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‘Dead weight’ Dell would destroy VMware’s value, says big investor

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The Blue Stack

EMC+Dell+VMware = The Blue Stack.... bit like Oracle's "red stack"... remember that? Any construct like that turns customers into hostages....Nutanix must be rubbing their hands and the bloatmeisters wrestling match continues.....

You can't ignore Spectre. Look, it's pressing its nose against your screen

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Re: "It's not quite that simple"

point = missed completely

Oracle's systems boss bails amid deafening silence over Solaris fate

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Re: Future of Sparc

Not as Good as Software on Chip..... as in M10/M12

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Re: This makes me sad

PA-RISC? did someone step in a time warp?

Cloud-happy Oracle dodges rumors it is axing its traditional hardware ... as sales of traditional hardware fall

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Re: It's no surprise...

Ironically, the M10-1 box you are referring to is made by Fujitsu, as were the Mx000 that came before them....

Oracle cranks Exalogic software stack up to 2

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smoke and mirrors - - move along, nothing to see here......

"........Oracle just tossed that slide up during its launch webcast without explaining it, but presumably all of the hardware has been normalized between the 1.0 and 2.0 releases......"

No explanation????????

"... presumably..." !!!!!!!!!!

How many machines/cores/instances????, chipset revs, no details?????

smoke an mirors I say!!!

IBM US nuke-lab beast 'Sequoia' is top of the flops (petaflops, that is)

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Is it me??????

Or does anyone reading this feel the same as when they watch Clarkson on top gear testing a car that 0.0000000000001% of the population will ever own or need? I for one have never experienced under-steer on the M25 or the need to calculate how quick the world could go fooom after pressing the appropriate buttons.................

Egenera stretches control freak from blades to clouds

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which depending on the make and model of the blade chassis could end up being somewhere between 50 and 64 blades

surely with Fujitsu on board that should read ....between 50 and 72 blades......

sloppy sloppy sloppy TPM

Ambulance-chasing resellers will die on life support

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read this and thought

no shit sherlock......................

Unix, mainframes drag down servers in Q1

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potentially misleading stats?

The Fujitsu comparison to Oracle is a bit misleading as all the M-series boxes sold by Oracle, are in fact made by Fujitsu are they not?

GM puts the brake on Volt e-car output

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Re: Thanks El Reg

Sic transistor gloria mundi

(See what I did there?)

Benchmarks are $%#&@!!

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Shurely not........

I would suggest that it the above should read:

1) Lies

2) Damn Lies

3) Statistics

4) Roadmaps

5) Benchmarks

Ex-councillor jailed for grooming blackmailer posing as teen

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IT Angle

Sounds vaguely like....

Minority report?

Apple admits iPhone battery suckage, promises fix

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hmmmmm, had this problem a while ago

I had the battery problem, coupled with a 'you have used your data allowance' message from O2? My iphone 4 battery would go from 100% to off overnight! Suddenly stopped without me doing anything? OS update has not brought it back! Strange........................

VMware boss: we rise as Windows falls

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"The traditional operating system is not only less relevant when it comes to orchestrating server hardware, but also when it comes to providing access to applications. Increasingly, apps are handled by online services."

Presumably these on-line services are delivered by applications, running on O/S's on top of a box? (P/V does not matter which).The V bit does not reduce the number or the dependancy of the OS surely?, if so I think I've missed a serious piece of IT development...................

More iPhone 4 angst: fanbois howl over head sensor

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Reality Distortion Field hmmmmm..........

Are you a Douglas Adams (Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy) fan? If not get hold of a copy of the books and look up 'The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation' who basically produce devices whose superficial design flaws mask their fundamental design flaws. The theory is that after battling with a device for ages to get a minor function working you don;t have time to realise the fact that overall the device is useless...............

Unix in the UK: Mission critical!

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RAS on chipsets

AC, I would broadly agree howver there are examples of RAS being implemented on the chipset, Himalaya for example. One more mainstream would be AIR (Automatic Instruction Retry) on the SPARC 64 chipset, implemented to deal with the significant amount of 'transient' errors.

Oracle rolls more Sun heads

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they'll just ship all the ramaining silicon engineers to Fujitsu!

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they will just ship all the remaining silicon engineers to Fujitsu............

Oracle kills AMD Opteron on Sun iron

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turd vs turd.

Ohhhhh so you mean Oracle should move customers from a chip set that they don't own to one that they do! Hey wait a minute, is that laughter coming from a board room somewhere in Japan?

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turd vs turd

Ohhhh so you mean Oracle should move customers from a chipset they don't own to one that they do!..... Hey wait, is that the sound of laughter coming from a board room in Japan?

Intel (finally) uncages Nehalem-EX beast

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errr I thought we were talking about x64?

Jesper, one small point that makes the above comnparisons irrelevant......


Dell order status website suffers second server meltdown

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dell kit????

One of the best kept secrets in the industry is that Dell's Supply chain solution was so important to them that they did not run it on their own kit, they used Himalaya from Tandem, who were aquired by Compaq and then swallowed by HP, which is where they started, surely they will have removed it by now..............