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YES: Scotland declares independence ... from the dot co dot uk empire

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A bit rich coming from the 'People's Republic of Boris' , the truly godforsaken corner of the earth :-)

But hey, prodding this subject will always get you the attention you so crave .... who am I to dissapoint :-)

What is it with cloud computing? Engage VM, disengage brain?

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Hellayf*%inloooyahhhhhhh !

What do you mean the emperor has no clothes on ??

Douglas Engelbart, PC pioneer and creator of the mouse, dies at 88

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Paris Hilton

What ?????? Heresy I hear cried !!!!!

squeals of horror from fanbois/girls and jobsian cultist.....

What do you mean ??? steve jobs invented everything, apple are responsible for everything dontchya know.....

your article will lead to hordes of sales associate/partner/whatevers in apple stores across the world fainting in horror as the realisation hits them :-)

RIP Doug Engelbart you are a legend, a true innovator, more worthy of a cult than others, including Paris :-)

Ten Windows tablets

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well actually...... some musings

Dell sent me a Lat 10 in January to try out, I've been using an iPad for a year or so as a media consumption device,

I was pleasantly surprised by the windows 8 fondleslab, once the metro(whatever) screen is despatched with a small add on and the start button reinstalled I found it comfortingly familiar, and pretty speedy too. And being full win 8 pro there are a gazillion apps (previously called software :-) which run on it , (I believe this isn't the case for the RT version though)

everyone will have there own view, however, one area which the windows tablet absolutely slates (did ye see what I did there ? :-) the ipad is in the handwriting/notetaking business,

The stylus is a wacom one with a little hard nylon tip and is a joy to use in comparison with apple's little rubbery

tipped vague piece of uselessness (for this function at least)

windows handwriting recognition is excellent, my south pawed scrawls were , for the most part, recognised near perfectly, and got better with use. I use this functionality more than anything else now...

Another plus is that they plonk straight into the domain, this approach is probably sooo last week in our wonderful, 'cloud is the answer, now what's the question'... world... but as an infrastructure manager in a large enterprise ? I want life to be easy..

I'm no big MS fan, but I just want a tool for the job... :-)

Review: Living with Microsoft's new Surface Pro

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not taking price into account, from an enterprise perspective,

I've just spent a month with a Dell Latitude 10 , a dual core atom with windows 8 pro, the child in me didn't want to like it, the adult in me finds that I do. damn that adult.... :-)

I have over a hundred ipads in my estate, however there is a lot of looking at stuff and little actual productivity coming out of these people....

So the Latitude ? , immediately and painlessly connected to my wireless, authenticated to the AD domain and I can access all my files immediately without the the ipad's need for additional software and fannying about with webdav on IIS (not pretty btw) to get access to files.

I spent three months working with my ipad to see if I could live with it as a primary, or even secondary device, for me, my principal use case is taking notes and drawing stuff and presentations, mostly to explain technical stuff in fisher price language to people paid twice what I get...

Here's the thing, the handwriting experience on the Dell wins hands down over the ipad, the stylus isn't a rubbery blobby thing required by yhe screen design on the ipad but a hard pointy thing which can recognise my doctor quality scrawling almost flawlessly.

Of course there's comfort in what you know, but for me it's what does the business rather than my consuimer needs.

Loaded office 2003 on it, the apps start quicker than any other device I've seen, with the docking station I could pretty much live with this.... if I had better spectacles :-)

Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA

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Meanwhile... in the REAL world....

Maybe ARM /RT is/will be dead.....

I am currently testing a Dell Latitude 10 tablet which Dell kindly sent me to trial.

I have over 5000 PCs over 160 sites so are operating in the real world, ok, business world :-)

I have no irrational preferences, whatever does the job at the right cost, that includes full lifecycle support..

I have to confess to being a bit confused with M$ over versions and version names . the Dell website says this Dual Core Atom is RT, but it's not it's WIndows 8 Pro.

I've just installed full office 2003 and bumped it onto the domain.

It comes with a nifty little dock with hdmi, usb, ethernet, hdmi so fits my needs as a portable but often I need a mouse requirements, Spreadsheets just don't cut it driven by sausage fingers

After reading the masses of anti 8 rhetoric I have been pleasantly surprised, I have 140 iPads deployed corporately and in schools and they do not offer the same simplicity of connection to the network and resources.

There's little in the iStore which is any good to me, logging my zumba scores, wieght, amusing fart apps , twitter linky things don't help me do my job so the population of any of the stores does not interest me.

My data is all on a large private cloud so I don't need drop(out)box, giggledrive or anywhere to lose/let anyone look at my data.

I've tried to live with an iPad3 for a while to see if it delivered my needs, it's pretty bar one critical function (to me),

the windows 8 handwriting recognition and ability to write with something more akin to a pen beats the hell out of the horrible rubbery floppy stylus effort on the iPad, it is just far .

The dell is about 3500 , that seems ok given that it integrates so well, the flip round keyboard ultrabook at £998 is entirely another story !!!!!

tuppence ha'penny worth over :-)

Slash A THIRD off Surface RT price or it's toast, Microsoft told

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Price point is king...

I understand that 64Gb playbooks are selling like hotcakes (a curry's manager's words), a fact, albeit locally, also confirmed by 6 non techy friends who have bought them, and are very happy.

£129 for a 64Gb tablet, Microsoft, this is what you are competing with , don't try to compete with the fruity folk

People who want iPads will buy iPads, for whatever reason,

I have one for work and it's pretty good, but not sure I'd shell out my own money for one, I also have had a playbook for over a year, courtesy of RIM, the build quality is undeniably excellent, it's feels great, the multi tasking interface is great, it's duties are now mostly a browser, vlc, xbmc remote and email. I can't really fault it, the battery life is stunningly good.

