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Euro privacy watchdog raises eyebrows at mulled EU copyright law


Re: The biggest corporation of all is actually...

Pretty sure most of the people involved would already have been paid in the process. These aren't little two-people-in-a-shed companies.

Apple's poisonous Touch silently kills the GNOMEs of Linux Forest


I really hope Linux can capture a decent slice of the market as it seems like this is going to be it's best shot with Steam going Linux, better support from manufacturers and with some being pissed with MS over Win8. The main hurdle I see though is the UI. Ubuntus has nice features but is initially confusing and Gnome looked to be going the way of the dodo. Linux needs a good solid and interesting UI that is built rationally. The distros I have used seem to have their settings in different places depending on what you're doing or what aspect you want to change. This type of thing needs stamped out IMHO as it will just piss off the standard user.

So with GNOME going and Unity being a massive change and Cinnamon being very bland what's the best way to make new addoptees feel at home but also go "oooo"?

Windows Phone 8: Everything you need to know at a glance


I have gone from a "Win8 is going to be poo and Linux will replace it" to a "here I quite like this Win 8, where's my credit card for this upgrade". I really quite like the look of Surface too. But both surface and WP8 whilst looking good and making me want to try them don't inspire me with confidence just yet. I think I will be waiting till the next generation of both to decide.

Saying that if RT had been £200-250 I would have bought it just because.

The Big Debate: OK gloomsters, how can the music biz be FIXED?


Re: @ Oddbin and all the other freetards

What's wrong with stacking shelves in Asda? You say it like it's. A punishment? Do people not have free time that they can use for their hobby? And should they become good enough make money from it?

No you are right. Anyone who passes a set level of artistic ability should be exempt.


So the general consensus is that if you have any talent that is currently classed as an art that exempts you from working a normal job? Because that's what orlowskis quote says to me.

Did I say people didn't deserve to get paid? Nope. My comment was directed at Orlowskis air of entitlement in his piece that is symptomatic of all the loud voices trying to put the genie back in the bottle. Just because you can wrote a song or paint a picture doesn't mean you automatically deserve money from it. You might have to do a normal boring job.

But oh no lets all jump on the "my poor violinist partner works ever so hard and only gets £25,000 Although got to play in a place that many others would die to Play in". Not getting paid enough? Then do something different. No one is forcing you to play and instrument or write a play or do any of that. It's a choice.

And the products of my work end up in a public register. Do I get paid everytime someone looks at something i have created? nope. Does it bother me? Nope. I got paid to put it there. Job done.

By all means if you have a talent for something do it. But claiming that people who have talent (in your eyes) should be exempt from working in a normal job is just pathetic. Not to mention demeaning to people who do work in places like tesco and then pay YOU.

Until this mentality goes away don't expect sympathy



We're forgetting one much bigger point: if we reward art, we get more of it. And why should you have a shitty job in Tesco or a call centre and have great talent but not be able to go to market with it?"

Yes because "artists" are better than the rest of us and shouldn't have to work for a living.

Get off your entitled high horse and maybe you will find some moral ground to stand on.

HTC outs Jelly Bean running One X revamp


This strikes me as HTC returning to making a good phone then releasing 3-4 versions of that phone over the next 6 months all with the same name but with one letter or symbol added therefore diluting down their offerings and confusing the average consumer as to which is best. Also adds to the nightmare for software updates. That's what got HTC in the financial mess it was/is in.

Open source author pulls code after GPL abuse


Being a bit new to GPL I don't quite follow what's caused him to pull the code. Is it that people are forkingand closing it?

Three punters' data use doubles


Re: Not a surprise

3.26 right now on my 3 phone tethered vs 2.7 on my Sky BB. In Edinburgh city center its closer to 6 via my phone. And unless BDUK gets their finger out I live in an economically unviable area for BT to roll out FTTC. Even thought I am, by the road, less than 500m from the nearest FTTC cabinet and inside of 4km by road from the exchange.

Lowery: The blue-collar musician at the eye of the copyright storm


Put far more eloquently than I tried above.


Re: Hmm...

I see that as redressing the balance between copyright, which we as a society grant artists, and enforcement of that copyright. Currently no song out today will ever be out of copyright in my time. So speaking purely selfishly why would I support harsher penalties to an industry that isn't willing to play fair? By giving up that massive length of time you are showing that the industry isn't demanding or living in its own wee bubble where they can dictate what they like, as they are portrayed right now let's be honest. The return for this is that we society more rigorously defend that copyright.

I am yet to hear anyone of the people demanding more punishment and more regulation come out with anything they are willing to give in return. Like I said more business models are needed but look at the mess of international copyright and access to music library's for services like spotify and play music.

The same basic theory would apply to movies games and tv.


See this is my problem with the music and movie business. There is all the talk of lost sales and people being poor and then loads of talk of the "stick" part but very little on the carrot side. If you dont even out the carrot side the stick will just put all of this further and further underground.

Reduce the length of copyright to a more reasonable 10-20 years and then have a proper enforcement or open up the rights side so its easier for people to get access to the products on different media or any of hundreds of other things that prove the industry is trying to meet half way. There will be people who wont be placated but the majority will be happy to meet half way.

HTC Ice Cream Sandwich updates slip to late March


Get a nexus. Problem solved. My Desire HD is the last HTC and last non nexus device that's for sure.

Googorola's desire for iPhone royalties will upset Apple cart



Scottish gov moans over broadband cash handout



I think they were using the broons as reference material.

Two solicitors fined and suspended for file-sharer letters


first post link

The comments in that first link are typical. The majority decrying this outcome. One person agreeing with it.

Google gobbles Big Blue IP stash



That makes alot more sense. Google could have gone mad on the nortel stuff but didn't and said they weren't worried. Now I see why.

Apple paid $2.6bn of $4.5bn Nortel patent grab



The whole battle seemed quite seedy at the time and it doesn't get any better the more you learn about it.

Facebook snuffs Chrome extension for uncaging 'friends' data



I long ago deleted, not just made inactive, my Facebook account. Way way to one-sided for my liking.

Google shutters Realtime Search after Twitter deal expires



Anyone else think this is a bad move for Google?

HTC Desire HD



Got mine for £35 per month.

Agree with camera and yes the battery can be armed very fast but if set up correctly then no faster than my 3gs used to.

Calls for US nudie perv scanner 'opt-out day'


Cough please.

Doctors go to school for 7 years and are respected professionals doing their checks for our benefit.

Airport security are low paid wannabe hitlers that have been shown to liberally abuse their position. Add to that the literally minutes of training and I know who I would rather have seeing my meat n veg.

BT fibre upgrades hit full speed



I was looking at their website last week and it had two parts of Edinburgh up for work before 2012. Corstorphine was one I'm sure. I sent BT an email saying I thought it was a joke that I had seen 3 posters advertising infinity on the east side of Edinburgh and near the A1 but there was not going to be any exchanges handling infinity for at the very best two years.

I gotthe reply that I could go to their website to see their schedule. The very same one I ridiculed in my email.

What I don't get is why with new developments they can't add into planning permission that the developer and BT must fibre enable the development. Split cost. Less hassle as your starting with a field. Speeds up adoption.


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