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Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior

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Street Fighter II review:


Ten... Living Room Gadget Treats

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"You can’t do that with Sky+"


Sky+ only has two tuners but it can do the rest of it.

Google goggles with Terminator HUD 'coming soon'

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Display, GPS, mobile data, etc. sucking from a discrete battery.

You'll only ever get adverts for shops within a 500 metre radius of your charging point of choice.

Chrome beta promises super-fast URL loads

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I Hope It's Improved

I hope this isn't the same as the old feature where typing 'goo' would load Google's homepage (for example) because every letter you type sends another request for the page. Type 'google' and that's potentially six page requests instead of one.

Microsoft's high-risk Windows 8 .NET switch

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What's the fascination with making a desktop OS touch-friendly?!

Touchscreen interface is a compromise and a better alternative to pressing a button three times to get one letter.

I'm happy with a full-size keyboard and mouse 95% of the time.

Amazon solves wait-at-home-for-deliveries problem

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Do these not already exist in concept?

They're called Royal Mail depots.

There's one 15 minutes' walk from my house and it's where all my Amazon purchases go that won't fit through the letterbox when I'm at work.

Sharp shows off 8K4K hi-res prototype telly

Pedro Mendosa

Some people say that cucumbers taste better pickled. What? Huh?

Why would anyone want a mobile device with a set-top box?!

That's like carting round a PC, monitor, keyboard and mouse when a laptop would do.

Chrome 13: Google uncloaks search click prediction engine

Pedro Mendosa

Disabled Months Ago

For months Chrome has had the option "Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing" which I initially thought was a good idea - until I saw the requests it was making: as soon as the user's typing picks up the website (e.g., 'www.ther') it will make a page request for every further character the user types (e.g., 'egister' would generate a further 7 requests for the homepage).

Does Google Analytics take account of this?

Digital Rupert’s bumper $545m loss

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Unless us already ripped-off Sky subscribers end up paying for it.

Does a flash motor make a man more desirable?

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"...repeated and questionably-necessary redecorating.."

What a phrase!

Google Docs app lands on Android

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Please Expand on Your Comment...

...what's so bad?

BBC One HD to go live tonight

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The ramblings of someone who has never experienced a good film that's been transferred well on to BD via a quality AV system.

HD done properly is jaw-dropping.

I take your point though; turning on BBC HD and catching the end of Strictly Come Dancing just shows me the same shit with more shades of orange.

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1. Football

2. Harry Hill's TV Burp

3. Nothing Else

Brits not buying into Freeview HD

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits

The setup must have been terrible then as the difference is huge.

I can put up with films and regular programmes in SD if I have to but I hate watching MOTD with it's blurry players and pixel-patch pitches.

Football in HD gets you much more involved in the game; more like the feeling of watching a game at the ground, whereas SD seems far more detached now.

Suspended-animation cold sleep achieved in lab

Pedro Mendosa

Think About It

Freezing isn't a fixed value; it's relative to the subject.

The freezing point of water is around 0 degrees Celcius at 1 atmosphere of pressure. That is not the case for all liquids.

Far East fanboi dresses iPad as Mac (Classic)

Pedro Mendosa

Almost there!

Now if they could just make the original keyboard and mouse work, you'd have a usable computer!

Mountain View delivers Google Analytics opt-out

Pedro Mendosa

It's very helpful

What Google do with the data for themselves, no one knows. Why shouldn't webmasters see how users are accessing data on their site? The whole point of GA is for companies to learn and adapt their site to make it better for the consumer.

All I know for sure is that it's a hugely powerful tool that gives me information it would be hard or very time-consuming to get any other way.

They don't pass on the IP address to webmasters - you don't even get a timestamp (just a datestamp). I can get IPs and timestamps from FusionReactor and other logs. In combination with the latter two, GA has even been instrumental in identifying companies who have been fraudulently using our site with someone else's login details.

In summary, there's very little GA does which you couldn't do by other means, GA just brings it together in a user friendly way.

Queen's speech pledges faster deficit cut, 'freedom bill'

Pedro Mendosa

It's not that simple

You can't just change the age limit when people have been financially planning retirement at a particular age for years/decades.

One day we'll all be in the 'Saga Set'.

Freeview HD launches, gets Channel 4

Pedro Mendosa

Only Scrubs

E4 HD has been on Sky for a few weeks. Hasn't improved the viewing experience though as it's mostly carp.

Also, Channel 4's content is 90% upscaled SD (ditto for ITV 1 obviously).


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