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Fake doc cuffed in concrete arse shocker



Reminds me of that classic Kenny Everett sketch involving Rod Stewart's inflating arse.

Google flight search engine lifts off


London - New York ...via Sydney?

I just hope it works better than their current "public transport" option when getting directions from Google Maps. Currently, Preston to Newcastle routes me via Edinburgh, whereas Lancaster to Hull requires a stop off in Birmingham.

Acoustic trauma: How wind farms make you sick


All hail the mighty Clarkson

I suspect these hacks have spent too much of their youth listening to the populist rants of Jeremy and his fellow pricks.

BBC iPlayer coming to Panasonic tellies


Already there for Freesat

I've had iPlayer on my 2010 model for some months now, but via the BBC Red button, not Viera Link, and only on Freesat.

Maybe it will be rolled out on the Freeview red button soon too - although it doesn't always work particularly well, even though I rarely have any problems using iPlayer on my PC, which uses the same router.

Beware the blizzard of torrents of Starcraft 2


Caveat Raptor

Most pirated software is a risk, but overpricing like this just encourages piracy.

There's a reason PC games normally retail for less than console games, and that's because they have a much lower trade-in value, especially games like this that require activation. From what I've read, Blizzard are intent on screwing even more out of their Starcraft fanbois through online extras, not too mention generating advertising revenue at the same time.

Clever old Blizzard, but not for me. Much as I enjoy RTS games, I'd just feel ripped-off forking out over thirty sobs for a PC title.

Daily Star is sorry for Grand Theft Auto Raoul Moat blunder


The motto of the modern British tabloid

Lie through the back of your teeth and be damned.

Imitate Real Ale quaffers, save the economy, says biz prof


Campaign for Real Pubs

A pal of mine recently started work as a trainee manager for one of the big pub management companies.

At his induction he was introduced to the companies branding ethos - that they want each of their pubs to be as identical as possible within each brand, and they actually see McDonalds as a role model for this.

IMHO, bland, mass produced pubs have become more of a problem nowadays than bland, mass-produced beers. Most pubs are suffering these days, but "Real Pubs" are also under attack from within their own industry.

Cameron asks Obama for McKinnon compromise


Perhaps a suitable compromise...

..would be to lay all the blame on BP.

Speed cameras slide out of LibCon budget


Councils should be a bit less dedicated to safety.

Councils should be reviewing their policies regarding road safety anyway. The number of unnecessary "improvements" in my neck of the woods (pointless pedestrian crossings, unecessarily low speed limits etc) all strongly suggest the presence of dedicated road safety officers who are mostly dedicated to justifying their own existence, not to mention a mad, end of fiscal year rush to use up a dedicated road safety budget.

Perhaps they could use some of these resources to actually improve the flow of traffic for once, instead of slowing it down. We've had the safest roads in Europe for decades, and also the most congested.

Murdoch moves for full control of Sky


He'll want it because...

.. he's probably already persuaded Cameron to relax the controls on broadcaster neutrality. Fox News, right-wing shock-jocks, and even stupider politicians, here we come.

To think, I've been boycotting Sky all these years, and the old bastard wasn't even in control of it.

Twitter airport bomb spoof joker launches appeal


Should this have ever reached the courts?

I know very little of the CPS, and what its official remit actually is. Is bringing a prosecution, purely to "make an example" of someone, a legitimate motivation for them?

Oz customs search lappies and mobes for smut


...perhaps we need to de-sensitise them

In the interests of freedom of expression, perhaps somebody should set up a facebook page, along the lines of "Show Porn to an Australian Day".

Labour manifesto: More ID cards, less NHS IT


Inspired by Chinese firing squads

Interesting how they boast that Big Brother cards are to be "self-financing" - I mean, it isn't as if the fee they'll charge is a stealth tax, even when they use some future terrorist atrocity as an excuse to make them compulsory.

In a similar vein, I once read that the Chinese government routinely charges relatives for the cost of bullets used to execute their loved ones.

Your internet policy sucks, US tells Aussies


This should concern us all

If other Western governments see Australia getting away with this, they're more likely to follow suit themselves.

All in the name of protecting children, and foiling terrorists, naturally...