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Yes, your old iPhone is slowing down: iOS hits brakes on CPUs as batteries wear out


Tell me something I do not know, but the sheep will continue to flock, no matter what

Virgin Media mulls ditching 1 in 3 UK facilities, starts £20m spend audit


More oversea's contact centers

The obvious answer will be more oversea's call centers handling your calls, more frustrated user's, I would like to see more companies invest in working at home more, less traffic less poillution and less office space would be needed, and less stress for the worker, but hey ho making the worker happy and content is something that some businesss running contact centers cannot never understand a

Capita hiring temps to cover for call centre redundancies – staff sources


Captia is one the worst firms I have painfully worked for, it does not surprise me their tactics they treat workers as numbers not human beings


Does not surprise me

I have worked for Captia they could care less about their employees, along the stats are there, my experience there was terrible there was always turnovers, people being question for going to the loo too many times, people afraid not to show up for work even though some were riddled with flu,

I know a job is a job I respect them but to working will not be a enjoyable experience

o2 should select a better Service Provider to handle their customers,

It's 2017 and Microsoft is still patching Windows XP+ – to plug holes exploited by trio of leaked NSA weapons


XP should of died long ago, but there is still many top firms holding onto to it, and I am more that sure IT staff would love to migrate but from experience, there is probably many places that have legacy applications that will not run on Windows 10. You cannot blame your IT Department because at the end of the day they are not in charge of the purse strings.

Consumers go off PCs as global shipments continue their decline


I still have a 6 year old Dell XPS with iCore 5 running perfect on Windows 10 , I believe that most people like myself are keeping their old clunkers because they still do the job. I have always told people why go out spend money on new, when the is older high spec machines cheap a chips out there, will do the job without any issues, my processor hardly breaks a sweat with 10,

Want to come to the US? Be prepared to hand over your passwords if you're on Trump's hit list


Many of us have a several email accounts, social media., etc, the simple thing is create one password, for them all, then when you are safely pass security just changed your password, the question there seems to be no limits, where I stop is DNA and microchip, I rather live off the grid if it gets to that point

90 per cent of the UK's NHS is STILL relying on Windows XP


It really summarizes IT in general in the UK, do on the cheap, hold back as much as you can , blame IT for things screwing up , meanwhile the bean counters, and managers, are laughing at you,

That is why many leave in the industry because of inept Managers, lack of proper spending, I will say IT in the UK is dreadful, just the very thought of companies still running XP is shocking, but there is many more places that continue to run a system that has pasted it's best before date.

IT upgrades should be done every 3 years,

Microsoft redfaced after Bing translation cockup enrages Saudis


An Arab nation as powerful as Saudi Arabia a nation that human rights record is well non-existent screams big companies listen, and countries also, we now see were the world evolves around

I would say nothing just oops,

Corporates ARE sniffing around Windows 10, says Computacenter


Companies have spent millions on updating to Windows 7, now facing Windows 10, the cost to migrate testing of software, and training end user's, are companies prepared to fork out more money.

I do like Windows 10 but I know from experience beside Hardware compatibility it's software and many developers have not caught up to 10 some have just caught up to Windows 7,

But I would put a few machines with Windows 10, but keep Windows 7 machines just in case there is software that still requires Windows 7 this will allow developers to update their software till it's ready for Windows 10 testing, At the very least you could have a Windows 10 image ready,

Germany warns: You just CAN'T TRUST some Windows 8 PCs


I have given Windows 8 a try now for close to a year, it was a mitigated disaster , constant issues, the one in particular issue was the Wi-Fi kept dropping, I tried everything even Virgin Media gave me new router, I was smart enough not to wipe the drive and keep the recovery partition., I have went back to Windows 7 and life is back to normal, I will honestly say, that Windows 8 is a mistake by Microsoft, what they should of done is just call it Windows Tablet Edition, and just kept Windows 7, But the problem Microsoft most likely does not want another Windows XP, but I work in the IT industry , and everyone has stated there will be no migration to Windows 8 but just Windows 7

This is Microsoft's Windows ME, some say Vista, but I will go one worse , that is ME.

Android approaches 80% smartphone share as Apple's iPhone grows old


I have the Z10 I absolutely love it, I have had an Android , really never enjoyed, tried my son's Iphone not for me. it's about choice, this is my choice. Z10 and phones with the OS 10 are brilliant phones, but yes I have to agree with those who state it is to late. But as loyal Blackberry user's we will continue to support the brand, I am hoping the new owners have better vision and know how to market a product.,

Windows XP support ends a year from … now!


