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El Reg to bite hand that feeds ICT?

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Well I dont want to stand on the naughty chair, but how about throwing democracy at *ob* you know the catchy, feely word often used for mobile.

Im sure if we voted again on this issue we could see this useful and handy word rocking round the register again.

Mobe ... done it now ...

Chilean scientists crack lost lake mystery

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English != British

Bah, they do south of the border. The Welsh get to be Welsh and British, similarly the Scots. But the dominate group (the English) went on to define British .. so there .. na na na na na .... Childish argument anyway. Next you will be spouting on about the non-existent West Lothian problem. yawn yawn. Compaining about EU regulation and demanding your pipe and slippers before your afternoon nap.

@MikeC - err no, everywhere in the world apart from the US its football. So football is the correct term. Your assumptions are incorrect. Ireland is essentially irrelevant in this context, and you can call it what you like there. But a rag with an international outlook needs to use the right internationally recognised terminology. Its simply a matter of numbers .. Now let teddy get back in the pram nicely !

like the rest of your post though : )

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Response to Nik Peltekakis

errr .. no its not mate. We do not have a huge immigration problem, we just have a huge problem with daily mail readers thinking we have a huge immigration problem.

Sanitisation due to immigration, well thats just complete shat. H&S has not been driven by immigrants .. its a complete fabrication. Your conflating 2 things you don't like ..

1. A perceived English way of life being destroyed

2. You don't like foreigners

Typical middle England, little Islander syndrome. Get out more mate, this "English" way of life you talk of .. well if it ever existed it was for about 10 years after WWII. Previous to that it was all death, hardship and class war. The trouble is your "identity" has nothing to do with history, its just a fabrication.

Also I find it a bit rich someone with a Greek background (OK Im assuming this, but you seem to go by the handle Kalimera in Soldier of Fortune and your surname is very Greek) saying the UK has a problem with immigrants.

We have had so many waves of immigrants to this country, all assimilate that unique English-ness eventually. The wry humour, the reserve etc the essentially unstateable thing that is being British. Whats suddenly changed ? Nothing.

Dax Farrer

Does it matter ?

Of course it f***ing matters, its about class.

"Soccer" is a upper class word, it originates with that type that like to say "rugger" for rugby and use small boys for toast racks. It stands for association football, when there was never a need to seperate it from "american football" in the first place. Its all about being with the "in" crowd and separating them and us.

The world uses football, so should the reg. Just so they don't look like a bunch of spoiled, upper class wankers, that effect the speech of someone with a un-chewed biscuit in their silver spoon stuffed faces.

Notice no caps ... but hey ! What prose ! What flames ...

O2 gets UK iPhone deal

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@Andrew Thomas

Quick before anyone else gets there 1st.

Illegal downloads outweigh legal by 20:1. MP3 revolutionised music, the iPod has and continues to have, nothing to do with it. Most people just rip their CD's to their device, just as they do if they had bought a zen, or any other bit of kit.

CSA IT 'a turkey from day one'

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Never sell your nous. Otherwise you hit a situation where your consultant produces a report which no one in your organisation understands.

Chinese women crave Bill Gates' sperm

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Because business acumen is a genetic trait ?

Prove that statement ...

Vista aligned with good IT practice

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Get it over with

You have to, so you might as well.

All other correlations are probably spurious.

Starburst snap holds clues to galactic evolution

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Like its all relative dude ...

To us its now, and lets face it, if we are the centre of the universe then thats all that matters.

Let not piddling facts get in the way of the BIG picture.

Russian copyright wars to continue despite AllofMP3 shutdown

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Lets kill the messenger

They have just killed the only viable digital download site. AllofMP3 offered excellent quality downloads with no DRM at the correct price point, ie pence not pounds for a track. It also had a large library.

This is what the music industry should be offering.

Semi illegal sites will continue to spring up faster than you can kill them, we all know its the same organisation, it takes time to build a library that large. More power to them, their model will win out in the end.

Space nuke boffin: NASA Moonbase needs nuclear rockets

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There's a great deal of difference between using a fission reaction to pop about in space, and basing your entire domestic electric supply on it.

The comment section is not filled with people objecting to the idea, as from the tone of the article you sorta would expect.

There is a lot wrong with nuclear power generation, the main thing being we can do the job a lot better with coal and sequestration, the secondary being nuclear proliferation, theres not that much between weapons and power. In fact the design for a good combined coal/sequestration power station NEEDS to be designed quickly. Have you seen how many new coal fired power stations the Chinese are bringing on line.

Reduce, reuse and recycle, what a fucking joke. Nuclear power to the rescue. schmuks.

Microsoft finds good facts to sell Windows Vista

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Vista 64 bit

Im using it at the moment on a new box.

UAC can be turned off

File copying is slow

Problem with running my monitor with a combined DVI VGA connector, BSOD every time it started, got round that but getting a DVI to VGA adapter, then sticking a VGA to DVI adaptor on the end, then plugging it in. Works ok.

