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Linux 4.16 arrives, keeps melting Meltdown, preps to axe eight CPUs

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Doesn't Mikrotik run on Tile?

I believe Mikrotik's own hardware runs on Tile processors, and doesn't RouterOs run an embedded Linux kernel?

Our Vulture 2 rocket spaceplane crammed with more power

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Assume the Castle Creations BEC is a switching BEC?

Nothing in the documentation for the Castle Creations BEC states it's a switching BEC, I assume you've checked that out?

If it's a linear BEC then it'll draw the same current from the power source regardless of voltage and dissipate the difference as heat. A switching BEC is more efficient but may introduce interference.

Edit - yes, the user guide does mention switching. As you were.

Manhattan drone pair cuffed for NYPD chopper near miss

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Re: Range dependent on radio quality

No, the range of a quadcopter is about battery life. With readily available radio gear video range can be around 5Km, whereas the out and back distance on readily available battery technology is only a around 2.5Km.

Apple supplier's '11-hours-a-day' toilers have '1 day off a month'

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For the same reason more and more articles in the right hand panel have thumbnails of scantily clad women which bear no relevance to the story within.

Vulture 2 autopilot reports for duty

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Do you really need the APM 2.6 vs the APM 2.5? The 2.6 has an external magnetometer typically needed for multi rotor aircraft so that the amount of motors and ESCs they have don't interfere with the sensitive compass. The APM 2.5 has the magnetometer inside the main case and would give you a better option to use an alternate GPS unit if the need arose.

An autopilot the size of a postage stamp

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Re: So.......

Not really, if you know what you're doing you use frequency-hopping spread spectrum, it uses a whole bunch of frequencies in rotation, so if one frequency is congested or there is cross-path interference on it then the same command is sent on a different frequency. Different units use different combinations of frequencies so there's little chance of a complete overlap.

The OpenLRS project provides very inexpensive hardware which can be programmed to use UK legal frequencies at UK legal transmission power.

Titsup Windows Phone 8 orders user to cram 'boot disc' in mobe

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Don't forget to load himem.sys and emm386.exe before you call win.

Apple's new Safari snubs older Macs, drops Windows version

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'Extreme' solar storm speeding straight towards Earth

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Finally, O2 have managed to deliver something EARLIER than promised.

Apple unveils tightened Mountain Lion requirements

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I believe this is just about 32 bit support. Lion has support for a 32 bit kernel whereas Mountain Lion doesn't.

It's not just a matter of processor support, many Mac drivers are 32 bit only.

Apple flat-screen TV to ship by holiday season?

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It's all about the content.

Android activations near a million a day

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I trust what I see more, and when I look around in public I see more people using iPhones than Android phones.

Why MongoDB? It's the developers, stupid

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Coming from a traditional relational database environment and trying to apply your experience to noSQL is not going to work. You need to throw away much of what you know and hold dear and understand some completely new concepts.

The whole transactional isolation vs scalability debate can't be answered for every deployment scenario, however MongoDB provides a welcome middle-ground between isolation-free technologies like Cassandra and tightly controlled transaction isolation like Postgres. No doubt thanks to sponsors like FourSquare, Mongo has some solutions to very modern problems, such as geospatial indexing.

Ten... Sata 3 SSDs

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Re: Physical dimensions

The Intel 520 can for sure, it has a plastic shim which is removable.

Foxconn receives Apple smart TV order - report

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If it's going to finally bring an online content provider which supplies actual HDTV streaming content with DD 5.1 then I'll be throwing my wallet at a suitable space on the wall in the hope that one actually appears.

Not sure about the regular Apple utilitarian looks though, how they intend to provide a single design which looks as good in any living room I don't know.

Special Projects Burro pops his hooves

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Did I end up on imgur by mistake?

UK mobile broadband carriers compared

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The BBC should publish their data

If only the BBC made the statistics gathered by their torch relay broadcast vehicle we'd get a real picture. That has 3G SIM cards from multiple providers and dynamically swaps to the ones offering the best signal and bandwidth.

The stats from that would be very interesting.

