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Dell bars Win 7 refunds from Linux lovers

John G nolet

Not a bad analogy

But think Diesel vs Gas and ask why we are not all driving Diesel car or Hybrid by now!

John G nolet

That my main grind about Dell

If Dell was to offer the OS as an option on every computer that they sold I would not have any problem with them refusing a refund. As long as a) the Linux option is always cheaper and b) the real price that Microsoft get for Windows is clearly stated. But they don't their Linux offering is weak and sometime cost more than the same config with Windows and their no way in hell that Microsoft is giving away Windows 7 for free so show the peoples the real price and let it be their choice! http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/linux_32.png

John G nolet

The OS should be an option on all Dell Computers

If Dell does not want to refund peoples and deal with this angst Dell should start offering Linux and naked system (No OS) for every computer configuration they have and make it cheaper. If you make the OS an option and show the real cost of Windows peoples who pick Windows would have done so by choice. You will not have to waste customers supports paid time on dealing with Linux users who want their refund! Off course MS would freak out but you're freaking Dell! Microsoft is suppose to be your bitch not the other way around!


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