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Is Google purposefully breaking Microsoft, Apple browsers on its websites? Some insiders are confident it is


Re: Brittle software?

"It is absolutely clear Google did this specifically to break the hardware acceleration on other browsers - probably more targeted at mobile than desktop since that's where power usage matters more."

That makes absolutely no sense.

Google relies on mobile for user consumption and mobile ads. This is one of the reasons Google pays Apple $3 Billion per *year* to make Google the default search engine.

What do you think Android, and Apple users, do after they search using the Google Engine and get results? They hit the link and open the *browser* to the information they want.

Google needs Android, and iOS, to have mobile sites, and especially Youtube, working for users, as it makes Google a *lot* of money.

Why on earth would Google sabotage not only their own Android platform, with ~100% Chrome usage, or iOS, with ~100 Safari usage ?

OpenAI bots smashed in their first clash against human Dota 2 pros


why surprised humans beat a handicapped AI ?

"Reaction time for the agents has increased from 80 milliseconds to 200 milliseconds to give the humans players a chance."

So the humans won because they had a handicap bonus by slowing down the Ai by 150% ??

The humans are allowed to be their best, why isn't the AI allowed to be its best ?

I can run as fast, or faster, than Usain Bolt, in the 100m... if you give me a 50 meter start :)

Supermicro breathes in, shimmies a PB of Intel flash into one rack unit


Title Gore...

You mean "Supermicro breathes OUT...".

When you breath IN you take IN air, expanding yourself larger.

When you breath OUT, you get smaller :)

Google's Softcard hookup: Never mind Apple Pay ... it's about beating the networks


Re: Behind the Times

yep, Japan has had contact-less payments for 15 years now, used in everything from Taxis, restaurants, hotels, vending machines, public transport, etc

Meanwhile the US only recently evolved from magnetic strips to, no not chip & PIN....chip & *SIGN* o.O


QEMU, FFMPEG guru unleashes JPEG-slaying graphics compressor


"SImilar filesize but better quality than JPG but with an alpha channel"

Google's WebP already supports that, *and* GIF, and lossless, and adaptive animation (per frame independent compression!)...and more.

WebP combines the best parts of Lossy, lossless, animated, alpha, and more all into a single format.

why the hell would we focus on narrowing the formats into individual codecs again ?

USB 3.1 demo shows new spec well on its way towards 1.2GB/sec goal


Re: Thundercats

"It's still only 5V so power sourcing remains a problem."

not sure what you mean, as Thunderbolt is 10 Watts and USB3 already is 4.5 Watts (5V @ 900ma) with forthcoming USB3 spec providing 100Watts


Intel flogging Atoms for belated push into mobile market


Re: Even holding market share is not enough

much as Intel would love to keep it's foundries pumping x86 chips for the world to glom, it ain't happening.

x86 demand is failing fast, as ARM and GPU-Compute devour Intel's markets.

Enterprise is being encroached by ARM, Supercomputing (formally 100% Intel) is now ~50% Nvidia GPU, desktop and laptop is dying as mobiles devour them and mobiles are run by ARM.

Intel will have to drop their price premium drastically if they want to compete with cheap ARM chips, as currently Intel charge over 2x the price.

lintel simply aren't competing on performance-per-watt-per dollar against ARM.

Hell even MIPS is making a comeback with Imagination Technologies (PowerVR guys) buying MIPS and announcing their "Warrior" processors.

Intel had to choose between shutting/slowing down foundries, or keep them pumping at full pace making other people's chips. Intel chose the latter.

Intel now cooks other companies chips in Intel's own ovens, chips from Altera and Cisco.

that's gotta be a hard pill to swallow.

now Intel keeps saying it wants to enter the mobile market, which we've heard since 2007 :http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2397964,00.asp

still waiting to see Intel make a dent in ARM's market.

Hell Intel even previous claimed by 2014 they would be selling more SoC's than "mainstream x86" chips: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/09/23/idf_soc_plan/

Still waiting.

Products or GTFO Intel.

Analyst: Tests showing Intel smartphones beating ARM were rigged


Re: Dev[e|i]l's advocate....

you did read the part where the Intel processor SKIPPED parts of the test thereby artificially changing the score yes ?

FTTN cabinet survives Kiwi car crash


Re: I know it's petty...

"it was included to give readers a chance to understand the size of vehicle that did the damage"

which is exactly his point you refused to address.

he's saying you don't have anything more factual than a forum post claiming "it was probably a 4WD..." and yet you justify your repetition of such unsupported forum opinions by saying "i included it to give the reader a sense of the vehicle".

Do you see that you do not in fact inform the reader in any way by doing that ?

The plural of anecdote is not data, this goes doubly so for REPEATING other people's baseless opinions.

Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA


Re: blah blah, blah...

why is it "unfair to say it's DOA" when the EVIDENCE demonstrates just a paltry 1 Million sales of RT Tablets in a launch quarter ?

The list of complaints here are valid, and verified especially with the terrible UI that was noted since the BETA's, the Community Preview, the RTM, etc by everyone from tech journo's, testers, and even UI experts.

