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Beaten blokes hate the women who frag them in online games


This is what adblock is for. Apologies to the Reg's ethical journalists.


Re: Depends...on when people noticed the debate...

1. The journalist never wrote a review of the game;

The journalist gave positive coverage to the game on numerous occasions. That was the claim, and it is true.

3...gamergaters' vitriol was directed at ZQ and other women involved in the games industry;

Simply false. The conversation was about the ethical issues stemming from the ZQ revelations. It was re-cast as harassment by an unethical media afraid of losing its power. Talking *about* someone is not harassment.

4 I've got no idea whether ZQ and NG ever did have a relationship...

Then you don't know what you're talking about. The relationship is well documented.

We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror


Hosted Web Apps

I like that "Hosted Web App" idea. It sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it.

Sent from my Chromebook.

Firefox to speed up dev cycle, go multi-process, rip and replace UI – soon


Re: Don't fix what's not broken

"it will throw you to Google search every freakin' possible time"

...unless you select a different default search engine

"Firefox has super-powerful address bar that allows to find any page you visited before using any part of title or URL"

So does Chrome. The omnibox includes history and bookmarks, can directly search sites like youtube and imdb, and can be extended to search installed apps, dictionaries or anything developers can think of.


Re: Don't worry, be happy.

He doesn't have to do everything people ask him to, and the brand is his own. If the MPL didn't give him control over the binaries which constitute his branded product, he would have the option, as per Q21 in the FAQ, to rewrite the MPL in order to allow him to do what he wants, and release the changed MPL with the name "MPL" and with Mozilla branding. So basically you can't win!

Is this really so bad...

"I don't want you to build my browser yourself and then distribute the resulting binaries with official branding"

"If you want to distribute a Pale Moon based browser through F-Droid, you're free to build your own binaries from source as per the concept of Open Source software, just don't build anything with official branding."

Reddit meltdown: Top chat boards hidden as rebellion breaks out


Re: Oh well

Redditors don't have to be your audience.

So much for rainbows, Zuck: Facebook staff still overwhelmingly male and white


Being large is important. There is a correlation between large companies and "diversity" because the laws enforcing diversity focus on large companies, and they are better able to absorb the extra costs. It actually helps them when these laws are extended to smaller companies because the bureaucratic cost of compliance and loss of productivity are harder to absorb in smaller companies. All FTSE 100 companies are on board with the "women on boards" programme despite the research showing it harms company valuations (when the requirement to appoint a woman is forced on the company - hiring women is not in itself a value-losing proposition).


Re: SJW employee review

@hollerith our local labour party had their preferred election candidate kicked out for being male. The whole point of diversity is to have fewer white men doing things white men have traditionally done. They can't achieve that without discriminating against white men.


Re: Shock, surprise .. NOT!

Women have been encouraged by a decades long campaign to get them more interested. Now they're at 20% and retention is a problem, because when it comes down to it, they're not that interested. I don't know if you've noticed lately, but women get praise heaped upon them just for turning up, whereas men get told they're awful when women _don't_ turn up. The sexism in IT is towards men.

When teaching decides to call itself sexist and seek more men, I'll reconsider my opinion that the campaign to get more women in STEM is simply anti-male bigotry masquerading as some form of equality.


Re: Why is...

"Diversity can lead to more diverse ideas."

They're not aiming for a diversity of ideas, they want diversity in skin tone, genitalia and who people sleep with. They're fine with everyone thinking exactly the same way. If you think diversity of skin tone is irrelevant then you're diverse. And they'll sack you for it.

Samsung vows to stop knackering Windows Update on your laptops


Tame hardware driver

Think of it this way: you pay extra for a laptop with a fancy array of speakers and "Beats" licensed technology built in. Then Microsoft removes the software that controls the speakers and instead of "Beats deep bass 7.1 virtual surround" or whatever they call it, you have "Microsoft stereo audio".


Re: That's why we need to split up the market into hard- and software

Why not get rid of the software market and make OEMs put their own software on? It works well for Apple. Samnix, anyone?

Pirate captain blasts Google for its 'mystery' Chrome blob


Re: serves you right

This wasn't in Chrome, it was in spy-less Chromium.


