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Station to station: Ten DAB-Bluetooth combo radios


Re: And next on the Register - a review of chocolate teapots.

Actually the brightness issue drives me mad. Other half got a snazzy little unit with SD card slot, temperature display etc to replace an a very old red LED lit fm radio. It was great until it got dark, then it was like ET landing with a pulsing blue glow until it got tipped on its front and buried under a t-shirt.

Next day I was in Halfords buying window tinting film to cover the damn display. It has definitely got worse with manufacturers using backlighting and blue LEDs all over the place.

Ten pi-fect projects for your new Raspberry Pi


Re: Wife acceptable

Running RasPBX here was well, though I managed to sort the echo out on the SPA3102 after some tweaking. Voicemails getting emailed, black lists, natty menuing system to filter blocked callers. No more junk calls!

Same Pi runs as an AirPrint/Cups server, and MRTG monitoring bandwidth, just for the heck of it.

I now need to buy at least one more Pi, probably two.

Also looking at the options to use them for exhibits at the local Aviation Museum (someone sits in a fighter jet, Pi senses it and plays audio, video etc)

British games company says it owns the idea of space marines


They might want to check their OWN history

Citadel (part of Games Workshop) were licensing 'space marines' from US company Ral Partha themselves in the late 70's -80's.

There were even *adverts* for Ral Partha figurines in White Dwarf.

They obviously forgot their own history...

I remember when Games Workshop was just that shoddy shop in the backstreets of London & I still have very early copies of White Dwarf somewhere (#2 i think - Yellow cover?)

PayPal crawls after messaging glitches


Article missing a major part of the problem.

Part of the problem was the IPN, (which was down for well over 12 hours in our case) but another major issue was that the transaction history on the Paypal site was totally messed up. e.g. a customer tried to pay, got some form of error but then could not see it in their history so tried again. Add to this that merchants had the same problem - they could not see if they had been paid as transactions were missing.

This is where some of the duplicate transactions are coming from, not just the IPN.

Payflow was also misbehaving for considerably more than 1 hour - it's been showing instabilities since the 25th, but it deteriorated badly yesterday and early this morning to the point we were seeing 25% of transactions failing due to mystery bogus errors. I wish PayPal had not bought Payflow :-(

Google maps app is BACK on iPhones, fanbois spared death


Re: tomtom?

No it's an observation that this new Google Maps app killed 20% of my battery in about an hour running in the background - A colleague also had exactly the same.

'Still you think it looks good!' ? grow up.


Re: tomtom?

You do realise the current Apple Maps already uses TomTom data? (hence the 'Data from TomTom , others>' link on the preference rollup)

On a different issue this new app seems to hammer the battery, even in the background..

Osborne names UK cities to land £100m broadband bonanza


Re: Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester

I'm guessing for Bournemouth they were hoping the horrendous mess with Fibrecity will be sorted out. Google it - you couldn't make it up. The fibre has been laid for two years in places and I think not one person can use it.

Underwater Greek volcano brewing Lara Croft style earthquake


Re: GPS underwater?

Quite a bit bigger than lumps of rock - We walked up to the top of the biggest one two years ago and it's surprising how large it actually is, with quite a few different craters. It's also a bit treacherous as the volcanic rock debris has a nasty habit of slipping when you walk over it.

Also It was quite obvious that there was activity still occurring as you could see steam and bubbles in the middle of the Caldera..

Talking with one of the locals there was more concern about an area I think to the East of Santorini where the sea bed has risen considerably, and there supposedly are no fish there anymore.

Acorn King Moir: BBC Micros, Ataris and 'BS' marketing

Thumb Up


Crikey this takes me back... CC Impression DTP package (awesome) and being given a demo of an early version of ArtWorks with the "quality" rotary dial and full anti-aliasing.

It was so far ahead of everything else at the time

NASA busts booster booster


15 k thrust?

I am surprised the thrust is less than an Olympus engine, as fitted to the Vulcan bomber?

No, iPhone location tracking isn't harmless and here's why


Location Data totally wrong in my case

Well I checked this out on my iPad (WI-FI and 3G model so it has cell tower info) and it's *totally* wrong on the locations shown.

It shows it's travelled West to Exeter, North East to Andover, East to Portsmouth and some totally random places in between. None of which are true. Even better, there is not one single entry for the two locations it spends 99% of the time at. Unless it's secretly teleporting itself, then coming home in time for tea, the location data in my case is totally meaningless...

Apple uncloaks deep details of its 11 iPad apps


Target Market

I think some of you guys are still missing the point; It's not aimed at us, and the interface just happens to be one that some 50 Million people will know instantly..

There will be 2 of them destined for BK towers; one for my parents, who will finally be able to get online without having to learn how to use a damn computer and giving me support headaches. One kicking around the lounge/wherever when you need to check something and can't be arsed to walk upstairs to boot up the stuff in the office. It'll also make a handly little terminal for stuff like VNC or SSH.. (which I also use on my iPhone - I just wish sometimes the screen was a little bigger... Oh, wait...)

Keynote is indeed superb to use and present with, and my other half is already sold on the iPad pages app..


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