If the PC goes into sleep then it cant bring the monitor or mouse back out of sleep.

Cant seem to copy files to another vista computer across the network (no matter how I fiddle with the perms), but its fine copying files to an XP box

Loads of services keep stopping, but Im not sure why, or sometimes even what the service is for that has stopped, doesnt seem to effect anything.

Something wrong with font scaling, or something, it looks fine after you restart the app, but after a resolution change everything looks a bit dodge.

Overall though I have to say I had worse with 98 1st edition and ME.

It depends what you want from your computer experience I think. If you want to hack, then you know this is not for you. If you want to play DX10 games, then you really don't get much choice, do you ?

DHS forgets to mention border WiFi spy tower bungle

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No I don't agree with you. Its about racism. All you lot got in, causing a bit more trouble than the latest wave of immigrants to the USA. Now you want to pull the drawbridge up.

Jock Stirrup: Eco apocalypse will mean more wars

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Damn those Chinese

As long as the average per capita figures show that in terms of CO2

1 American = 2 Europeans = 4 Chinese

Its not likely is it. But then thats the trouble with spin, lets try and not and present the truth, but our take on the truth.

As to the original story, its old hat. There is a NS article from about 4 years ago, and one front cover piece this year about environmental terrorism due to global warming/resource depletion/water.

BOFH: Printer cartridge? What printer cartridge?

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More like you cant stop coffee coming out of it.

Icebergs collect mini ecosystems, lock up carbon

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Tech ?

Sometimes you wouldn't think this was a tech rag, the comments above by, lets face it, non-experts (and thats putting it nicely) show all the hallmarks of what techs hate in non-techs.

They admit to knowing fuck all but still have an opinon ... wtf ? Do something about your ignorance and stop reveling in it. Or at least, stop displaying your ignorance in public. Its damn embarrassing.

@Monett - good point, but its mitigated by the fact that if the 99% of all scientists are correct, then you need to start to do something. The anti crowds main argument is we should do nothing. Also, as I have pointed out in the past, main stream opinion is "sanity", in any definition of society, the 1% of freaks can then easily be labeled as nutters and we can move on.

@Morten Ranulf Clausen - what you need explaining ? Im here for you dude.


Blogosphere is the net spawn of Satan: official

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It was a dark day when this was banished from the Registers "approved words for aging hacks" little black book.

Lets bring it back, you know it makes sense. A more fitting boycott should be applied to "ICT". Think of the kiddies ffs.

Chileans mislay large lake

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Please, its football. Soccer is for English toffs circa 1920's. Its old, horribly elitist and more to the point is called football by the majority of association football supporters.

Case in point the same arseholes call Rugby "Rugger", they probably also call IT "ICT" (like to get a techie angle in somehow).

Hacking WoW and the pursuit of knowledge

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No word here of Blizzards pending litigation of Peons4Hire. I dont see many exploits being used, but I reckon theres a lot of Power Leveling and Gold buying. You just give your char to someone in Beijing give em $40 or whatever,get a level 70 char back a week later. Its called globalisation init.

Texas cops taser diabetic seizure man

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Just encourages you to use it more, its not a replacement for good community policing.

Dutch police arrest 111 West Africans in 419 clampdown

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Think of the kiddies

please ..... scams are as old as time, people carved nutmegs when that was worth it, greed as usual is a factor. People who think they can get something for nothing deserve everything they get.

@anon - so he must have felt he was getting something for his 18k ? He didnt hand it over for "nothing" did he. He thought he was getting THE deal. As you say, "he still does".

I think these scammers should be caught and prosecuted, but excessive hand wringing over "victims" is also not warranted.

AT&T sued by poor man's Formula 1

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NASCAR - Its not a race dude

INDY - Its not F1 now is it, its more like a merry-go-round

Money is not the only metric guys, F1 is unique in the racing world.

UK MoD reveals Watchkeeper spy-drone numbers

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Ahhh the cost of stuff

The costings could be right/wrong, who cares, MoD are well known for budget over runs and failed projects anyway. Just try for a FOI after they are made.

As to the state of democracy in this country, Alex is right. Bunch of apathetic wankers in the main. Don't vote, don't get involved in local issues, don't even know your own neighbours.

Please, since when did the MoD ever do cheap(Chinook), it does expensive and poor almost by definition. The last successful (and I mean that in a commercial or operational sense) project must have been the jump jet.

Why are we not making more of these to sell, is it because no one with any sense would want them ? Our usual banana republic contacts (UAE) obviously are not keen as we can't seem to keep the pesky press away from the intricacies of all the back handers.

