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ISP condemns new BT backbone

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It's a disease.

They don't give a toss about whether or not you get the speeds advertised, they care about you signing the contract.

And if Virgin have oversold their bandwidth then BT has probably done so several times over.

This is what you get when you a) live on an island and b) have a succession of supine, cretinous politicians who are so stupid that they don't know what questions to ask or what the answers mean when someone tells them what to ask.

Government lunatic magnet goes live

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posthumous awards

Mo Molem did the donkey work in Northern Ireland.

Once she'd made a breakthrough she was sacked, sidelined and Mr Blair then took the glory for what she'd achieved.

Typical Blair.

Now he gets a medal for it - the man has no shame at all.

Rancid IE6 'more secure' than Chrome and Opera US bank says

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"while others may not perform well with our site"

aka - We're under a lot of pressure from MS to use only MS browsers and no one in our IT Department has the knowledge or will to stand up to them.

The IT world, after all, is filled with treachery and danger - Opera is made by foreigners and Mozilla is probably staffed by hippies or some other such godless scum.

MS, on the other hand, are a straight down the middle, sell your kids and smile at you while they're doing it, good old fashioned, money loving US Corporation and therefore "our kind of people".

Horse-headed human trots through Street View

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pantomime artist seeks rear end

Ubuntu v iTunes: the music playoff for Applephobes

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gmusic browser is in the repo's for Ubuntu - it advertises itself as a player "capable of handling large collections".

There's also Zeya which is a kind of web-browser based service (also in the Ubuntu repo's), once you've pointed it at your collection, and let it munch the data, you then go the appropriate address in a browser and it lists the lot and has simple player controls too.

Hope that helps.

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Don't feed the trolls.

Giving poor kids computers, internet makes them stupider

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It hasn't made me any.... oh, look, badgers.


Googlegate: Mapping a scandal of global proportions

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IP Addresses

I've been with Blueyonder/Virgin for nigh on 10 years and I've had 2 IP addresses in that time (despite changing routers/modems etc several times).

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Ignorance of the law is no defense.

And for Google to pretend that they were ignorant of this law is just a fantasy.

Standard Corporate response - "oh, did we break the law? gosh, we had no idea at all!"

Feds block sale of crooks' favourite messaging client

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As far back as I can remember...

...I always wanted to be an ICQ user.

Ballmer says Windows will shame iPad

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Easy to explain why...

15 years of viruses.

MS could easily have gone for the *nix model and wiped out the virus threat more or less at a stroke.

They chose to tell lies and dissemble.

They are yesterdays company, peddling yesterdays products.

And as for Windows being stable - puleease.

Regent Street blocked by iPad fanboi swarm

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group name

"The smug" is the distortion field generated by Apple products and also by groups of Apple users. It's a bit like "the force" in Star Wars only it doesn't have any purpose, or, for that matter, any consciousness.

The group name for fanpersons, imo, should be "a gloat".

Foxconn website defaced after iPhone assembly plant suicides

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One minor problem there Ted.

Linux runs on hardware that's made in China.

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Silly people - it's because it's the Holy Factory of Appleness and since Apple make SUCH a big deal of how utterly groovy life with Apple is, people sort of expect that attitude to apply to the happy and blessed few who are allowed to assemble the end product.

The Imperial Steveness (may his pooh never smell) wouldn't exploit anyone, surely?

EU privacy watchdogs say Facebook changes 'unacceptable'

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run awaaaaaaay

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban

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Apples - sold all mine and went back to Linux.

Am happier (and a whole lot freer) than I was in the Orchard.

Fat cat fanbois' obscene dream bling

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Had a multi-million dollar bonus for watching porn all day and stealing off the dweebs?

Don't know what to spend it on?

Step this way sir and allow us to relieve you of your burden.

Apple director 'disgusted' by Jobsian health secrets

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Foundation and Empire

I can imagine him leaving timed recordings and new designs in a series of time locked vaults to be played at appropriate times like Hari Seldon.

The Board of Non-entities will gather with bated breath to receive the voice from the past telling them what to do next and unveiling the new design for them to follow. (He'll probably record about 1000 years worth).

Nerd alert: First Lucid Lynx Ubuntu beta fun

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WIndows noob.

Windows has been so sucsessful over the years because it works out the box and has been easy to use

No, it doesn't and no it isn't.

Windows is set up to work "out of the box" by the hardware manufacturers. If you install XP from an XP install disc, as opposed to a "system restore disc" you'll almost certainly find half your hardware doesn't work, you can't move windows without horrible graphics glitches and IE, Outlook and Notepad are poor offerings for those "everyday tasks".

And, as for "easy to use" - puleeze. It doesn't clear up after itself, it needs frequent defrags, cache emptyings, anti-virus scans, spyware scans and trojan scans. God help you if the hive becomes corrupted (game crashes can do this), or the registry gets messed up.

WIndows is the most badly designed piece of crap ever foisted on the paying public in the history of technology.

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I've run them all at one time or another.

KDE (crashes a lot)

Enlightenment - beautiful but idiosyncratic

Blackbox - too minimal for me

Fluxbox - see above

XFCE - hmmm, OK I suppose but annoying in places


Windowmaker - just plain weird

Which is why I use Macs. Not to knock the effort of the Open Sourcer's and I adore the ethos behind it.


OSX is a thing of beauty.

Installing Debian on a Mac is like buying a Ferrari and ripping out the engine and replacing it with a 2 stroke lawnmower engine. IMHO

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Alpha Beta Soup

I installed the Alpha 3 version just for shits and giggles, as it were.

It works as expected and it's not brown.


A lot of Gnome is still slightly annoying and OSX just leaves it dead in the water.

But still.

Linux - love the ethos - hate the GUI.