Microsoft were TOLD from the start the UI was a problem, and the company decided to go with it anyway citing bullshit "telemetry" research that apparently showed people weren't using the Start Menu anyway.

sure, nobody uses the start menu, and it's totally NOT a way to force people to use the unified Metro UI of the new touch-optimized interface that matches Windows Phone and XBOX ?

sure, not a ploy to FORCE everyone away from 40+ years of WIMPS UI evolution, and i guess there must have been a reason to kill desktop GADGETS right? because apparently there was a "security risk", which was easier to kill the entire platform instead of, you know FIXING the risk ?

and Aero Glass, that's gone too for no good reason, not even an option anymore (although a nice prick-tease with the transparent taskbar left in).

face it, Microsoft bet the farm on a new UI and it failed terribly, and the tablet sales are hard evidence that people don't want it.

Microsoft simply doesn't understand mobile, they never have. From Windows Mobile 5, 6, KIN (killed the entire platform in 6 weeks, gotta be a record!), Windows phone 7, 7.5, 8....

How many times does Microsoft reset and re-boot, burning consumer and developer bridges, blatantly demonstrating they don't understand mobile before people notice ?


are they "ignoring" it, or are they just processing the idea and not seeing the value in a $600 hardware remote to another PC ?

if you think "$600 remote control for your PC" is the best "killer app" for Microsoft's entire reason to release a new OS, you both have issues.

Google's Nexus 7 tabs 'can't perform' if flash RAM crammed


The author is an idiot.

The Nexus 7 has 1GB of RAM, the rest is permanent flash storage.

the article is supposed to be describing permanent storage gets filled and slows the system.

Judge rejects Apple's calls for Samsung censure


Re: Of course...

"Its not like someone is claiming no one else can use the laptop form factor..."

I wish that were true :(


Oz bank takes near-field plunge


bank ignores facts


"Bank ignores NFC-supporting number 1 platform Android, currently out-selling Apple's iPhone 2:1, in favour of a device that sells less and doesn't even support NFC without expensive addon hardware."


Google leads shoppers into pay-by-wave future


"What's the big advantage of swiping a phone?"

do you remember when cars had to be manually opened and started with metal keys?

can you think of going back to NOT using your radio-controlled key-fob to open your car with central-locking ?

NFC payments are the death-knell of physical money. it's the future happening right now for e-commerce and you're too blind to understand the significance of the financial-age you live in.

NFC is going to be everywhere before you even know it, it is already in security, finance, tracking, etc and you will one day, very soon, wonder what it was like when you had to carry money around in paper and metal coins around your body.

just as you probably at present can't imagine what it was like WITHOUT credit/debit cards and you only had physical money before the internet-age for shopping with Paypal, etc.

seems you've become very accustomed to your current technology comforts, and are either too young and naive to know or remember a past without them, or maybe you're just myopic and can't see potential ion anything like NFC.

Behind Microsoft's $15 Samsung Android royalty claim


Google tried....

Google tried to buy a patent portfolio such as the NORTEL 6,000 patents.

as an example of google trying to look after it's products, services and customers, it wanted to buy the patents to protect itself against such ligation like MS is doing.

but you know what?

a bunch of other companies teamed up and bought them.

Google do try, but they aren't the bad guys here. it's companies like MS, Apple, and the others that conspire. so instead of asking where is Google to defend you, ask why the other companies are attacking in the first place.

do you see Google ever pro-actively attacking other companies for such petty behaviour as patents?

or do you see them constantly on the defense because other companies are always attacking because they can't innovate so they litigate?

Ten... Wireless Headphones


we'll see....

proximity sensor was supposed to be fixed in the last iPhone4's iOS update too, same as the cell phone reception...that didn't happen either.

Opera lands 'Carakan' JavaScript engine on mobiles


native app ?

i only know a little about the architecture of Android, whilst being a very interested spectator, but could Opera be made as a "native app" so maybe avoiding some (all?) of the Java burden ??

Jobs drops hint on Google open video codec



if you hold a patent, you either defend against all violations or none, you can't pick and choose who and when to defend against. just as "prior art" sets a precedence, so do your actions if your defending: if you don't defend that sets a precedence too.

if you don't react to a violation within xx time after knowing, you forfeit the right to react at all.



exactly, it's as if people think that there can be only one codec for EVERYTHING in the entire world of video: this is about WEB video, and that means STREAMING-a live bandwidth issue.

for those that want to have their films and TV series to watch, etc no one is saying yu can't use better codecs. use the best options you want, it's your content in your house on your hardware, etc

but this battle is for the web browser and the internet content that it will have to decode: will it be with plug-ins, what codec is used, what language will the W3 standardise, etc

as you said, for online web content, VP8 is plenty good enough. if web content wants better quality it can simply use more bitrate, but the majority of it is lower quality and therefore "good enough".

jeez, so it's *only* good enough for ~95% of the web, is that last 5% *really* worth giving up legal and creative freedom ?