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Euro security agency says MORE crypto needed in gov policy

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Re: UKIPpers take note

It worries me that we need protecting from our own governments ...

NHS refused to pull 'unfit for purpose' Care.data leaflet

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"The Care.data scheme must not be allowed to proceed until patients have received individual unbiased notification and given their full and explicit consent"

Gerry could I add

And until a full explanation of what is happening to the data and any money made by selling it is given, and is easily available.

El Reg's festive dating app guide, Pt. 2: The FEMALE perspective

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Your post


"Met my wife in 1999 on yahoo! singles...... Married since 2002 and have twin daughters :--)."

Your post brightened my day.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.

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Europe's top court mulls vandal's right to privacy after bloke catches thug on home CCTV

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In the UK

The ICO will take no action if you are an individual recording members of the public fr 'personal use', I have checked this with the ICO after someone recorded patients in a hospital. As far as the ICO was concerned the person concerned was not recording on behalf of an organisation so it wasn't of interest to them.

Not all Eurpoean judgements on Data Protection affect the UK, our Data Protection regulations are not quite the same as the res of Europe, and, the Information Commissioner allows a lot of leeway for journalistic purposes etc.

Crims at vendors could crock kit says ENISA

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Doesn't this conflict with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act?

Just asking ...

Hacker dodges FOUR HUNDRED YEARS in cooler for SCANNING sites

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Re: potentially 440 Years? for that?

So how much time off would he get for good behaviour?

'You have no right to see me naked!' Suddenly, everyone wakes up at the Google-EU face-off

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You have no right desire to see me NAKED!' Paul Nemitz.

There fixed it.


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Why not?

So what if a sailboat was under the launch path. I wonder what the odds are of a mis-fire/abort and the resulting fireball/shrapnel landing on any boat which might normally be in the area?

Oh look daddy, in the sky, fireworks.

Daddy: Oh shi...

Sci-fi series withdrawal

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Alphas. Just starting to get into it and the thing was cancelled. As mentioned above there is little good SF around atm. I do not count 100 as SF, just teenage angst.

Woman says narco-cops used her PICS to snare drug lords on Facebook

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Re: Perspective people.

'Not, you'll note, "she was convicted in New York State of drug charges". Innocent until... Not to mention that no detail is given about these charges. It could have been a quarter of weed. It could have been some under the counter meds.'

Not to disagree with you, but even if she had been guilty of illegal possesion of drugs, presumably for personal use looking at the charge sheet, they had no right to do what they did. The DEA were, as others have pointed out risking her life by using her details this way.

I only hope the weasel who set her up faces criminal charges.

NAKED CELEBRITY PICS LAW BOMB dropped on ad giant Google

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Am I the only one

who can't be bothered even to look for these pictures?

I think I'd feel a little dirty if I did, and lets face it here are planty of picures of naked people on the internet posed by willing subjects.

Maybe I'm just getting too old ....

Scrapping the Human Rights Act: What about privacy and freedom of expression?

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Human Rights?

If you take away legal aid, isn't tha the first step in eroding the Human rights of the not well off?

Not that I expect any government to savemoney by reducing legal aid ...

Primetime precrime? Minority Report TV series 'being developed'

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Who is Tom ...


"It seems unlikely, though, that Cruise, 52, will star in the show 12 years after playing the part on the big screen. Spielberg is apparently looking for a well-known actor to take on the lead role instead"

I thought Cruise was well known.

My bad.

Caught red-handed: UK cops, PCSOs, specials behaving badly… on social media

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Re: And the point is?

"That said, as officers are usually identifiable "off the job" then they are never really "off the job" are they?"

Frankly I'd like to see a bit more of them on the job, a bit more often.

Premier League wants to PURGE ALL FOOTIE GIFs from social media

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I hate to say it

but the only way to stop this madness if for the fans to take action.

I would suggest choosing one day and boycotting the matches on that day. Let the TV show empty stadiums, that would send a message. Sadly it won't happen.

Murder accused DIDN'T ask Siri 'how to hide my roommate'

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Re: Got it all wrong...

Easiest might have been, 'I'm writing a story and I need the murderer to get rid of a body where the plods won't find it ..."

I am in the middle of writing a story, and ...

Who's that at the door and why are there all those flashing lights?

Anonymous wifi the latest casualty of Russia net neurosis

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Lessons will be learnt

"I vaguely recall we came close to doing this in the UK a few years ago. To stop the kiddie porn traders, of course"

I am sure our political masters qill learn from the Russians and bring in simnilar legislation to this country. After all our great leader seems to spend a lot of time thinking of the children.

