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El Reg Street View snappers caught on camera



So why where both cars in lane 3 when 1 and 2 were clear hence causing a tailback :)

ICO clamps down on pseudonymous information requests


And think of poor old

Norbert Wank in the US, It took me a full 15 minutres to explain to my canadaian co-workers why I'd just almost chocked to death on my coffee

Terry Pratchett knighted for services to literature



I'd bet Sir Samuel would be proud ;)

In the ditch with DAB radio



Having Lived over in Canada some time I do Miss Sirrius and XM, but you forget if you can put up with the crap, irritating DJs the BBC stations are AD-less.

As for DAB, installed a Car Radio, went back to FM within weeks, and only that long as I needed to get round to taking it out.

I can go out and get an FM stereo receiver the size of a few coins for a few £. DAB offers me nothing that I dont already have. When radio gets really dire I can always stream CJAY, although that confuses my co-workers :)

Honeywell's Kitchen Computer remembered



Netpliance I-Opener

Works a treat along with WTWARE

EU to ban the patio heaters that ate the planet. Not.


Only going after these

Because they got bored 4x4 bashing.

3 drags rivals into court over number porting



So I'm imagining the weeks it too to get my number ported FROM 3?!

Here pot, meet Kettle, isnt it black?

I really wish someone would bury them.

Satanic car key traps 12 motorists in car park of horror


Ahh But

Landrovers are well known for being spontaneously dead in the morning if you park near certain radio sources (TV Transmitters, Radar, Door OPeners and Wi-Fi are among known colprits).

Some alarms can 'talk back' to the fob to page the owner. Now given a LOT of the cheaper versions of these alarms come from China and bear no CE marks or indeed, any form of QA and you should have an answer.

Virgin Media boss in shock exit


Not Surprised

@ TLA & Mike

Same here on both counts till I moved. Couldnt get it in the old place in West End despite there being a NTL/Virgin manhole marked CATV right outside my door.

NASA inks deal for Shuttle replacements


...and will be canned in a few years time like the rest.

> Where did DCX and the X-33 disappear to?

Cancelled after over $1bn spent on it mainly because of problems with the LOX tanks that were solved a few months later; Just not using the ultra-high-tech materials NASA wanted to use. I beleive it was more or less complete at that point.

Would have been nice to see Venturestar/X-33 fly :( Rather than going back to this old stack-em-high approach. Reckon the Greenies will have em though after they've finished on Patio Heaters ;)

Direct Line squashes esure's mouse on wheels



They are ALL HBOS companies here

Royal bank is HBOS too, or am I going mad?

Strange spoofing technique evades anti-phishing filters


Hmm, not helping

The whoe 'use linux because its perfect' argument is a lil bit dated now, both are as bad as eachother.

Part of me would be inclinded to ditch norton and use something else, that would probobly help. Curious to see if a copy of DansGuardian inline might also pick it up.