Moved to Linux Mint Debian

I was given this 9 year old AMD 3200 desktop instead of binning it, I have removed XP and installed Linux Mint Debian the tower has a new life , it's fast , runs great

My point is to those with older computers like this give Linux a shot, I have the latest Firefox browser Libre Office , and it's more secure then Windows,.

As I said to one person the main thing today is being able to get on the net and Linux can do that

So do not worry about going and spending money you do not have on a new computer or buying Windows 8 or 7 just switch to Linux

Retailers report slow Windows 8 sales, low demand

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I took the Windows 8 plunge

I decided to upgrade, my Windows 7 experience was well not that great slow boots, and shutdowns, so HP gave the the 14 pound offer, I said why not. I do not have a touch screen but a pretty decent laptop with good specs. Now close to a month or so with Windows 8 I am truly enjoying the experience the boot times are almost a good minute faster the Windows 7 and the shutdown times are amazing.,the system is smooth and fluid,, the apps are fine I have figured out hot keys,

So I enjoy Windows 8 but that is my opinion

RBS collapse details revealed: Arrow points to defective part


Why outsource in the first place saving money give me a break

How many on you on this discussion love calling a overseas call centre love giving your details or knowing in this case your sensitive banking information is somewhere thousands of miles away.

The Lord of the Banks say we are saving money, yes you are but now this will cost you millions of pounds to fix the potential loss of customers could damage the bank for years. The common sense approach is to bring back all IT services back to the UK were they belong, bring back the jobs that were taken,

American search team fails to find women's G-spot


Never had a problem

These Scientist do not get out much, not hard to hit the G, just experience and understanding the emotions of your partner.

A good partner wants to please their partner, it is a thrill to feel the emotions of your partner enjoying being pleased.

Funny how much of these silly scientist are paid to do this study, lol

Moving to Windows 7: Is it worth it?


Just time to move on

Windows XP had it's time in the Sun now move on !

I remember when it first came out the Fisher Price look to it as we called back then, it was such a difference from Windows 98

But it is about money that is all, damn I run Vista SP 2 Business it runs smooth as silk not one problem rock solid but I know I will be force to get the latest and greatest Microsoft Operating System

Well this year I will go to Windows 7 Ultimate, nothing wrong with my Vista but being IT everyone is going to Windows 7 so better on get on board.

I always loved the Linux way of upgrading just a patches kernels etc to bad Microsoft could not do that but like I said earlier it is about money

Windows 8 squeezed to fit 2012 Dell fondleslab?



It took Microsoft SP 2 to make Vista run smooth then they bring out Windows 7 now here we are again Windows 8 stupid !!

I run Vista Business SP 2 it has not given me one damn problem runs smooth as silk, people have been saying upgrade to Windows 7, I said why should I spend the money ! I know when I do upgrade Microsoft will just release another OS .

The smart way in the Linux way just release and kernel update keep the same platform but the Linux way is free and Microsoft wants to make money !

Well I am not upgrading I am not spending $150 to upgrade not now, it's time Microsoft changes there ways of updating new systems .

Feds seize 10 domains accused of illegal sports streaming

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The Internet is controlled by Big Brother

I used one of those sites to watch NHL games when I was living in Europe it was great but all good things do not last.

The Home Office is Stalinist all information controlled from the State., well the Super Crap is coming soon that is why.


MS hits back in Security Essentials row


This is getting stupid- this time I am backing Microsoft

Why not offer a free virus software or auto updates I think it is a brilliant idea to be honest !

You can only get Security Essentials if you have a legal licence Microsoft Operating System so what is the big deal.

I run it it is better then AVG runs very smoothly on my Vista and Windows 7 and XP systems , it has prevent some nasty virus. The rest are either bloated slow your system down or cost a fortune !

So why does these sore losers want to do next scream and whine that Microsoft is not playing fair- well they are !

Trojan-ridden warning system implicated in Spanair crash


If need a mission critical safe system why run Windows

We never know why they ran Windows and not Linux but why wasn't the system's check, I am sure they must of had some virus software. Obvious there is many failures within the maintenance of this plane but again I have to agree Linux should be ran on system were lives can be affected.