People buy consumer goods with two things, hearts and wallets, I'd be surprised if Ballmer was in many people's hearts........

Paying for Windows Server 2012: Worse than using it?

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Re: Microsoft...

Microsoft server licensing + support is still significantly cheaper than licensing an enterprise Linux distribution like Suse or Redhat for an equivalent server OS..."

Hmm, I have a whole enterprise on SLES with support, it's 15-20% cost of MS !, did you forget to add CAL costs ?

Cloud data fiasco forces bosses to break out the whiteboards

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AND..... ?

now where IS that 'told you so' card ?

Blamed "its cloud storage provider ", outsourced no doubt, abdicate responsibility et al,

the poor user is the one who suffers whilst the bun fight of accountability rolls on.....

BT outage kills phone lines in Eastbourne and Brighton

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Interesting, I have UPS and line conditioning in my own LLU cabinet in our exchange, mainly because openreach carry out a generator test every month.....

BT slurps from first govt broadband cash pot in Lancs deal

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Remember Network Rail...

The government should bring Openreach back into public ownership (they should never have privatised that bit) and leave BT wholesale and retail to do the competitive bit on even ground with other suppliers

BT Openreach won't share ducting and infrastructure (depsite ofcom's worst, sorry, best, efforts), it's been like that since privatisation in the 80's , this is what really stifled competition and left BT with the monopoly they always had !

Look at the numbers for LLU ....

IDC: Google needs DEEP tablet price slash to crack Apple

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@dpGoose - fondleslab is a perfect term for these devices, I have yet to receive a well defined business case for an employee having one, other than, er, it'll be cool, but everyone has one, but I want one, but, but ,but........

On a more serious note, Google really needs to sort out the inablility to install root certs in order for the citrix receiver to work through a netscaler, this is the killer app for, at least, my enterprise..

I have been trialling a Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 tab dooh daah, a rim playbook and an an Ipad2 at home to establish strategic technical direction we want to take, at least a short term one, in terms of protable computing :-)

Over three months...... I like the Playbook best, (battery, UI, build) it should be noted that I only need a device to run a citrix reciever,

I'm sure that the fact that there aren't 250,000 fart apps in it's i(app)store ? must mean it is shit, well only if you followed though.... :-)

So Rim will fail apparently because they don't have enough apps, Android have an opportunity in the enterprise, if they drop prices, Apple ? leave that for the consumer....

In 30 years in IT I've never seen a form factor create such a mastubatory reponse in humans as tablets.... it's a pity I still reach for the laptop when I actually want to do some real work rather than simply read stuff...

Inside WD's flooded Thai factory

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So does this scare explain why ebuyer has bumped the price of a WD 500Gb passport from a previous £60 to £100 ?

PCW is still £65.........

El Reg in email address blunder

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A mistake !!!!

I nearly made one of them once.....................

BlackBerry stumbles to feet, full of apologies

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Not mine

My paltry little 200 user BES worked seamlessly all the way through......

what a palaver though, the pateience and tolerance shown by tech users is a wonder to behold ;-)

I say bring on a lovely sunspot/flare driven EMP strike, then everything will be F^&cked,

what you all gonna do then ??

Linutop feeds mini-PC fans tiny Tux box

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WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How Much ?????

Aw c'mon, I'm buying a fully loaded corporate PC with monitor, 3GHz /3Gb ram + Windows for less that this.

Price what the market will bear ???? snake oil, green ?

Price them at £75 with an ICA client on and I'll buy a pallet of them :-)

Should IT departments tackle desktop virtualisation on their own?

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I'll go with sceptical......

The business case for VDI is anything but straighforward other than every consultant+dog looking for their next revenue stream.

hmm you have 5500 PC's with OEM XP on them, so lets invest in a San with enough IOPS to cope with servicing all those virtual desktops, x number of servers, 5500 WIndows 7 FPP licences AND your blood sucking 5500 MS VDA (pay pe rmonth forever) licences (or alternatively sell your soul+dog to MS for an SA agreement)

Then replace your core2 duo 2Gb dell pc's that cost you £320 with thin client devices priced at what the market will bear (%10 less than a PC) and not what they are worth $100 ???

Why wouldn't you do it................ :-)

All CO2-spewing kit now in existence is OK for the planet

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Interesting but ultimately irrelevant

So.... it's not rocket science that running exisiting stuff till it dies produces less carbon than building a new one... but the message will never pass go...

The shareholder big bucks industry banker finaincier do nothin make nothing contribute nothing power hungry oafs can't have that.

I here them scream... "Buy sh*t,, you NEED new sh*t... it'll save the planet..."

After all, if they don;t pedal their consumerist mantra their shares won't increase in value.

Wur awwwww doooommed :-)

One in five workers still clinging to IE6

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Not always in our hands

We have attempted to move to a later browser on our 5000+ pc's, testing showed that one of our major line of business apps does not work on IE7+

Our question, when will you fix this so that it will run in a later browser?, response "er, well, there's no money in it for our shareholders so we won't be unless you pay us huge amounts of taxpayers money"......

what about developers who use proprietory coding that ties you to any specific browser ?,

Get ready for the revolution: internet TVs

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bygone days

Yup, I bought one to test at work, I recall watching the twin towers disaster on it as it unfolded.

the tv was crap, so are all these.

connect a PC FFS !, don;t get locked in

Novell snubs hedge fund's $1bn takeover bid

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"Microsoft built networking into the OS......" , hold on till I pick myself up off the floor. .......

1982 LAN Manager code and Netbios ????, windows has the least efficient networking code on the planet !