Re: Please correct me if I'm wrong...

Apparently it's opt-in and downloaded after the browser is installed. So you have as much right to the software as you would to any other binaries you opt to download after installing your browser.

Why is it that women are consistently paid less than men?


"There, fixed it for you."

It wasn't broken, just incomplete. You completed it. But who can deny the wage gap myth, and the meddling which politicians can do in response to it, is anything but a leftist agenda.


Re: for the benefit of women

@corinne I'm just pointing out the bias in the system. Can you imagine a situation where a politician proposes something on the basis that it will be good for men?

Of course women need time off, but the point is that men only have time off because it helps women. And women have time off because it helps women. Sure, women prefer to marry a man who earns more than them, and this means they get to be the one who gives up work. So what's your point? Are you suggesting this represents men having a choice to leave work?

@Doctor Syntax "What part of the words "open" and "rare" did you not understand?"

What part of "choice" do you not understand? If only one person can have something, the person who has first choice has an actual choice. The next person in line does not really have a choice. And it is usually the man who is second in line for the "choice" to leave work.

When a man (braver than me) says to his wife "no, dear! I will not let you stay at home, I choose to do that and you will have to go to work and support me", his wife still has the choice to stay home and have him support her, because the family courts and social conventions are on her side.


Re: Statistics, etc.

"In terms of hourly pay, yes. In terms of effective income for work performed, on the other hand..."

If someone does more unpaid work because their spouse does more paid work then the comparison is meaningless. It would make more sense to take the family as an economic unit with work divided according to the skills and desires of the family members, and measure inequality by measuring how much each member spends on themselves. For example, if women earn 80% of what men earn but spend 150% of what men spend, where should government focus its policies in order to achieve equality?


Re: Statistics, etc.


Yes, women spend more of a family's disposable income than men do. That's why advertising is aimed at women and most of the men in adverts are idiots whereas the women are calm and in control almost every time. It's also why a shop's women's section is near the front door.


for the benefit of women

"The political activist in question persuaded Lib Dem and former deputy PM Nick Clegg of this and that's why the country now has paternity leave"

We get paternity leave because it will benefit women. Has there ever been a successful campaign which has emphasised a policy's benefit to men?

"House husbands do exist, the choice is open, and it's a rare enough choice."

The choice is not open though. In what family is it not the woman's prerogative to choose to work or to be a mother? The man only has the choice to support his wife from within the family or to be forced out of the family and support her via the CSA.


Re: fathers making more than non-fathers

2 upvotes for misandry...on fathers' day?! The reason fathers work more is that they have more people dependant on them. This is HOW they care both for their children and their wives.


Re: Statistics, etc.

If I have a larger house and garden than my co-worker, and a car instead of a bicycle, and I live a 20 minute drive from the supermarket whereas he lives a 5-minute walk away, should I be paid more? Or should the time I spend cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, washing the car and going shopping UNPAID (how unfair!) not be included in any analysis of whether our employer treats us equally?

The reason unpaid labour is included is to promote the idea that women are discriminated against. Men actually do slightly more work, but women do a greater proportion of the unpaid work, so you can discover sexism by including that. If you look at the spending gap you'll see oppression of men on a huge scale, so nobody ever looks at that. Social scientists have made it their job to find sexism only against women.

Also, note that the unpaid work gap is only present in family environments. Where people live single lives the unpaid work is equal. It is only when they get married that women meet this new wall of misogyny! So this is proof that marriage is oppressive to women. End the family! But it is in family environments where the ugly misandry of the spending gap rears its head. And we don't talk about that (probably because we live in a patriarchy and male power prevents discussion of oppression in any form that is not male, or something).


Re: Something missing

So we pay more for jobs which involve danger and discomfort. And women are not prevented from doing these jobs, nor are men prevented from entering the more stable, comfortable jobs. Yet men and women make different choices! It's like women are buying a more comfortable job whereas men just go for the money and put up with the discomfort! I'm sure the sexism in that situation is solely against women, of course. It's not that in our gynocentric society men are encouraged to forgo the comforts that women seek, in order to better provide for those women, nothing like that.

