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Dolphins abandon Bay of Biscay


And the IT angle is?

More non IT news on a supposedly IT news website!

Little bear harbouring isolated neutron star


And the IT angle is?

More non IT news on a supposedly IT news website!

Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone



I agree. A whole movie on a phone? This story sounds three eyed fishy!

The quality would be terrible and then once compressed for upload and distribution on the net it would be even worse, potentially unwatchable!

Free software campaigners stonewalled at BBC



who cares?

BBC is going the way of most other commercial TV providers just churning out or buying from the US, soaps, repeats and reality dross. Stick ads on it and it could easily be any other commercial channel.

Its an old saying, but why not turn off the TV and go and do something more interesting instead? Or more educational, or more healthy or more rewarding.

Wife of Rambus CEO outed as message board troll



Errr Ashley P, I think you're getting your Hughes' mixed up. You are referring to rich eccentric Howard Hughes.

Can we have a proper study of Wi-Fi, please?


Life, don't talk to me about life!

If the only thing you have to concern yourself about is the fact that you suffer from a headache while in the prescence of a mobile phone or wi-fi AP and this doesn't have any long term affects on your quality of life... then you have a very good life. Accept that and be thankful.

There are many terrible diseases and afflictions that cause vast amounts of pain and suffering for people on this planet that we still don't completely understand and cannot cure even after years of research and money have been allocated to them... cancer is probably the best example, but sadly there are many, many more.

The more we spread the planet's scientific research capabilities across an increasing amount of topics the thinner those capabilities get. Soon we will be so busy curing everything that we cure nothing.

Where are the Panorama and Horizon episodes that cover cancer? We just don't get those any more because they aren't 'pop-culture' enough.

153,491 people died of cancer in the UK alone in 2005.(http://info.cancerresearchuk.org/cancerstats/mortality/?a=5441)

Funnily enough I couldn't find any mortality rates for 'electrosensitivity', but I'll go out on a limb and guess it was less than 10 - unless of course someone can prove 'electrosensitivity' is a major cause of cancer.

Yes, thousands of people are actually dying of cancer! Shock!

And we still can't reliably cure it! Shock!

And we even know that there are controllable aspects of our lives that increase incidence - tobacco, sun exposure, diet etc! Shock!

And we still smoke and sunbathe and eat unhealthily! Shock!

But there aren't many Panorama episodes about it! Now.. that really is shocking!

Lets get some perspective here! What a waste of everyone's time and lives all this wi-fi, mobile phone FUD is. We have bigger and more important things in this world to worry about, but I guess they are just too big for the amateurs at Panorama to take on if this last outing is anything to go by.

They could have broadcast 30 minutes of static and actually benefitted society more.

(I used cancer as an example, I have no particular personal agenda in choosing it)