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Forcing AI on developers is a bad idea that is going to happen


Its not on by default

Its not 'on by default' though

for the simple reason that they want you to take out a seperate subscription to access their AI goo.

and is quite easy to disable.

I appreciate the

> Why is it bundled and therefore impossible to uninstall

criticism, but that is a much softer problem than having this thing comandeer your auto-complete without so much as a by-your-leave

Woman jailed after RentaHitman.com assassin turned out to be – surprise – FBI

Big Brother

The Man who was Thursday

The Man who was Thursday

by GK Chesterton

comes to mind

El Reg unfurls awe-inspiring Integrated Space Plan megagraphic


Total Perspective Vortex

does it come with a "you are here" sign?

Climate sceptic? You're probably a 'Birther', don't vaccinate your kids


And eating beef from BSE infected herds carries no risk

Where are we on that one ? I'm still waiting for MY symptoms

Windows 8 tablets unwrapped in Berlin: Dell goes keyless for ARM


Re: RE: Obviously!

surely Opera and Chrome are both available on ios

X-com reboot's gameplay showcased



I'm sure the game I remember playing was turn based

Apple launches three-pronged education assault


And indeed, Cocoa

was some kind of teach-the-kids programming system before it got reused for Object C APIs

Boffin's wall of bees shields farms from stampeding elephants


... also known as KILLER BEES

is it these fellows ?


World population's appetite TO DOUBLE by 2050, boffin warns


I think Dickens said it far better than I could

"Oh God! to hear

the Insect on the leaf pronouncing on the too much life

among his hungry brothers in the dust!"

Apple unveils 'World's First Thunderbolt Display'

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Err, so how is this different from the previous version ?

It has a better camera. And is incompatible with DisplayPort sockets.

Is that it ?

Lloyds aims 15,000 job cuts at IT and back office


so 7,000 contractors are to be receive early termination

is that in addition to the 15,000 figure ?

3D-printed bikini goes on sale


this should definitely carry NSFW

otherwise we'll get in trouble

Apple opens iCloud to world+dog


International roaming gets more expensive

Sounds like disabling Cellular Data is going to get even more crippling; what's that going to mean for the next trip to the continent ?

UK gov to create central procurement team


Its common sense to let people buy their own paperclips

As usual, Messers Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn got there first ...

Hubble celebrates 21st with gorgeous galactic 'rose' snap


Ain't you heard of relativity ?

you can get an AWFUL lot done in a day, if you're moving quickly enough

Apple frees iOS 4.3 two days before iPad 2 Arrival™

Gates Horns

M$ want HOW MUCH for a copy of VS2010 Pro ?

$549 last time I looked...

No my free Mac Developer registration won't let me download XCode 4 for now't.

The £3 pricetag is clearly designed to make it an impulse buy.

Yes, that is an unwelcome price hike from £0

But lets get some sense of perspective here ... its still a hell of alot cheaper than Macintosh Programmers Workshop, or even CodeWarrior for that matter

Oracle spurns Ruby devs for Java love


ooh not forgetting Erlang and Prolog


and CaML

wow !

Thumb Up

that just leaves us with PHP, Python, Groovy, Scala, Clojure (and Java) then

Plenty of languages left...

Creepy as hell: Facebook developers get to know you better

Black Helicopters

There are no Trojans on iOS or in the Mac App Store ?


how would you know? I'm don't think their vetting process is foolproof.

Apple tightens rules for iPad news delivery


economist audio edition podcast

The economist already publish an audio podcast through iTunes.

This is free to print subscribers. Do apple current get a 30% cut on that? I'd assumed not.

Dubai assassins used email trojan to track Hamas victim

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Not sure Wikipedia can be considered authoritative

especially not for something as emotionally charged as this.

UK head of online child protection resigns


"The business of child-protection"

and the child-protection industry.

As with all businesses, its about driving up demand to meet supply.

Police told terror ads too terrifying offensive

Big Brother

There's a few more they can use (assuming Mr Gilliam would let them)

"Don't suspect a friend, report him"

"Be Safe: Be Suspicious"

"Trust in haste, Regret at leisure"

"Loose talk is noose talk"

and how about this one

"It is absolutely right and fair that those found guilty should pay for their periods of detention and the Information Retrieval Procedures used in their interrogation".

Google experimenting with spy drones, says German maker


first to say it... Blurbverts !

We can expect the Burger Cops to be coming soon.

The iPad will doom humanity to painful bog-roll horror



Toilet paper is a terrible and unnecessary strain on sewage processing.

We'll all be much better off moving to the Asian water-based system.

Mine's the one with the bucket of water and the small jug in the corner...

Man could face prison over six second 'extreme porn' clip

Big Brother

Its 'The Ring' all over again

with an Orwell angle

Hapless victim receives video attachment in Inbox.

Hapless victim clicks on video

7 days later, hapless victim is found locked up in a police cell