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CEO of smartmobe outfit Phantom Secure cuffed after cocaine sting, boast of murder-by-GPS


Lets have a proper conversation.

Simple solution to all illegal drug dealing, make ALL drugs legal over a certain age and sole from normal pharmacies.

It wont massively increase usage (because anyone who wants it can get it now), but would make things safer overall.

It will get away from conversations like this:

Doc: What have they taken?

Friend of patient: Some white pills we got from Dave.

Doc: Great, i'll call the morgue.

To conversations like this

Doc: What have they taken?

Friend of patient: Three "Gov Mark 2 MDMA".

Doc: Great, Nurse - 1cc of Gov Anti-MDMA.

Tall, slim models are coming to take over dumpy SSD territory


Height Correction

Had to check sizes and the Intel drive dimensions are: 325.35mm long by 9.5mm wide and 38.6mm high.

I know it's just a decimal point, but it was making my teeth ache!

Don't panic... but our fragile world is drifting away from the Sun


So when Sol goes all Red Giant, we wont be extra crispy that quickly?

Maybe we wont even need to leave if so much mass has been burnt off that our orbit changes even further and we just get some amazing sunsets (or our 100,000,000x great grandchildren will).

Once again, UK doesn't rule out buying F-35A fighter jets


Complete heresy here......

We should buy Mikoyan MiG-29K from Russia - they would fly off the ski ramp, and would be at least as modern as any enemy we would encounter ( and we have better training etc.).

Only $16 Million each (yes EACH) we could have 10 for the cost of a single F35B, even if the serviceability is not great, they are almost a "if it's really broken, buy a new one' cheap.

SpaceX six days from historic rocket landing attempt


Re: Fuel cost?

The fuel cost outweighs the cost of building a new rocket from scratch, and as it hasn't burn bits of itself up through re-entry 95% of the vehicle will be re-usable.

Just check seals etc. fill her up a go!

Blast-off! Boat free launch at last. Orion heads for space


Re: Fahrenheit

Speaking of measurements, their pint only contains 16 fluid ounces instead of 20.

That's 5 American gallons to 4 Imperial - need to be careful when converting to liters for fuel!


And another thing...

American "pints" only contain 16 fluid ounces, not 20 as proper British ones do.

That means that 5 of their gallons is the same as 4 of ours, so watch out for them calculating gallons of fuel for these flights!

14 antivirus apps found to have security problems


Java Exploit in Callous Cat Does Not Care" website

After a few random images, it prompts you to update java via pop up that takes you to a lookie-likey page. Not sure if the links to download are broken or what, but they point to: 'hXXp://secure.15-pn-installer.com which is not Oracle. so be aware!

(tweaked by mod to break the link so the hard-of-thinking don't go clicking it)

British support for fracking largely unmoved by knowledge of downsides


Fear not working? Use real facts!

If fear of something is not working, perhaps the green people could use real facts about the dangers of things.

This would mean that they would have to target things that are actually bad (e.g. plastics in oceans) instead of things that sound bad (e.g. clean and safe nuclear power) but need much more work to clean up and resolve and are therefore a harder sell.

ULTIMATE cuppa contenders prepare to go mug-to-mug


Re: rubbish....

Agree, but it's not readily available here.

It's always good to see Dilmah as a tea in hotels when travelling. The less said about Liptons the better!!!

Power monitoring across the desktop estate


Going Green

We are currenlty investing in the Verdiem Surveyor product to reduce our desktop power utilisation. (We have already virtualised a large portion of our server estate). The problem we had was that the power is paid for by Building Services, but the software is paid for by IT with no benefit to IT for using the software. We have now got them on board and will start to see pretty significant savings.