Chrome, Debian Linux, and the secret binary blob download riddle



By "un-mysterious"...the source code which has been supplied shows that the extension can only send data to/from 5 Google domains, and has access to the audioCapture API. You don't know the data it sends, but it's not entirely a mystery.


I don't get it

I don't have any automatically installed extensions on Chromium for Ubuntu, even though the latest version is 2 weeks old, which means it was built prior to Google's fix for this issue. Could it be that the guy who found the "bug" was signed in and had his extensions sync from a different system, or does Ubuntu do a better job at enforcing rules governing free software? The former sounds unlikely as the issue was only noticed after an upgrade to version 43 and the extensions "minimum chrome version" is set to 31.


Re: Ban Hammer

"Debian, really, should remove Chrome completely."



"and it downloads mysterious executable binary blobs"

It's not a mystery though. It's the Hotword search so it's pretty clear and un-mysterious what it's doing.

Wikipedia to go all HTTPS, all the time


Re: Playing to the gallery

Why did the "Hmm, browsing Wikipedia isn't exactly on the same level as Internet banking..." comment get downvotes? It's obvious that someone going to "https://wikipedia.com/human_rights_in_china" is not at all protected by the HTTPS protocol whereas someone going to "https://mybank.com/viewaccount" is giving away comparatively little information to their ISP and the various public authorities which watch over us.

I block, you block, we all block Twitter shock schlock


"There's probably much more blocking going on because "You're talking what I think is bollocks..."

My experience also. For example, when WAM got their hooks into Twitter's account suspension processes a few people I follow got suspended almost immediately. None of them were harassers, they just had different opinions to the radical feminists running WAM. One woman got a permanent ban for quoting Jessica Valenti - the Twitter feminists didn't believe one of their own could say anything so stupid, so they got together and banned the messenger! Claims of "trolling" tend to be about censorship rather than safety, and a claim of harassment often turns out to be nothing more than harassment itself. The abuse problem is way overstated and shared block lists is just going to create a filter bubble within Twitter.

Apple extends idiot-tax operation, makes devs pay to fix Safari snafus


Re: Compare


I do develop for local/personal usage (on Windows, Linux and Chrome OS, always on the stable channel), and I also have extensions in the store. I run extensions from .crx and from source files on all platforms, without going through the web store.



"Compare and contrast with the competition"

In Google's case you can develop and release extensions for free outside the Chrome Web Store but there are no automatic updates. How's that a contrast?

The exception is that Chrome on Windows will disable and then prompt you to re-enable any extensions from outside the web store each time you restart the browser. How does Safari for Windows handle it?


Could it be...

...that this is a way to make extension developers charge for their wares and give Apple their 30% cut? Google charges $5 for a lifetime and most of the Chrome apps and extensions are free. If devs had to recoup $100/year they might be inclined either to leave or to take advantage of the payments platform.

Intel sharpening axe for job cuts this month – report


Will they sack equal numbers of men and women?

Just yesterday they announced a massive racist and sexist funding programme for startups ($125 million IIRC), and they announced a racist and sexist hiring and advancement programme ($300+ million) a few months ago. If they cut out the racist and sexist programmes maybe they wouldn't have to sack so many people. As an anti-racist and anti-sexist I am pleased to see a racist, sexist company failing, and will not buy or promote any more of their products. I am pleased to play a part in their downfall!

Remake, remodel: Toshiba Chromebook 2


Re: puzzled ?

BIOS, keyboard, storage, drivers. Chromebooks are exactly the wrong choice for someone who doesn't want Chrome OS!


A few things

MTS support was introduced a few OS versions ago, so that would explain the iphone suddenly working when plugged in. It's read-only at the moment, with a new update due soon.

There are some decent radio players on the store for you to paste your stream link into, but I had no problem running that radio station (or any other) from its website.

Please stop telling us how long a Chromebook takes to boot! It's so stable that you only need to reboot when you get a new OS update every 6 weeks or so. The rest of the time you can use sleep and resume like a tablet, which works almost instantly.


Re: Grace period on Google cloud storage

That's what apparently happens with paid accounts. For the free space what's meant to happen is that you can't upload any more files, but can access everything you already have. Once you delete a file, you can't re-use the space.


Re: That keyboard layout ...