Windows systems are made to make money that is the bottom line

Sluggish corporates ill-prepared for death of Win XP SP2 support


To upgrade or not that is the question

I agree with many people here many companies do not see the reason or value to upgrade to Windows 7 or even XP SP 3 for that matter. IT investment is not considered a high priority but when the end user is complaining that there system is too slow or constant network shutdowns due to virus, who gets blame; The IT Department.

Microsoft left Windows XP out to long and rushed Windows Vista out to soon, so now they are stuck with a legacy system that is not secure.

In the perfect world it would nice to just upgrade to Windows 7 but licencing costs downtime etc just does not make sense at this time.

Microsoft drops Win7 deadline for XP and Vista holdouts

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I still run Vista

I run Vista SP 2 Business never had a problem or any issues, to be honest at this time I do not see the need to move Windows 7. Microsoft has to do more to entice me to move, like upgrade discounts around 30% or so, I mean it's not cheap to go out and get the upgrade.

Linux gives you free updates and upgrades that is avenue that I am seriously considering.

Windows 8 and life after KIN - Ballmer's hot summer


This is what makes me sick of Windows

You go out and get that new Windows system to update from your current one great your all set and updated. Well bang a few years more money to upgrade yet again get the picture just one big bloody ripoff.

I currently run Vista SP 2 Business no problems but I was going to update to Windows 7 now there will be 8 so why don't Windows just do what Linux does with their updates, why charge etc.

Windows model is a dinosaur it worked 20 years when really it was the only game in town but now Linux is becoming a more viable and affordable option for consumers.

Just a bunch of greedy bastards !!

Rancid IE6 'more secure' than Chrome and Opera US bank says


Load of Garbage

How can a browser with older technology be so secure it just does not make any sense, in fact I just think it is just pure laziness that they will not bring their online banking up today standards.

I like IE 8 but I prefer Firefox for functionality it just seems to work better for everyday things, but what about the customers who run Vista or Windows 7 what are they suppose to do go back to XP?

Just stupid if you ask me

Internet Explorer drops below 60% market share

Black Helicopters

Here is the reason's

First off IE 8 is a fast browser I have had more crashes with Firefox then with IE 8. Now as for Vista the problem with Vista is Microsoft waited too long to release it and further more companies that supply hardware,and software never got on board with driver and software updates for Vista. Also moronic customer's felt there old crappy XP based PC's would run a system that was 7 years behind Windows Vista. In short Windows XP was just out to long and people got to comfortable with it and when Vista came out 7 years later (January 30, 2007 retail release date) there old pc's should of been scraped.

Now Vista SP 2 is stable and more secure then XP will ever be, Windows 7 is Windows Vista with extra bells and whistles but the core the guts is still Vista. Now 2010 Windows 7 comes out and to be honest maybe it should not but now Microsoft understands the mistake of leaving a system like Windows XP out to long. Maybe Microsoft should follow the linux way and just provide distro updates like Ubuntu did.

I currently run Vista Business SP 2 on a AMD 620 quad core and I have never ever had one issue with this system it runs almost 16 hours a day everyday.

Sometimes people who are technical just talk out of their backsides to much.

Microsoft slams coffin lid on Vista


I do not see a reason to upgrade to Windows 7

I run Vista SP 2 Business and I have never ever had one problem contrary to what others have said or going say.

Windows 7 is Vista but with a bit more bells and whistles , the problem with Vista is that it came out to early. Vista SP 2 is very solid in my mind, if they do stop support for Vista then I will go Linux I am not going to fork out extra dollars for Windows 7. To me Windows Vista users should get a massive discount to upgrade to the new OS, I mean Linux does it for free.

The problem with Microsoft is they have knob heads for users,; users that do not find out if their hardware will work with a new system. Now is that Microsoft's fault I do not believe so !

Hidden Windows 7 costs worry upgraders


I run Vista SP 2 no issues so no rush to Windows 7

Now I probably get some serious flaming but I run Vista SP 2 and no issues, never had one.

My point is this when Microsoft releases any new OS there is this mad rush to upgrade, and then after people start to moan and groan.

With Vista it took SP 2 to make it stable and that is normal, how long did it take XP to be stable .

I will say there is no reason to be running XP it is a legacy system plain and simple, it fails many of the current OS security needs.

I probably will upgrade to Windows 7 but only when SP 2 is released, but like Vista, Windows 8 will be rolled out and the same usually folks will be slagging Windows 7.

I agree with Ubuntu I love it, but the problems is certain apps just do not work with Linux; Blackberry Manager, my Microsoft Zune obviously will not work.