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4chan flings faeces at Gawker

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Umm i do believe they are handling it

Exciting company seeks Linux engineer

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Two sides

If it's on the dark side do you say "taking a Sith"

Giant solar-powered aircraft takes to the skies

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Going where no man has gone before.. umm wait wrong Piccard

Daughter cremates mom on improvised barbecue

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RE: Mugshots

Looking at the mugshots, i concluded that this cant be a real story, its viral marketing for Fallout3 release in a few days

Bell Canada chokes BitTorrent traffic on someone else's ISP

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RE: John

"We would need a major redesign on the core network. That means an investment of 10's of millions of pounds and years of, possibly service interrupting, work. It is NOT going to happen! End of story."

Lets be realistic, bandwidth needs are not going to drop because you just wish it to.

You are saying we should stop progress because it will hit our bottom line.

Some one had to lay the first copper and fiber and i bet they were not thinking how to maximize the shareholders pennies.

ISPs are not loosing money, they were riding the gravy train since the mid 90s and they don't want it to dry up and because they are so short sighted they don't want to invest into more infrastructure.

It has been done before in Japan and Korea and the big telco's have not gone extinct there.

US dairyman inaugurates bovine biogas plant

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What bout Pigs

Can one of those smart people convert the process for use with pigs, that way we can finally have MAD MAX style cities!

You don't know disk about storage failures

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Dead Vulture

What systems are they testing this theory of theirs?

I can tell you right now that disk failures make up about 35-55% of storage failures.

The only reason to misdiagnose a disk failure is when the Control card is bad a very specific way so it brings only 1 disk down instead of multiples and when the enclosure slot itself is dead. Those 2 would make about sub 5% of all disk failures.

I am talking about EMC equipment that already utilizes multiple host paths as well as multiple paths to each disk within the enclosure itself.

Not a very useful study unless your storage system is bought in electronics store like BestBuy

NEC goes Back To The Future with XP for biz users

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@ Mike

Yes you must be the odd one...

I used xp and vista but i can not see an advantage a new system with vista had over my old system with XP.

Maybe i didnt play with Vista long enough but the incentive just wasn't there.

The huge and i mean HUGE footprint of the install is the first thing i noticed. Yes , the hard drives space is getting cheaper and common but i would rather use it to store my stuff then some OS junk i will never use.

The pretty interface had to go with first 20 minutes, and the old windows look was there after 25 (as soon as i figured out where they hid the interface this time).

My OLD XP box still boots faster then a brand spanking new, loaded with gamer hardware, Vista machine.

Now that you are such a big Fan(some would say shill) of Vista please do tell me what is the new feature in it you did not have in XP and can not live without now.

Smith says answer to knife crime is through the arch window

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Just waiting outside

Now all the bad guys need to do is wait outside the school because they know that people coming out sure as hell dont have any knives/guns.

EMC does flash drives on big storage

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Re: SSD First

I don't have the links but SSD Drives have been around for a Long time. I think EMC had their first SSD System out in late 1980's.

The exploding need for more storage effectively killed the SSD drives as they became too hard to manufacture and too expensive for the needs at the time.

I imagine that those drives are made only for applications that have a critical need for good response times and they are not overwritten too often. Not sure what those might be but if some one is paying a chunk of change needed for the SSD drive, they would have an idea what to use them for.

YouTube biker clocked at 189mph

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Black Helicopters

Police has no other choice

The factors in most car wrecks are spped and driver stupidity,

We still havent invented a way to quantify "Stupid" so the only other thing the cops can go by is speed.

So untill we find a way to measure Stupidity , the sped is going to = dangerous.

Animal rights activist hit with RIPA key decrypt demand

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re: So, by Paul

Because she is innocent, at least until they prove otherwise.

It is the job of the police to prove someones guilt, not the other way around.

By your logic, they would have right at all the information in the world just because if we are hiding it then we are criminals and guilty of something.

There is things people do that they don't want to be public knowledge and as long as we are innocent we should have that right.

If this goes true whats to stop them inspecting anyone for no reason whats so ever, i mean we have nothing to hide so they should be allowed to stop and strip search people any time they want.

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re: Hmmmm...

Let me see if i can fix this for you...

----You're all saying he might just be the normal guy minding his own business. Then why are the police going this far to shoot him dead? (Talking about the de Menezes)----

I am sorry i used this in the argument but people like you just upset me.

See where that kind of argument is going.

And in any case this law is beyond ridiculous. How do you prove to anyone that you don't have something(in this case the encryption key) . I thought thats impossible.

Sony to release PS3 firmware update today

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Who cares about this HD mumbo jumb what about the GH2 controller support