Mozilla and Google blast IE-only Windows on ARM

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European Competition Commission

I guess Windows RT won't be coming to Europe then.

Facebook unfriends 19-inch data center racks

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They're basing an entirely new standard on the one thing in computing that has an expiry date on it, the 3.5" HDD?

I'm sure there are far more rack equipment consumers using co-location facilities than there are fortunate enough to have the budget to build an entire data centre for themselves from scratch. I really do hope this standard goes nowhere.

Intel bakes palm-sized Core i5 NUC to rival Raspberry Pi

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Surely this is far more like the original intention of ION than the Pi? The fact that ION can easily run with no moving parts makes if more appropriate for embedded systems than the Intel only option.

BT missing from Pirate Bay High Court slap-down

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When will the BPI / MPAA realise that pirating costs pirates money in index sites, news provider access and higher price ISPs, although small compared to the retail value of the stolen content is does prove that downloaders are prepared to pay for a quality service.

Instead of ruling with an iron fist, they might want to compete and provide access to their content at reasonable prices with the same quality you can enjoy by downloading it illegally, compared to the utter lower-than-standard-definition shite you get through services like NetFlix and LoveFilm.

Newzbin barrister struck off for owning site he represented

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From what I remember the case was based around the owners of the site knowing that illegal file sharing was happening and a lot of this rested on forum posts by the site admins and other specific tags which were only appropriate to copyrighted material.

Considering the company behind the site was actually owned by a lawyer you'd think they would have known how to protect themselves a little better.

TalkTalk, 3UK scratched off Ofcom's Xmas card list

Neil 38

TalkTalk are great when they work, but the moment you need support it's absolutely dreadful. They're the only LLU operator on my exchange, so it's either TalkTalk or 8mb broadband. The speed is great but as soon as I need to report a fault it's straight through to a heavily script-based interaction with India.

The problem is, I run Linux. Their first question when I go to report a fault with my entire Internet connection is "what operating system are you using". As soon as I say "Linux" I get "Sorry we do not support your operating system". No amount of telling them that there's a flashing red light on the "Internet" icon on my router will change their mind.

They have a forum based support ran out of the UK, which is fine if you are prepared to wait three days for a response, but as far as their Indian call centre is concerned, they'd be better off replacing it with "The IT Crowd"'s looped tape machine.

Alec Baldwin kicked off plane for playing with his phone

Neil 38

It's funny how the "safety" regulations change so quickly once there's some revenue in it.

All wireless devices used to have to be turned off during flight, miraculously they were deemed safe as soon as airlines started providing in-flight chargeable wi-fi access.

Boffins insert 3D objects into any old photo... realistically

Neil 38

Does it only work with dragons?

Apple was OK to fire man for private Facebook comments

Neil 38

Apple likes to control every other aspect of the media, so it's not surprising they want to control social media too.

Apple gets patent for ‘unlock gesture’

Neil 38

I hope Google patented facial recognition unlocking, because that really does rock.

Apple blocks sale of Samsung's Android fondleslab across EU

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Are Kellogg's next?

That community design relates as much to a box of cornflakes as it does to the galaxy Tab.

UK's first Stealth fighter in successful catapult test

Neil 38

Very funny

The UK, Stealth Fighters, Aircraft carriers. Is it April again already?

Jabra Stone 2 Bluetooth headset

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I'd rather people though I was wearing a headset...

.. than think I'm trying to look like I'm on Star Trek.

Amazon Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

Neil 38

Love it

I've had one for over 6 months now, the Burnt Orange one, which really adds a nice splash of colour to the drab Kindle. The leather tag hasn't bothered me one bit and I found the quality of the leather very good.

The price didn't seem that high to me, given the build quality and how usable it makes the Kindle to read in bed or on a plane when the cabin lights are down.

Samsung RF711 17.3in Core i7 laptop

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@Big Nose In China, I absolutely agree. I looked earlier this year for a 17" laptop which supported full HD, they're really few and far between. Add to that retailers determination to hide screen resolution figures and it's a really touch job.

I ended up plumping for a Sony F series and so far haven't been disappointed.

