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Cybercriminals are stealing iOS users' face scans to break into mobile banking accounts


Face ID?

I'm curious about the capitalisation of Face ID in the headline which strongly suggests Apple's trademarked biometric system is being compromised. I don't see any reference to Face ID elsewhere in the description of what the trojan does. Isn't it actually that banks have used a crappy, roll-your-own face recognition system that is easily bypassed?

Welcome to 2024: Volkswagen really is putting ChatGPT into cars as a gabby copilot


Re: The ghost of Douglas Adams

He’s not a ghost. He’s just spending a couple of decades dead for tax purposes.

NIST: If someone's trying to sell you some secure AI, it's snake oil


Re: Everything is going to be AI

Would you like to buy a bridge? It’s got AI and everything.

AI-generated bug reports are seriously annoying for developers


You have to be impressed by the human ingenuity that can take any new trend and turn it into a low-effort grift.

Infosec experts divided over 23andMe's 'victim-blaming' stance on data breach


Re: But, you know

There's been a worse one since then

Trio of major holes in ownCloud expose admin passwords, allow unauthenticated file mods


In case anyone else was wondering if these all affect the Nextcloud fork of OwnCloud : https://help.nextcloud.com/t/do-the-recent-owncloud-cve-also-affect-nextcloud/175203

UK's cookie crumble: Data watchdog serves up tougher recipe for consent banners


That’s the point. By claiming legitimate interest they make them opt-out which is the opposite of what they’re supposed to be.

UK won't rush to regulate AI, says first-ever minister for digital brainboxes


Re: Congratulations, Viscount

> chatting with actual billionaire

He can do that any time his missus has her folks round

AMD says its FPGA is ready to emulate your biggest chips


I bought a cheap FPGA (Tang Nano 9k) to play around with learning Verilog. I enjoyed it but there didn’t seem to be enough money in it to really sink much time into.

Google HR hounds threaten 'next steps' for slackers not coming in 3 days a week


Re: if it ain't broke, don't "fix" it

HMRC have always been crap. Nothing to do with WFH.

Microsoft pushes users to the Edge in Outlook, Teams


Re: "The new Outlook behavior is being deployed slowly so the company can gather feedback."

“The frog is being heated slowly so we can gather feedback”

Boffins claim to create the world's first wooden transistor


Kids playgrounds got there first. All the swings have had wooden chips installed under them for years.

Oracle's examplar win over SAP for Birmingham City Council is 3 years late


Has there ever been an ERP deployment in a medium to large organisation that finished on time, within budget and delivered benefits over whatever it replaced?

That's cute. UK.gov gathers up £100M for AI super-models


Stop moaning. You’re getting a high speed train that’ll get you to London half an hour quicker (assuming you don’t mind walking to Birmingham first and redefine London as “somewhere just about on the Tube network” and you don’t need to get there in the next decade or two)


By “spent” I presume you mean “transferred into the pockets of friendly consultancy companies”

Thieves smash hole in wall to nab $500K in Apple iKit


Re: Where were the plastic police?

If the yanks build their retail stores anything like they build their houses, you probably could have kicked a hole through the wall in a minute or so.

Microsoft's Copilot AI to pervade the whole 365 suite


More worryingly, everything on your PC wanted to listen for random connections from the internet. Microsoft jumping on trends in a hurry doesn't usually end well.

Twitter rewards remaining loyal staff by decimating them


Depends : African or European birds?

Creator of Linux virtual assistant blames 'patent troll' for project's death


Re: Idiots

It’s been available to download for a raspberry pi for years. They’ve already produced one reasonably well received hardware device hence this one being the Mark II. I don’t think it’s fair to call them idiots, especially when they’ve already done what you claim they should do.

WAN router IP address change blamed for global Microsoft 365 outage


Re: Waffle

You missed:

Lessons will be learned

* time passes *

Same shit happens again


IAT - It's Always TLAs

Crypto exchanges freeze accounts tied to North Korea’s notorious Lazarus Group


Re: What's the catch

The catch is that criminals will think twice before signing cryptocurrency over to Binance

And so will everybody else.

To protect its cloud, Microsoft bans crypto mining from its online services


Microsoft: "Use our cloud and get infinitely scalable compute."

Also Microsoft: "No, not like that!"

Apple preps for 'third-party iOS app stores' in Europe


It means Brexit, as the previous poster explained

Raspberry Pi hires former spy gadget-maker who baked devices into surveillance ops


I used to build websites for a fitness company. I am not, in any sense of the word, fit.


