whatever the user is doing

- Allow the DPRK to set off a missile bound for any hostile country from anyone's handset thus taking the heat away from the leader and army!

Apple will swap fanbois' killer phoney phone chargers for legit adapters

Paul 164

If Apple didn't charge £25 for a simple charging adapter there would be less market for cheap, dodgy knock offs.

Plus the quality of them needs to improve - my original plugs have always lasted but the original cables have never lasted longer than 6 months.

People turn to eBay when they find the price of the Apple originals are extortionate and are bombarded with all varieties of cheapies - even if they're just looking for a charging cable, 99.9% of the sellers are flogging the adapters as a package.

REVEALED: Google's GINORMOUS £650m London Choc Factory

Paul 164


Dan Cobley, Google UK’s managing director, said: “... We’re committed to the UK..."

Yeah, committed to avoiding paying taxes here!

I'll bet the Head Office of the building contractor they choose will be based in Ireland or some offshore tax haven too!

UK sitting on top of at least 50 years of shale gas – report

Paul 164

Frack on with it...

Get it out of the ground now! As long as the Gov. don't sqander the money and plough it back into our currently limping economy!

Apple threatens ANOTHER Samsung patent lawsuit

Paul 164

No more courtroom action...

"Apple's legal team undoubtedly would prefer that any new lawsuit not be presided over by Judge Grewal – it's clear that he's had it up to here with the entire squabble."

Yeah... Him and the rest of the World have had it up to here with this petty litigation shit!

How the hell anyone could confuse the two products is beyond me (some UI icons may look similar on the Samsung too, but that's just it - UI icons on many platforms look very similar!), and it's not as if Apple haven't ripped off anyone ever, is it? Steve Jobs "invented" the mouse - by ripping it off from Xerox?

I've got loads of Apple products but I think what they're doing is utterly stupid. And boring.

- Megaphone because both companies need to listen to their customers!

#Facebook: Now all your hashtags ARE BELONG TO US, Twitter

Paul 164

Court proceedings?

I see this going the way of Apple/Samsung in the courts if Twitter has a patent on hashtags!

MySpace zaps millions of teens' tearful rants, causes wave of angst

Paul 164

Re: "The Cloud" .. exactly what the man wants

... And makes it much easier for the NSA to get their grubby little hands on all your data!

Woolwich beheading sparks call to REVIVE UK Snoopers' Charter

Paul 164

Is Lord Reid a fucking idiot?

How on Earth would having the snoopers' charter stopped this?

In fact I don't believe it would stop or foil any terrorism, but will definitely persecute people in the UK for minor things whilst providing people who have access much material for their amusement - for example "Mr. Bloggs from Cheltenham was viewing that animal porn again!"

Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader

Paul 164


"Apple told El Reg it does not comment on individual cases"

You mean to say Apple actually RESPONDED to The Register?!

Major blow for Apple: 'Bounce back' patent bounced back by USPTO

Paul 164


When are Apple going to notice that suddenly the competition they're suing has moved on technologically by leaps and bounds and left them behind?

Of course, when Apple do realise I'm sure they'll try and sue them again for something else!

Apple just keep patenting any ideas and graphic effects they can, then sitting back and waiting for some company to make something vaguely similar and setting their scumbag lawyers on them. Great business model and a great way to alienate their customers!

Tesco: Every little (effort to kill Amazon, Spotify) helps

Paul 164


Yet another major company getting its fingers into more pies

Facebook T&Cs vote falls 299.5 million short of quorum

Paul 164

Facebook don't want user democracy they just want to know your life's intricate details to sell onto advertisers and the like.

Getting 1/3 of the user base to vote to for/against changes is impossible - most users dismiss Facebook messages popping up with T&C changes, most others take a quick read then give up because they just want to post about what they had for dinner!

Facebook's only interest is Facebook. And owning you.

Apple pounces on Samsung doc as proof of 'slavish copy' claims

Paul 164

It's not that confusing

"The fruity firm's design experts have been testifying to how much Samsung stuff looks like iDevices, with the latest, graphic designer Susan Kare, claiming the gadgets look "confusingly similar"." Yeah right, someone who's inside-out familiar with the Apple design and icon layout!

I would have thought maybe the word SAMSUMG at the top of the phone would be a dead give away that it's NOT an Apple iPhone? The rectangular button?!

Walk into a shop and ask for an iPhone and it'll be pretty obvious to anyone (apart from the witnesses paid $80,000) to see if you're given a Samsung Galaxy! For instance, the packaging, the loading screen logo etc.

People in these times are more savvy and do their research before parting with their hard-earned cash to be fooled like that... Even my technophobe Dad would know the difference!

Vodafone customers fume over iPhone 4S delays

Paul 164

Happy Orange customer!

I pre-ordered my 4s on the 9th direct via Orange. Was told I would have to wait up to 30 days to receive it as they had been inundated with pre-orders.

All smiles as Friday 14th at 8.30 I received notification that it had been shipped and would be with me first thing Saturday 15th. Very relieved I didn't have to wait up to those 30 days :)

Is iFlorist the greatest website in the universe, ever?

Paul 164


...fake reviews!

What kind of numpty real customer would write tripe such as "The first and most popular flower of love is the red rose. The red rose symbolizes love, desire and passion" or "flowers at compelling prices"

Clearly a hap-handed attempt at marketing and keyword pumping it looks like to me - not only getting their actual website up there in the search engines, they're also trying to get the review sites up high along with it to ensure as many visitors as possible. How many times does their website address appear in the review?!

I wouldn't trust any business or related reviews of it if they were written like these!


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