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Spotify seeks hardware boffins


Not a great track record

Spotify have a poor track record of supporting their legacy systems. Their libspotify library is dead with no replacement outside of iOS and Android for playback. Roku boxes and other embedded devices that use this library (and its variants) are slowly losing functionality as Spotify make non-backwards compatible API changes. This company does not understand how to support it's embedded platforms, take your business elsewhere.

P-P-P-Pick up our PENGUIN-POWERED Pi PIPER of Python


Re: Sound quality?

He could always buy an external USB soundcard which won't be as big or as expensive as a HDMI capable amp. I don't find the sound quality that bad, but then I'm using an x-mini speaker....

Sonos Play:3 network music player


You must have a newer style slim ps3. Mine is noisy, hot and power hungry. All in all, not suited to this task.

Spotify tethers future to Facebook


I think last.fm is invaluable but really only for the filtered gig listings. It's nowhere near to being a spotify alternative (it's not trying to be either). I don't get why this article would make any pre-existing spotify members leave, as others have said, when the permission dialogue comes up just decline - tricky stuff....

Gov removes 'general appeal' rights for accused freetards


But TalkTalk can't even get their billing right.

Do their customers have a hope in hell?

Fifa, Uefa lose free-to-view footie challenge


If only

When I pay for my DVD I get adverts AND a lecture about how I should continue to do so. It's all a joke.

'London black cabs to go electric in 2 weeks' – Boris Guardian


The London Electrical Cab Company

I'm really surprised there is no mention of the London Electrical Cab Company. Electric taxis have been done before, complete with swappable batteries. The technology has changed somewhat since then but batteries are still heavy and the whole thing requires a decent infrastructure. Depending on what history you read they were not a complete disaster - oil companies got their act together but electricity companies didn't. There are a bunch of really interesting accounts about it all but searching now I can't find anything good.

Ten... sub-£50 budget MP3 players



The clip+ looks great and I checked it out on Amazon but there are a number of bad reviews because of big problems with the batteries. I'd imagine the problem wouldn't manifest when testing for a short time but it's a real deal-breaker for me.

WTF is... DLNA?


Try Playstation Media Server

I'm starting to sound like a broken record. But give it a go, I use it on my Linux machine to stream to both PS3 and XBOX.


Crossed wires

Ahh i now see what you are asking. I meant that PMS can provide content to the xbox _client_ in a format it was happy to play.


It just seems to work...

Sorry I don't have a link for that I'm afraid. Mine was setup for a playstation but then I randomly tried it on the xbox and it seemed to work. I do know it's been unofficially supported since v.1.10.1 and I guess that's why there is little (no) documentation. If you are interested I can see exactly what config I have later.

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Playstation Media Server also works (and has for some time) on xbox 360s. Despite it's name its not just for the playstation. This, and others I assume, support on-the-fly transcoding from numerous DNLA unfriendly formats to those that will play. I find this to be a an incredibly useful feature and maybe one that could have been mentioned in the "Some software options" section.

DIY cloud box Pogoplug gets integrated wireless


Is this it?

Have you come across the GuruPlug Display? It sounds like what you are talking about. However it's not available yet.

Exam board deletes C and PHP from CompSci A-levels



I did a "Computing" A-level and I'm guessing it's the same thing as this. We had people that had never done programming before in the class - I don't think there were any pre-requisites - so Delphi and Pascal were good choices. At the level we were doing it didn't matter how much real-word use the language had outside of the classroom. Once you have the basic concepts, the syntax is just that and you can go away and apply what you know to whatever language you want. Is this class really the place for the more advanced features of these languages? I would personally not class the detailed implementation of an operating system as a computing fundamental for an A-level student.

Solar Freeloader Pico solar-charged back-up power supply

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Yes, good for holiday.

My friend had one of these solar chargers at a music festival we went to last year and it was brilliant - it saved hours of time queuing up to use the limited number of available sockets.

'Free' power could be in respect to the environmental cost.

Spotify adds Web2.0rhea


Could actually be good?

Swapping between the Spotify application and the media player on my phone has always been pretty annoying. I would welcome the idea of integrating both databases into one interface - assuming it will be available on the mobile version. The facebook stuff sounds a little bit what like last.fm already does, except last.fm doesn't care what source scrobbled the track in the first place(?)

Million pound Usenet indexer found guilty


Oh well

I agree they did it to themselves and made a lot of money in the process, probably due to being the best at what they did - there is no easier or more convenient way to get the material they index. It's a shame they prosecute the site but don't offer a legal alternative.


That's [not] what she said

spokeswoman for the MPA: "... It was about how the search results were presented. ..."

If you search for a picture with google you get its dimensions, file size and type. If you search for a video you get its length.

Doesn't seem quite fair really.