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Google tells staff to snub Windows after China hack snafu

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" It is about time that someone stopped using Windows "

I have just posted similar comments on Techme and Techrepublic but here goes as with all of windows systems they have for a long-time used the premise that by adding updates masquerading as security they have been able to gain greater and greater control of the statistics produced by your surfing. Instead of just saying like so many other companies including google do you want to share, when you say the word NO ! they still find a way. Even down to suggesting a piece of software to allow you a choice of browser as an option ? Really l already use google chrome and will continue to use googlechrome browser. It self patches and when you have a problem it automatically covers your back, providing you share they offer you more and make surfing better.

I know someone will say that is why they use the statistics, but l tried updating windows and adding the new security patches and packs and all it did was enable a lot of exe`s in my firewall even when l said allow once or block and then a massive attack l was not even aware of and it took me days to clean my system.


Regards, Ian

Scripted installs? So yesterday


" Open To Anyone "

I totally agree with article and the point about for $24.99 people want the moon but l have found that by downloading either updated software from my computer operating system supplier and then searching yourselves or people like CNet l can obtain the best of both worlds.

As regards title of this article " Open To Anyone" l believe that open source is how it should have been with people having the right to choose their software providers and in so doing can donate or provide their services to mailing lists etc. This would provide a way for us all to feel part of this world wide web and make our contributions as we see fit but also we would see for real the people who really wanted a free internet service as it was intended or others - no name no pack drill but they know who they are - that just want profits for themselves and not as a way of sharing.

Regards, Ian

PS - Ta for the free software sorry could not thank you for the freebies but using at least 3 including CCleaner.

Third of XP security suites flunk tests


Are We As Well Protected As We Should Be ?

The reason for my title will become clearer in a minute as al provide people with regular security alerts on all my sites as part of help and guidance to people in need. The organisation l set-up over the past few years provides contracts of all types of products and services that have to be tried and tested, so we try and test themselves.

As regards the VB site l had no problem in joining and thank you to " The Register " and their team, l only started receiving articles of them just over the past few months and they are really helpful, but we need to share this valuable information with other people, using our social network sites.

Anyway l run XP and have done so for the past few years, l find it better than my partners Vista and will not change to windows 7 or 8 as l feel they are not as secure, anyway l protect myself with a full security package run everyday before l even start work and then also have 3 hourly sweeps plus an added malware & anti-malware package as well.

As if we do not protect our selves then how can we give our clients, followers and people who need help and guidance the right advice.

Freetard-targeting Trojan seeks to scam scaredycats


" Targeting The Unsuspecting"

This is taking advantage of the changes being made in " The Copyright Infringement Laws " and as such will be able to prevent people downloading music illegally. This website has taken this to a new level of malware by stealing the law and all that it was put in place to achieve and secondly try to steal money under false pretences.

The article by John is both informative and as usually the links are excellent added to "My Yahoo Bookmarks" and will be sent across web plus visited F Secure suggest anyone interested take a look ?

World Cup-themed PDF attack kicks off


" The Hackers That Do Damage"

This is just my feelings about being hacked and the fact that this world cup was always going to be controversial but now we have people with no feelings for the enjoyment of others that want to derail the whole game. It is so sad but true that we have to patch everything as often as possible and l took off my adobe reader for the same reason as even with the updates it was not secure. I have googledocs but it does not support certain white-papers so l am ardently looking for a replacement download with secured environment for my business. Anyone reading this please let me know so l can check them out next visit will be CNet as l have been with them a long-time. Finally thank you from my organisation to ALL at The Register it is a great and very helpful site for security alerts. Ian

Google accused over China censorship


Censorship Is Wrong

The censorship of peoples right to " Free Speech " is wrong and everyone was given a voice to express their opinions and the Chinese Government were blocking their right. We live in a democratic country and have the right to free speech and can either veto a political system or boycott it all together. We also have a right to vote for a political party of our choice and we are not oppressed into voting for a party that is government controlled.

I heard a comment the other day made on-line and it was what would Jesus think of Stalin and my answer is that he would treat him the same as we should treat the Chinese people with respect and nothing else.

So good for you Google and l am fully behind your actions - people before profit.


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