The only decent reason for not buying the yanks platform is R&D and knowledge transfer to blighty, but by that same token, its probably a good idea to stop trying to pretend to be a world power, at 1/3 of my salary, its starting to take the piss. Im sure if I was earning more I would pay less as a percentage, which takes me right back to my 1st comment, about apathetic apolitical wankers who don't vote.

Hello, Apple PR. Dr. Freud will see you now

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You see why you shouldn't piss them off .. they have a public space to post their rants, and Ashlee does a loverly rant.

Keep taking the medications, and keep sticking it to the PR drones, only department worse than marketing is HR.

Cornish separatists menace Jamie Oliver

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Second Houses

If its empty for too long then you just squat in it. That brings its value down pretty quickly. Once its knackered torch the place and move on.

Black .. Black ... BLACK

NASA chief regrets having unpopular opinion

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Dr Coles

Doctor of what ?

You seem to be out there on your own, swimming against the tide. I wish you luck, because 99% of scientists believe Global Warming is man made.

Love the link, points you to a place that states JUNK SCIENCE is infesting the world of science (one page, no refs, no addresses, no author) and then links to "papers" by that well known scientist Senator James Inhofe. A giant in the scientific community Im sure. As opposed to my link, to the IPCC website.


Or how about this, the recent New Scientist article that attempts to bring the out of date up to speed with this vital issue.


Mr Coles I dont think telling what you believe is a problem, the problem is that you "believe" in the 1st place. There is no room for belief in science. Leave your beliefs and prejudices at the door, and try and come up with some cold, hard facts. Peer reviewed please, none of this political guff.l

Dax Farrer

The lunatic AKA Grant

I dont understand your problem. You havent been stopped from saying anything. No thought police were sent to your abode. You have not been stoned to death by angry scientists. So whats your beef ? Mine is that your are a tinfoil nutter that obviously does a lot of naval gazing !

Are you saying I should not be allowed to say that ?

Im not upset at you at all, your welcome to your personal fantasy world, I see you take a lot of comfort in it.

Dax Farrer

Lunatic Fringe

I fail to see of any reason why the lunatic fringe should not be shot down in flames. In every society those individuals that are not running on mainstream opinion are rightly labeled nutters. Laughed and pointed at ... hahahhaha. You see, if I went around claiming a deep belief in the abiogenesis of oil, I would be rightly shot down. Why should I give a bunch of tin foil hatters any legitimacy ? Grant is a classic example. So science is bunk is it Grant, all those scientists that can't get anything right.

The lunatic fringe just gets sillier by the second, its very unfortuante that the web seems to generate more of these nutters all the time. Far from being an aid, you can control ignorance through like minded people getting together and reinforcing their own beliefs.

I hate that these people use data from the 70's when more recent studies have shown them to be flawed. You have to wonder about the vested intrests (Exxon et al), and how they have spent their money. Well we know they have spent it promoting ignorance and stupidity, and we can see the fruits of their labours on the posts above.

Thats right Grant, you draw your own conclusions. They are bound to founded on a stringent methodology and testing. Or rather pulled out of your arse, when required.

Dax Farrer


You can grow it in England. England has a growing wine industry. But I agree down from its hey day during the tudor period. Its got very little to do with climate though, so I don't really understand the relevance.

If you think it was warmer in AD120 than today, you would be wrong.

If you think Northern England doesnt benefit from the gulf stream, you would be wrong as well.

The biggest error is that you claim some sort of historical (rather than geological) point in time when it was warmer than today. This is totally untrue.

I would suggest you took a look at a source other than your own personal ruminations. Naval gazing can be fun, but its better when you are bit more knowledgeable.


Experts testify in Congress on behalf of internet gambling industry

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They bar multiple accounts from the same IP address from playing at the same table.

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?

Dax Farrer


www.theregister.xxx anyone ??

Seriously guys, don't get caught up in your own boutique re-branding. Que whale song, dim lights, start making shapes to the M$ surface.

TV ads too loud, industry watchdog says

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Do we have ads on the telly anymore. How quaint.

BT declares ceasefire in broadband speed wars

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Why is an obvious incremental improvement suddenly UK PLC problem. They should have been forced to install fibre in all new builds and to have an aggressive timetable for upgrade. I dont know about you but the 8 they are currently offering is more like 2 and a bit in reality.

New theory for sun's ring of fire

Dax Farrer

Music of the Spheres

Nice to know those 50's SF authors got a few things right

Online games turn British man into hero

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Assist a fellow citizen

In France you have to come to the assistance of someone in trouble. Thats because they recognise this thing called fraternity.

Of course he should have come to the aid of a fellow citizen. There is a moral lack in the UK, especially in London where people walk by as their fellows are raped on the tube. Head down, none of my business. Sad fucks.

Vista upgrade revisited

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Sleep ..

Whenever my install of Vista attempts to go into sleep mode, it fails to come out of it. The computer comes back up but the mouse and monitor remain "no input detected".

You should be grateful that its just some dodgy network adaptor.