Canonical delivers second Natty Ubuntu beta

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I like it

I like Unity, and I can't really see the same issues that everyone else is seeing.

In terms of the beta, I've known Ubuntu betas with relatively important stuff not working properly until several weeks into "release".

There's a few nags with Unity, most of them now are cosmetic and all the functions I really need are right there, now.

I can really see where Ubuntu are going with Unity, and took the time to understand the new interface before making my opinions on it known.

WTF is... 4K x 2K?

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No 4k 3D support in HDMI 1.4

HDMI 1.4 only supports 24p 4k, so moview only.

Given more and more movies are being shot in 3D also, there's no Side By Side 3D 4K support in HDMI 1.4.

Penguin Computing overclocks Opterons for Wall Street

Neil 38

How come Wall Street needs that much power?

Surely to calculate a fund manager's bonus they just think of a disgustingly high figure then double it?

Samsung teases with trim tablet snap

Neil 38

False line

There's definitely some more real estate below the bottom-most line if you look hard enough.

Feeling heat from Macs, Microsoft sells PCs sans crapware

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If they care about clean install performance so much why don't they allow you to use an OEM key on a retail DVD?

It took me 2 hours to remove all the sodding bloatware from my last new Sony Vaio.

Security shocker: Android apps send private data in clear

Neil 38


When I'm snifffing the corporate network for juicy stuff the last thing I want to stumble upon is useless junk like what people are eating for their lunch or how they're sooo much looking forward to watching The Biggest Loser on telly tonight.

D-Link Boxee Box DSM-380 media streamer

Neil 38

Cashing in on open source

What a shame practically none of Boxees profits make their way back to the XBMC project which they owe most if not all of their features to.

The XBMC live distro is so easy to set up and will run straight off'f an Acer Aspire or other ION equipped device.

Becks offloads Posh Porsche on eBay

Neil 38


Looks like 23 appeared more times on that car than it did on the LA Galaxy pitch.

Intel confirms HDCP copy-protection crack

Neil 38

Can somebody please tell me who this affects?

Considering it is already possible to rip a Blu-Ray disk to an unprotected MKV file and the raft of sub 100 quid devices available to play both protected and unprotected content does this really change much?

'Hyperbolic map' of the internet will save it from COLLAPSE

Neil 38

Seems VoIP centric to me.

I guess it depends heavily on the type of traffic, many of the major aggregators here appear to be voice carriers, thus the graph if biased towards VoIP traffic. Pobbily because that's who requested / paid for the analysis?

Acer Liquid E Android smartphone

Neil 38

How many hours?

Err, 400 hours standby?

I can't get more than 4 hours standby on my Desire.

US starts charging for online visa-waiver

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If only the nine quid went on providing more customs officers in arrivals. I've frequently spent more than two hours waiting to get through arrivals.

Reverse engineer extracts Skype crypto secret recipe

Neil 38


I'd guess that a major proportion of the people using Skype don't have any anti-virus or >64 bit WEP security on their router, so this news is probably the least of their worries.

Nokia: digital SLRs are doomed

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Whilst lens technology can improve, the big problem with small cameras is noise. To fight the megapixel and size war, the sensors have to become increasingly smaller with denser photosite layouts.

They're now at the point where a single photosite is actually narrower than the wavelength of light it's meant to detect. This means that an adjacent site can end up detecting the light that was meant for its neighbour.

Noise cancellation algorithms can go so far in trying to unravel the data, but can so easily get it wrong and usually end up removing detail.

Million pound Usenet indexer found guilty

Neil 38

Slight difference

I believe the issue was the content of the results, not that a result was provided at all.

Google provides a generic result, no matter what type of file is searched for, some pertinent text from the site is provided in a summary with your search term in bold, but Google does not provided context specific information.

Newzbin does and that was the problem. Newzbin provides information specific to the type of content, like video codec and audio format / language for video and platform for binaries etc.

Another issues seemed to stem around Newzbin actually generating NZB files rather than just serving up a pointer to an NZB file previously generated and held elsewhere.

Is iFlorist the greatest website in the universe, ever?

Neil 38


Now I have an excuse when my sife says I never give her flowers.