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Is Facebook worth more than Google?

Jay 3

WTF is this facebook thing

and why the hell do I need it. If I wanted to stay in touch with my classmates or previous co-workers I would have. Fuck off Facebook, your time is coming to an end and I think it will be sooner rather then later.

Facebook dev rules tweaked after US antitrust complaint

Jay 3

Facebook games?

WTF is facebook and who would want to play games there?

Spotify trumpets move to US (and little else)

Jay 3

WTF is this facebook thing

and why would I want that or this ad filled garbage?

Of Dell, storage and stacks

Jay 3


OK ... we bought a pair of Compellent Series 40 SANs and 2 weeks later they are bought by Dell.


Now I need to replace all my fiberchannel switches and I sure as hell don't want to buy Cisco so I am looking at Brocade again and then I read this.

Double frack!

Oh and we are just closing a very large purchase of Commvault to displace our TSM environment.

Triple frack!

I spent the first 5 of the last 10 years getting rid of everything Dell in my enterprise and now I might have them back in my datacenters, and this time in critical infrastructure.

Quadruple frack!!!!

iPhone, Android app offers 3D ads in Oz Open

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I own a PVR for a reason! I run adblock and noscript. Who watches ads these days.

Ad networks owned by Google, Microsoft serve malware

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Gates Horns

noscript + adblock plus

toss in Linux (or MAC) and you are pretty safe

WP7 vs Android: a struggle for supremacy

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Sam who?

Windows? .... Win who? Oh microsoft ... I don't own anything that runs their crappy software.

Samsung? ...... Sam who? Oh right ... that shitty TV manufacturer ... yeha I sold all their crappy shit at a garage sale.

Microsoft drops Win7 deadline for XP and Vista holdouts

Jay 3

Windows 7

Same shit different deployment model.

Google preps tablet-friendly Chrome that knows 'what's up'

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Mega FAIL!

Yawn ... snore!!! Please wake me when something other than vaporware arrives... as for the cloud, it is all fine and dandy as long as your fat pipe is up and working... a recent outage of a major Canadian Internet provider just proved that the cloud is as useful as a doorstop when your connection goes to shit. Mega FAIL MOFOs, Mega FAIL!

OpenSUSE 11.3 delivers spit, polish and niggles

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SLED blows goats

SLED is horrible..... and YAST, don't even get me started on that steaming pile of shite!

Novell should just sell to Red Hat and be done with it. Then we will have a quality product to deploy.

RAC prof: Road charges can end the ripoff of motorists

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Fsck it move to Canada...suffer....

and get stuck in traffic...... because we have no idea how to build roads let alone efficient ones.

Nine Inch Nails guy scores Facebook movie... bitch!

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Thumb Up

Trent ..... Fuck Yeha!

I love Trent. I wish that all the self indulgent assholes out there could be half as enlightened (ok delusional) as him.

Steve Jobs and governator tout transplant reform

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Jobs Horns

Typical rich americans ....

Sorry, but I am from Canada. Do people today really still go to the grave with all their organs intact?

Wow what a messed up world you live in. Oh and I think that the next person on the list should sue because Steve definitely skipped the queue.