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Third of UK students would strip their way through college

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I think

strip clubs for students should be subsidised actually.

Lads from Lagos pose as US troops to snare unwary ladies

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And the real tragedy is that these people had any money in the first place.

Microsoft's Hotmail flicks finger at UK students

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...Microsoft need to switch the Hotmail servers back to Apache.

Alleged spy traitor's bail bid blocked

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Black Helicopters

One word: Edam.

Disgusting stuff, but try buying it in Holland - you can't find it. They export it all. And most of it ends up in our schools and institutions. Meanwhile they keep all the decent cheese (and weed, and pr0n) for themselves.

And you thought the Dutch were our friends. Well, now you know. Now you know! Mmmuuahahahaha!

Phorm turns up in Brazil

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No! No!

That wasn't 'The Boys From Brazil'. That was 'Marathon Man'!

Google remarkets behavioral ad eyeball creep

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No NoScript

NoScript was a decent too, but I decided to deinstall it after the problems it had last May.

ABP, TACO, BetterPrivacy and Ghostery do the job, and RIP to manually remove anything the others don't catch.

I also block all 3rd party cookies and I don't use Gmail or have a Google account.

Apple director 'disgusted' by Jobsian health secrets

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---"I would say that most health issues are private matters, and companies are only get as much information from their employees as they need to plan for any inability to work."

Don't forget to block those Google cookies.

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Bring back Gil Amelio!

Read his book, "A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away: My 500 Days At Apple".