World's only flyable WWII Lancaster bombers meet in Lincs

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Is it me or does anyone else think of these aircraft as works of art as well as impressive feats of engineering?

I think the Lancaster, the Mosquito and the Spitfire were beautful pieces of machinery.

US 911 service needs emergency upgrade and some basic security against scumbags

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Think of the children ...

I didn't see what happened to the twelve year old who made the dangerous 'hoax' calls. I assume that given his age no action was taken against him?

Banning handheld phone use by drivers had NO effect on accident rate - study

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Re: Typing texts at the wheel is incredibly dangerous

It's also banned in South Africa. There they just take your car away. I beleive you have to pay a fine to get it back. Oh and you can't phone a taxi to get home, becuase guess what else they take away.

UK gov rushes through emergency law on data retention

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I think ...

Descartes: "I think therfore I am."

Cameron: "You think, therefore you are a dangerous individual!"

Lords try shoehorning law against revenge porn into justice bill

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Re: We need more laws!

This will probably be another ill thought out knee jerk reaction to an emerging problem.

I wait to see some poor bod sent down for holiday snaps taken on a topless beach with (now ex) partner.

Bloke accused of using cop's innocent Facebook snaps in child sex chat

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Yet another reason ...

.. to be careful what you put on Facebook.

I presume there's a way to protect images you upload? Perhaps people putting pics of themselves on public websites should think about what precautions to take. After all when the police come knocking on your door they're not likely to listen to you protestations of innocence, until your name's been dragged through the mud and you've been down to the station for 'a little chat to clear things up ...'

Google's new Glass: Now with audio connection INSIDE the SKULL

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There are so many ...

... criticisms I could make of these glasses. Why then do I want them?

Headmaster calls cops, tries to dash pupil's uni dreams - over a BLOG

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Sue him for slander?

One of the commentards suggested the Head sue for defamation. In a way I think that should have been his approach. I am sure any decent solicitor would have explained to him why that was a bad idea, and might have stopped him making a fool of himself.

Or maybe he wouldn't have listened ...

Scots council cops £100K fine for spaffing vulnerable kids' data ONLINE

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Checking our policies now.

I hate seeing:

Data Protection Policy - homeworking: refer to the HR Homeworking policy

Homeworking Policy - refer to the Data Protection Policy.

No ambiguity there.

Probation officer gets TINY fine for spilling domestic violence victim's ADDRESS

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I'm confused

From the ICO website:

“Ms ***** escaped with only a relatively minor penalty and no criminal record. The government must act now to introduce tougher penalties for individuals who illegally access and disclose personal information.

This is not just a criminal breach of the Data Protection Act, but it also led to a police investigation of alleged domestic abuse being dropped.”

So was she charged with a criminal offence of not? The ICO brought the prosecution, at the least they should have done a better job of presenting the case.

Did a bunch of bankers fax a stranger's sensitive privates to YOU?

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But they're not a public body!

Surely a mistake?

Exposed: RSPCA drills into cops' databases, harvests private info

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So we've moved from think of the children ...

... to think of the little doggies.

But not too much!

And don't film them - you filthy perv....

'Wandering Dago' tuck truck ejected from NY race track

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Offensive vs Business sense

Dunno how offensive the term is - I've never heard it used politely, but it seems bad business sense to drive away a section of potential customers.

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters

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Thumb Down

All censorship is political

Welcome to the United Soviet British Union.

Soon they'll be coming to get anyone who thinks differently.

Hmm, someone's at the door ....

Game designer spills beans on chubby-fancying chap with his stolen Mac

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Plumpie and the Police

Even if he didn't steal it he must be aware that it is dodgy. I have no sympathy for him and hope the police get of their backsides and actually try to catch a criminal. They may find it a rewarding experience.

the coat for obvious reasons.

Naked intruder cracks one off in Florida rampage drama

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Home Owners Defending themselves

I dunno if this case strengthens the argument in the States for gun ownership or not.

Can't help but think though that in the UK the phone call would have gone:

"Police there's a drug crazed burglar in my house I'm terrified he might hurt someone."

"All right sir, calm down, we'll have someone round in half an hour or so to give you a crime number so you can claim on the insurance."

"I'm pointing a gun at him, if he attacks me I'll shoot."

"Our armed response team is on its way now."

Sound of sirens helicopter overhead much confusion the arrest of the homeowner and counselling offered to the poor victim of the terrible crime - namely the burglar.

