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New attack bypasses virtually all AV protection

Tony 13

Let me get this right ...

Although the basic concept of making changes to parameters to system calls and sneaking those changes past an AV program would not require a higher privilege level, making an actual system call that actually did anything would. Therefore the rogue application would already need to be running at Administrator level to actually do anything with this flaw.

Nokia: digital SLRs are doomed

Tony 13

Laws of Physics

The Laws of Physics - How often people who have so little understanding of them quote them as some unbreakable barrier ! Ever heard of diffraction gratings or holographic lensing techniques ? (Think Ultra-thin super powerful lenses with no chromatic aberration issues - not currently available but will be one day - probably.)

Nintendo beats Wii patent infringement rap

Tony 13

Not fail.

Steven, the patent is invalid because of the prior art on the vibration component - not the Sixaxis bit. A patent is only valid if it is entirely novel - or that's my reading of it anyway :)

Buyer's Guide: Colour Laser Printers

Tony 13

Cost Comparisson

One of the biggest advantages I have found for Color Laser over Inkjet is the lack of waste ink. With a Laser printer you never need to clean the heads and the ink doesn't dry out if you don't print anything for a couple of days. For me this made the running costs considerably lower.

Orange to slash price of top iPhone plan

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I always laugh when I see comments like this: "Take out a £75-a-month deal, and Orange will give you the handset - be it an 8GB 3G, a 16GB 3GS or a 32GB 3GS - for free.".

Yes, that's right, the £1,800 you pay ONLY covers the cost of providing you with voice and data services!

I expected better from the Reg! (Or maybe this reporter is working for Orange?)


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