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Trading Standards pokes Amazon over 'libellous' review


Wrong Link

Think this is the review you're looking for:


Premier League wants to PURGE ALL FOOTIE GIFs from social media


Re: Simpler solution than developing seek-and-destroy software

No doubt that's their motive, but shows a real lack of marketing ability if they can't think of a way to take advantage of all the influence those millions of followers would give them


Simpler solution than developing seek-and-destroy software

The Premier League or rights holder can very simply sign up to Vine for clips and tumblr for gifs and simply post the goals a split-second before the rest of the world. If world+dog can do it, there's no reason Sky and co can't.

They'll get all the followers and in doing so undermine the 'black market' (grey as it is)

Oh GEE-Cloud: Billions of pounds of fresh tech frameworks on way


William Hague?

Not sure why William Hague being busy affects much. In Benghazi mostly isn't he?

Feedly gets Greedly: Users suddenly HAVE TO create a Google+ account

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I read this on Newsblur

Recommended. Switched to newsblur from feedly 18 months ago.

Japan to trial emergency 'calls' by Twitter in disaster zones

IT Angle

Re: IT Crowd

@01189998819991197253 I am writing to inform you of a fire that has broken out on the premises of 123 Carrendon Road

Man City drags Big Data into Big Football


Well done Citeh

Very impressed by this move by Citeh, the data is fantastic. Every minute of every team last season. Now I'm the proud possessor of knowledge that Newcastle used the most subs last season - they used all but 2 of their allotted substitutions. Fascinating.

Follow Gavin Fleig on twitter, very interesting stuff.

AT&T defends FaceTime price gouge


Lovefilm not so bad

I've only had trouble with Lovefilm streaming once and I'm now at the back end of 24 series 2. Kim Bauer is dumber than I remember.

Thanks for all this data, UK.gov, but what on Earth does it mean?

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No coalition fan by any means but this is one area they're doing alright. Getting this mass/morass of data into the light and actually usable is going to take a while, but they've made a decent start.

Educating Rory: Are BBC reporters unteachable?

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"mathematics is just another language"


'Switch to Century Gothic to save the planet'


Good idea but CG not the answer

I like Century Gothic but it's not a great choice as a body text font. If you really must have a lighter weight font for print, use something like helvetica ultra light.


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