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iPhone demand in the UK is 'soft', survey finds

Andrew Constable

Mac Compatability

My main interest in the iPhone is in the reliability of synchronising all my data - 1100 contacts, 3000 numbers, email addresses and calendar reliably. I have been using Palm for 8 years and have had continual problems with software and hardware all the way from the Visor phone to my current Treo 650.

We use Mac OSX and have found that Entourage X will not (although it offers the option) and 2004 (no longer an option) will not import the Palm Desktop data, neither will Now Contact/UpToDate (UTD imports the calendar, but badly). PocketMac will theoretically allow complete synchronisation with BlackBerry and many other phones, but untill I see it, I find it hard to believe. When I see what Entourage on the Mac fails to achieve, I wonder what will happen using Outlook via Exchange..

Any ideas for a qwerty smartphone / PDA other than Palm that will synchronise Apple iCal, Address book etc 100% reliably?

I am currently considering moving to a BlackBerry 8800 to avoid Windows mobile.


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