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UK rattles 'three strikes' filesharing sabre (again)

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Useless NuLabour tossers!!

This is the thin end of the total 'government control & censorship' wedge under the Orwellian NuLabour communists.

Enraged vegan spitroasts Reg hack


Veggies!? - Oh dear!

This retort is typical of whining liberals all over the UK. They're not happy unless they're whinging & whining about something and it matters not what they're griping about!

Must be the lack of vitamins and protein that makes them so 'touchy'. Perhaps the money they save on not eating meat and eating veggie crap all day could be spent on an 'anger management' course!?

Academics kick off nuclear power war of words

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Build them Nukes High!

North Sea Oil will not economically viable within the next 30 years, we've virtually no gas left and will have to rely on Russian imports in the near future, they have already cut off supplies before now to their neighbours, do we really want to be totaly reliant on the ruskies for energy!?

If we opt for the 'environmentalists' solution (a solution that doesnt really exist) we won't see a skyline but for windmills! We have no viable solution other than nuclear, so building a many as we can is ok by me!

Get on with it!

Lost HMRC discs pop up on eBay

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Maybe this will make people think.......................

and realise this NuLabour government are *THE* most profligate, incompetent, retarded bunch of whingeing trotsky's I have ever seen, and I saw the last Labour government!!!

As far as 'password protection' goes, was probably one of the following;






Incompetence that simply takes the breath away, let's hope this marks the end of 10 years of thieving and mismangement

Road pricing 'back-burnered' by Brown gov't


This isn't democracy!!!!!!!

This is slimeball Brown trying to win favour with the electorate. We didn't vote for this piece of facist legislation, so why in earth is it democracy?

Should these thieving socialists win another term, it will be back on the socialist idiots agenda faster than John Prescott could swallow a KFC bargain bucket by himself.

NuLabour should carry a health warning!

Terror police lock down Soho to smoke out 9lbs of chillis


'Nam Prik Pao'

Sounds almost as naughty as 'creme of sum yung gi'

Sterling work by the anti terrorist squad!!

MP's son guilty of VAT carousel fraud


LABOUR MP's son!!....What else!

Like father, like son. 10 years ago it was Tory MP's that were always mired in sleaze, but this Labour government are a sight worse!

No doubt learned his 'self serving' skills from his father and most other Labour MP's.


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