Other (older?) MBA keyboards have symbols for Shift, Tab, delete etc whereas the one you linked to uses words. So whether Chromebooks use words or symbols, they are copying Apple. Similarly, Apple has at times gone with 2 keys to the left of the Z but there is 1 key on the model you linked to. And they have used 2 different orientations for the Enter key. Chromebooks are ripping off their design nomatter what they do!

On the other hand, Toshiba's touchpad has square corners at the bottom and rounded at the top, the MBA has rounded all round. The MBA has 4 keys to the left of the spacebar whereas the Chromebook has 2, Chromebook has no Caps Lock, the brightness controls are in a different place, there are no f1-f10 keys on a Chromebook, it has Backspace instead of delete... But it does have ABC- all the way to Z, which Apple has been using for decades (we can ignore that Apple uses upper-case whereas Toshiba uses lower-case). Definite copy!

Mozilla signing vetted add-ons as thoughts turn to security


Re: What walled gardens?

Chrome is moving away from this. You can install a packaged extension on Chrome for Windows but it will be disabled automatically when you restart Windows. There's even a warning if you have a non-packaged extension installed (ie. running from source code), suggesting you disable it. And when you install a non-store extension it won't automatically install on all your computers (I'm not sure if it ever did).

City of birth? Why password questions are a terrible idea


Re: Spell it phonetically

"Love the irony..."

I've never forgotten a password, because I have a password manager. I don't see the irony there. The point is that an easy to guess "security" question makes the password weak, nomatter how long it is, so the answer to the question has to be something which can't be guessed, and your father's name should be different on every site just like your password is. That requires a password manager...and that's the irony! Instead of having 1 high-entropy string to remember, you have 2.


Re: Even worse

That would help some of the 38% of Koreans. And Londoners, Parisians, Romans, Dubliners, Los Angelinos,......


Re: Spell it phonetically

"Why does the answer even have to relate to the question?"

My father's middle name has 200 bits of entropy, constantly changes, and is stored in my password manager.

Why would a company want customers who are likely to forget their password anyway?

Call girl gets six years for Googler's drug death


Re: Six years? Anonymous Coward

Would you like some time away to check your facts?

"Running away when shot"

"*Not actually* grabbing for an officers weapon"

"4 cops on the back of a man"

"kneel on his neck"

"until he not only passes out"

"continue until he is brain dead"

"once cold you call for an ambulance"

Choc Factory finds 84,000 ad injectors targeting Chrome


Re: Too little, too late

"if you remove them via the GUI in Chrome itself they just re-appear next time Chrome is launched"

No they don't. Chrome will uninstall extensons from all synced instances and there is no API for installing an extension. There is a way to create a shortcut-style app from within an extension, but that won't create ad-injectors.

Google's 'stale pale males' to be replaced by crack black chick pack



Proof required.


Re: Anon CVs

The "problem" is not sexism (against non-males), it is that the male brain is more inclined to be interested in the sort of thing Google needs people to be interested in. By ignoring that, they are actively promoting sexism against the group most likely to want to work for them.

Publishing is 75% female. Any complaints? Teaching is 80% female. Do they need anonymous recruiting policies? Medical students are 70% female. Great News! Undergraduates are 60% female. You Go Girl! Software is 75% male. HOLD EVERYTHING AND HELP THE WOMENS!!1! Men are complaining about sexism? Shut up manbaby!



Diversity is about your experiences and aptitudes, not your skin, your genitals or who you sleep with.

However, if Google wants to down the road to bigot town, they need to INCREASE their number of white people - they are under represented by about 17% - and sack some Asians.

How Project Centennial brings potentially millions of desktop apps to the Windows 10 Store



It's hard to find reviews for software not in an app store. Where would your blacklist be, and who would control it?


Re: Choices? Who needs choices?!

I'd like to see a Venn diagram of "people who think all 3rd party applications should be able to install drivers and rootkits, read any file and connect to the internet silently" and "people who don't trust their data in the cloud".

Sorry, Windows 10 early adopters: Microsoft Edge WON'T block ads at launch


IE lives

"Diehard IE users may lose other functionality that they've grown accustomed to, as well."

IE ships with Windows 10 so IE users will not lose anything.