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WTF is... NFC


ha ha ha ha ha

The anti-NFC guy from the Register has woken up after a two years long hibernation...

Sadly, while some of the points he makes (on the marketing side) could be debatable (although could easily be dismissed as preposterous), he displays an obvious lack of knowledge about the technology itself, about the myriads of use cases associated to NFC, about ISO 14443 type A and B and Felica (The latter is an established methodology for payment in Japan since 2004), about the difference between the standardisation consortia, about the difference between the n-mark and teh ))) waves symbol, about EMVCo requirements, about the fact that the NFC Forum DOESN'T WORK ON PAYMENTS, AS "CARD EMULATION MODE" IS NOT A MANDATORY FEATURE OF A NFC FORUM CERTIFIED DEVICE, about the fact that the N-Mark is already an established and adopted symbol and can be found in lots of electronic devices (including any Android NFC enabled phones implementing ICS or JB), etc...

Anyway, I personally find his article on NFC entertaining :-)

2016: Death of the wallet as NFC tap-cash arrives at last



P2P payment applications may allow you to do that :)

Firm claims it can put NFC tap-cash tech in a SIM card



Quite curious to see how this SIM will be able to power a passive tag from behind some metal plate...

Is Apple planning incompatible payments?


Payments through iTune?

My personal concerns are about:

1) If payments are processed by iTune, it means that card details are stored online. Very bad when customers want to make payments and there’s no internet connectivity.

2) Having an embedded Secure Element also means that some transaction can be processed even when the mobile phone battery is flat (Cards, such as SUICA in Japan or OYSTER in London use passive induction to work, which means they can be used when the mobile phone is unpowered. This couldn't happen if the travel cards are stored on iTunes).

Android Open NFC gets a bit more open


The advantages


Can you do P2P operations with QR codes?

Can a QR perform Read and Write?

NFC is not only about payment... actually bodys such as the NFC Forum do not even consider card emulation as a mandatory feature of NFC.


Turkish pranksters load Facebook Translate with swears


The Monty Python sketch..

... it’s the Bulgarian phrasebook :)

NFC will be in all Nokia smartphones from 2011


Facts vs. Fear

Comments like yours reminds me of the scepticism by the Venetians when Marco Polo brought them paper money from China or the fears about credit cards or more recently about Online purchases… but I guess that you use both Paper Money and Credit Cards and possibly buy things online.

But talking about FACTS, according to studies it takes an average of 15 minutes to find out if you lost a phone (vs. 45 minutes for wallets and far more for keys, for instance), hence the thief would need to be really fast to figure out who you are, where you live, which one is your car, etc, while with a single phone call you can lock anything. Plus, I would assume that if I had a NFC Phone with all those functionalities, I would make sure that my phone is locked, and by the time the thief figures out how to unlock the phone, I guess it'll take sometime.

Nevertheless, as NFC is about proximity payment, I assume that you already figured out that you could not replace your car remote key with a phone…

Saying that (to add some more facts), credit cards are far more secure when embedded in a phone than in your wallet. A Plastic Card can be cloned, while it is far more difficult to clone the one in your phone (Also considering that for payments above £/€/$10, you would need to enter your pin number - And it's far more secure to enter it on your mobile than in a reader).

Dead Vulture

The Register vs. NFC

Lacks of demand or business model?

According to you journalists at The Register, NFC will never work… and I keep asking myself; Do you receive money from some vendors to boycott NFC? If no why this hate about the technology?

In the States and Japan contactless payment is a reality. In UK Visa and Barclays are furnishing shops with contactless readers, while contactless ticketing is not only related to Transportation (Oyster and others), but also related to sport and music venues (Such as the Emirate Stadium in London where all Arsenal fans provided with an RFID card or the NEC venue in Birmingham).

The NFC Forum certification will begin later this year and trials in Europe have now become into live services.

While it’s true that the technology took longer than expected to start, NFC is now a reality.

'iPhone 4G' found on floor of bar



Somehow that phone reminds me of the fake Chinese iPhones

PayPal enables cash-by-slap

Dead Vulture

Always about NFC...

What has this solution got to do with NFC technology?!?

Is the person behind this "enlightening" article aware that NFC is not only about card emulation? I mean, anytime a company comes up with a technology that could be used for proximity payment, no matter how bizarre or unlikely to be implemented it is, the Register posts an article about nails in the NFC coffin...

One question: Outside is raining. Is that bad news for NFC?