Pretty sure all the police forces use standard office PCs, some of which will be used for surveillance-related tasks. Equally a lot of companies employ ex-police. Neither of these seem like reasons to boycott a company.

The social media posts are a bit weird for a corporate account but that’s all they are. I really don’t get the fuss.

NFT vending machine appears in London


Oh so high tech

It's a machine that sells pieces of paper. That's the future right there.

NHS data platform procurement delayed for a second time


Nobody should follow Jacob Rees-Mogg’s example unless they’re dressing for an 18th century cosplay event.

Hiding a phishing attack behind the AWS cloud


All the recent phishing emails I’ve received have come from a gmail address and point to content hosted on Google Drive. Most of them somehow manage to bypass Gmail’s spam filtering.

Obscure Asian fintech AMTD Digital becomes the new GameStop



Someone just fat-fingered an order for AMD stock

British intelligence recycles old argument for thwarting strong encryption: Think of the children!


They don't even have to decipher anything. Just ask for your password and when you refuse, lock you up under Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA). S.49


Re: Surveillance

And we're installing them ourselves at our own expense

Big Tech silent on data privacy in post-Roe America


Re: Yes, I am ashamed of my country

It’s not any legislature’s business what an adult does to their own body.

UK police to spend tens of millions on legacy comms network kit


They could put them in special blue boxes that also double as space and time travelling vehicles.

Apple to replace future iPhone Lightning port with USB-C next year, this guy claims


Re: Still doesn't change anything ....

Oh, look. Now you’ve made Tim Cook cry.


> Kuo's predictions should be taken with a pinch of salt

He seems to be sticking enough fingers in the air that he’ll be able to say one of them was right, thus proving he’s a trend-forecasting super seer

60 countries sign declaration to keep future internet open


Mad Nad

Mad Nad Dorries, minister for lack of culture, was also part of this shindig. You know, the same Mad Nad who wants to downstream a tennis pitch and segregate off “our” nice internet from the rest of the world’s nasty internet.

$10b National Security Agency contract re-awarded to AWS


Re: codenamed "Wild and Stormy"

It’s named after the previous President’s two favourite hookers

UK Prime Minister, Catalan groups 'targeted by NSO Pegasus spyware'


Re: Who said it was illegal?

Nobody expects the Spanish authorities!

What do you do when all your source walks out the door?


"Ever been tempted to dash out a quick FORMAT C: or a sudo shred just for giggles? "

Actually done it, no. Tempted to do it, several times a day.

Vital UK customs system outage contributes to travel chaos at its borders


Re: @Spaceman9

"This really did seem to be a thing that occupied the minds of staunch remainers. They seemed to have some obsession with WW1/2 and also kept referring to going backwards to the 1970's too. I never understood their desire over all that."

Your memory is dodgy. https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2020/01/31/ww2-has-become-a-rallying-point-for-leavers-it-need-not-have-been-so/


Re: @Spaceman9

UK economy took a bigger hit and has been slower to recover than any other comparable country (despite what Bozo The Clown likes to repeat)


The UK vaccination strategy had nothing to do with Brexit and in fact we're now behind the rest of the EU



Cooler heads needed in heated E2EE debate, says think tank


Never mind cooler heads, what we need are some heads filled with actual facts and science rather than political soundbites and "world-leading" stupidity.


Re: Suppression of citizens

Which corners of the internet were you frequenting where debate about Covid was closed off? I seem to have read nothing but debate about Covid for the last two years.

Court erred in Neo4j source license ruling, says Software Freedom Conservancy


Re: Mangle a license, get confusion

The first clause under Definitions of the AGPL v3 says:

"This License" refers to version 3 of the GNU Affero General Public License.

Assuming that clause was still present in Neo4J’s version, the term is consequently unambiguous.

Only 29% of techies truly want to stay in current job


With you on the first three but project management here is more like that scene in Friends where Joey wears all of Chandler's clothes. You can't even think about doing requirements gathering until you've filled in half a dozen forms, been to a bunch of meetings and kissed the ring of at least one PHB.

Plans for UK rival to Silicon Valley ditched


Re: They've been talking about the varsity line since before I was born...

Due to the free-for-all nature of 19th Century railway architecture it's almost impossible to make any East-West journey without having to go to London first


Has he ever got anything right?

His impression of children's TV character Pob is pretty bang on the money

GCHQ was rebuked for ignoring spy law safeguards as pandemic hit Britain


Foreign Secretary unaware

Given that Raab was unaware that Dover-Calais was a significant trade route it's no surprise he didn't know what was happening at GCHQ