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Beware the trainee with time on his hands and an Acorn manual on his desk

Mary Hinge

Re: ITeC

I cut my teeth at the Fylde Coast ITeC. YTS placements on £27 per week didn't seem too bad back then, especially when compared to the alternatives...ie going to sea or going to war!

30 years later and I'm still stuck in the IT game, and thankfully earning more than £27 per week!

Memorable old stuff....

Word star


New word

ICL DRS300's



ICL Quattro's



ICL Series 39 Level 45 Mainframe

Demon 4GL

ICL M30's (8086 CPU's, running at 8MHz!)

MS-DOS 2.0

WIndows 2.0

VT220 Emulators

Happy memories!

UK government's war on e-cigs is over

Mary Hinge

Replacing one addiction with another. Get some willpower ffs!

Mary Hinge

Re: Jesus, NO!

I don't want my kids seeing it and possibly making them curious. So please, if you don't mind, keep your addiction private!

OMG, dad, you're so embarrassing! Are you P2P file sharing again?

Mary Hinge

Stream Ripping? So just like like taping the charts on the radio, or "videoing" a film off the Tele?

UK NHS 850k Reply-all email fail: State health service blames Accenture

Mary Hinge

'kin users!!

Either way, if the users hit "reply" and replied to a large DL or hit "reply all" - the bloody users need to be educated, not just in the correct use of "reply" and "reply all" but also on how to identify a message that does not require any response at all!!! Users are too eager in responding to these type of mistakes; "Take me off this list now!!", "Why am I receiving this????", "Do you know you just interrupted me drinking my fifth designer cup of coffee this morning??? - take me off this list at once you cants!"

Simply ignoring the message and then deleting it not only shows you have a brain cell but also prevents your organisations dirty laundry being broadcast all over the facking internet!!!

Spotify, YouTube pay musicians with ever-shrinking buttons

Mary Hinge

Re: For the moment

100% agree with everything you say.

HPE to open private London drinking club

Mary Hinge

"The Departure Lounge"

HP strike struck

Mary Hinge


Bunch of work shy idiots if you ask me!

Still, a nice cup of tea, a biscuit and todays newspapers awaits you at your desk when you return from the picket line! But it's all okay, the rest of us will carry on doing all the heavy lifting!


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