If I sound bitter, sorry but my wife was attacked in a supermarket by a violent shoplifter who was stopped by a member of the public. the police spent more time trying to find the 'have a go hero' so they could charge him with assault than putting together a proper case against the actual offender.

As for the shoplifter he was given counselling, social services supported him, free legal of course, aid and help and eventually a sentence of three months probation. (He already had the proverbial record as long as your arm.)

Bloke jailed for being unable to use BlackBerry Messenger freed

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Time for a change in the law

It seems that the govenment nneds to ahve the courage of its convictions.

Stage 1

Build more and more and more prisons.

Stage 2

Round up all the adult males in the country, not employed as cops of course. (They need to enforce injustice.)

Stage 3

Incarcerate the said males and release them only when they can prove thay are NOT perv, pedos etc.

Maybe that will be the next step.

Home Secretary to decide on McKinnon extradition by October

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Re: Needs to marry better, maybe

Just read the mentioned article on the BBC website. So we will extradite anyone but sex offenders?

*beats head on desk*

Blizzard faces court battle for 'misleading Diablo III fans'

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Seems like a good game, but I won't go near it with thislimitation. If I'd bought it then found out I needed a constant internet connection I would have demanded my money back. Doubt if I'd been successful though.

NHS trust spunks £67m on e-patient records, Twitter, Facebook

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NHS and IT?

Gotta agree woth the pessimists when it copmes to NHS and IT.. I know of one NHS organisation where the IG Manager wanted WinZip installed. Response from the IT head - "You'll need a project manager ...."

TalkTalk subsidiary's customer data placed on the web in IIS whoopsie

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"No, it isn't. What does the data protection office have to say about all this? Should you not have gone to them for a quote? I bet they would be interested in this sort of thing."

You're kidding right?

The ICO couldn't give a ***** It's not apublic body, so in the view of the Idiot Control Office - no harm done, end of.

NHS axes HealthSpace: 'Just too difficult' to use

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Re: And in other news

"The NHS is going to have everyone's records online by 2015, through the magic of the private sector and competing innovators or something.

Yeah, sure."

Aaaah - Facebook ...

Just check your privacy settings

Public sector exempted from swingeing Microsoft UK price hike

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Re: Paying for monkeys

Couldn't agree more with parts of your post.

At the last public body I was at they appointed a new head of the Help Desk (quite a senior post). His experience with Windows? He had been selling them the double glazing kind.

He needed help even getting on to the network but he knew the right people so his position was safe.

Welsh NHS fined £70k for patient psych file leak blunder

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Ermm ...

the blog was by a member of staff at a hospital, a fact pointed in the emil to the ICO.

Mibbe I should send the response to Private Eye ....

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Re: Another blow to the public.

Three times I have complained ot the ICO about people's bank account details being passed to me (I have no need to se them) by insurance comapnies.

Not interested.

Emailed about a BLOG which identified patients.

Response: a BLOG is for journalistic purposes so is exempt fromt eh Data Protection Act.

Alfred 2

Another blow to the public.

Frankly I resent the way the ICO go after public bodies, and leave the private sector alone.

I will be a patient one day, and my local Trust will have no money left after payng thee £100,000 salaries of directors and the fines the ICO is dishing out.

Smart telly trends make Apple 'iTV' a certainty

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i-TV or something






the possibilites are well pretty rubbish

oh well ...

Child abuse files stolen from council worker in PUB - £100k fine

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I just find it incredible that an employee would be taking such sensitive information into a pub.

Surely you don't need Data Protection Training to realise that's not a good idea?

Beware Freedom of Info law 'privacy folktale' - ICO chief

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Am I the only one ...

...who thinks that if you pass an act supporting open government, and openness in government, it's not a good idea to go to war on a dodgy premise?

(Or should that be wars on dodgy premises?)

And how can the police ask for a tenner for an FOI request? It's supposed to be free!

Juror jailed for looking up rape defendant on Google

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Wasn't there a case ...

... some time ago where a jury (allegedly) used a ouija board to help them reach a decision.

No-one went down for that (apart from the accused).

So the moral is ....

Patients to access NHS records via web by 2015

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I hope

that when the time comes they make it clear what information is goind online and who to contact about it being wrong.... ... though I doubt it ..

Councils emailed vulnerable people's data to strangers

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.. sack the guilty employee ..

I have to agree.

I've been involved in something similar, explained tot he employee what she was doing wrong and how to make sure she got the right address.

The response?

i) it wasn't her (showed her the email trail so show it was)

ii) I wasn't important enough to tell her how to do her job.

She carried on sending info to the wrong person. She has left us now (probably promoted).