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Apple to unveil new iPads, iMacs and OS X Yosemite on 16 October, claim sources

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Re: Well, I care - some innovation I came across..

quote 'new operating systems (which are also free)'

Not free, paid for up front.


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This makes the best reading ever

Keep writing this stuff guys, it's brilliant :-)

Made my kickstarter Donation yesterday :-)

Android is a BURNING 'hellstew' of malware, cackles Apple's Cook

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A what????

Quote "And a better life"

There's a quote from a man who needs to get out more often. Honestly, its a phone.

Apple and Samsung STILL in bitchfight over banning ancient mobes

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Re: I wish ...

Best at what?

Don't crack that Mac: Almost NOTHING in new Retina MacBook Pros can be replaced

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Re: Batteries!

"Given that Apple can replace the battery themselves at any Apple Store same day, this suggests to me that perhaps it isn't as difficult to do as it's being made out. The trick is going to be finding out the presumably secret method that Apple use to do it and there being a supply of replacement cells on the market."

A screwdriver would be easier.

Facebook TEENS EXPOSED to entire WORLD

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Re: "You've just bought a satnav."

How true that is :)

The fearful price of 4G data coverage: NO TELLY for 90,000 Brits

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Re: Freesat

Its fine all year long with a correctly sized and accurately aligned dish actually.

Apple pulls iForgot password recovery system over security bug

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Re: Sorry to all the exciteable fandroids


This photo slide scanner costs €60... The bundled malware? That's free

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Re: Strewth,

you so miss the point.

iPhone tops US market, but trounced by Android in world+dog

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Re: Is this sales or shipped?

All paid for by the extraordinary price they charge for some of their hardware.

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Re: US vs other countries

you made that up :)

Woz: Microsoft's innovation lead 'worries me greatly'

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Re: Roger Irrelevant Writes...

However, it may have been her very first Smartphone?

NASA deep-space ship gets 2014 unmanned test flight

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"...US President Obama has said there will be no manned return to the moon"

Rubbish, the civilisation will hopefully last slight longer than the rule of MR Obama.

Profiteers cash in on Steve Jobs' signature glasses

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Yep, a glorified Sales Rep.

Sony Tablet S

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Perhaps because there is 'choice'

Why buy an iPad? I've used one. Its an Ipod Touch hidden behind a large display, incredibly yesterday and boring.

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Easily scratched

I went looking for a Tablet last month and this was on the list. However, I had read that the screen was prone to scratching. The first one I saw on display had a huge scratch across the diusplay so that was crossed of my list straight away.

It also felt a bit like a cheap plastic toy, cant say it appealed to me regardless of the spec. Bought a Tab 10.1 instead.

UK shamed in high-speed broadband study

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I gather that you've yet to rent an HD movie from the Playstation store then?

US X-37B robot minishuttle: 'Secret space warplane'?

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looks like....

the Top Gear team has been busy again :)

Lords: Analogue radio must die

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Dab or Internet?

Why on earth would I be interested in Dab Radio at home or perhaps even on the move when there is Internet radio already available and a far greater choice of stations?