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Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account



Honestly, owning a console now days is like living in some sort of bizarre alternative reality where everyday rules just don't exist.

I buy a Ford car, I'm a complete car nut so I Kev it up to the max. Does Ford call the lawyers and threaten to sue me for bazillions of monies? No.

I buy a Ps3, decide I want to play around with the insides, perhaps run Linux on it, oh

boy am I in trouble! Now I know that Sony bangs on about, "oh but the console is still ours, developers blah, blah blah". Ford have a good thing going too you know, after market parts etc. You don't see them fisting Joe public because they want to drive in reverse every now and then.

If someone stole my car and used it in a bank robbery would the bank come knocking on my door? Perhaps for having terrible taste in cars yes but that's it. Plus my insurance company will pay me for damages to my car.

Are Sony so incompetent that they couldn't possible just remove the purchase from the guy? I mean seriously WTF? Aaargh someone pinch me I need to wake up from this cr*p!

First look: Ordnance Survey lifts kimono on next-gen map app


Re: Yawn!

I can actually live with the 3-4m error in Google maps or any other map app for that matter. If I'm on a path, road, hill I can generally make my own adjustment, the worst thing about Google maps and this is a killer is the fact it needs to "phone home" every time you put in a new destination, it pretty much has to connect no matter what you do and can be super annoying when out on dartmoor without a connection, in a car it's just dangerous!


Re: Yawn!

True but Google maps was only a single example that is built into my phone as a default. I do a lot of geocaching and wild camping and there have been map apps available for years now, with as much details as you want, I personally use c:geo with an offline map I got from mapsforge.

I assume the 5 down votes are from OS employees?



Yawn, next they'll be telling us we can buy copies of there maps on "MAGNETIC TAPE! it's magic, the tape can remember data you put onto it and then you can retrieve it at any point in the future." Ordnance Survey, give yourselves a very slow round of applause.

With Google maps I can overlay a "satellite" image and if that's not good enough I can street view the flip out of the place, stick that in your trumpet Ordnance Survey!

Grand Theft Auto 1997: 'Sick, deluded and beneath contempt'


Re: @streaky I loved the top down GTA Games

The nice cars argument doesn't actually count either because they make FIAT which negates everything else, even pizza's! Poor old Italy.

So, these guys turn up with AK47s and offer me protection ...


Aaah memories

Misspent my youth in the good old SA and have also pretty much done all the "don't do" items in this read, always had to go and buy booze from the shebeens, and the beer was always cheaper in the locations lol being white I kind of stuck out a bit but leave the staff a tip and it actually wasn't too bad (during the day that is) I have been to some REALLY bad places though where I honestly though, WTF am I doing here.

It's funny because I recently lifted up the old carpet in my house and found loads of news paper they used as underlay from the fifties and one of the article was about South Africa and how dangerous it was even back then, it went on about how people can buy handcuff in shops, guns etc. Reading the article I realised how if I removed any reference to apartheid it honestly could have been written yesterday, "massive divides between blacks and whites, terrible poverty, high crime and fear from the opposite side" it's a real shame that after 60 odd years the country still suffers from the same problems but now has the added corruption element, sad, sad times :(

Boffins unearth the ultimate antique art - 500,000 years old


Looks a bit like writing in the picture, maybe it belonged to someone named Mike as it looks a bit like an "M" it could actually be proof that Homo Erectus understood some fundamentals of biology and was trying to write Mitochondria?

Amazon: Put our ALWAYS ON MICROPHONE in your house, please. WHAT?


Re: In a couple of years

Hi, I'm Echo, and I'm your friend till the end. Hidey-ho!

Also, the Reg now need a Chucky Icon.

Slap my Imp up: Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper


Re: No love for a Master of Orion 2 special?

It has to be Master of Orion the original, the sequel was good yes but the original was a much better game. Started playing this on Dosbox the other day too! I find it hard to believe that there is no game like this on the play store :(

HUMAN RACE PERIL: Not nukes, it'll be AI that kills us off, warns Musk



The thing is you have to ask why would an AI want to kill all humans? I just don't see the point, the problem is as humans we have a very narrow view of things assuming that a machine that could think for itself would for some strange reason want to propagate itself and slowly take over the world?

Seriously what would an AI actually do? All this fuss and we end up creating another type of monster, turns out the AI has no ambition and just watches TV all day, smoking dope and eating all my food!

MYSTERIOUS Siberia CRATER: ALIENS or METEOR not involved, officials insist


Now you're just being silly! Morlocks are a fictional made up creature


Whereas Mynoks are real.



I would check for Mynock's before going inside.

ALIEN BODY FOUND ON MARS: Curiosity rover snaps extraterrestrial


Re: Samurai sword? PFfft. Puny god..

Ye that's EXACTLY what I thought, what is this Oblivion??? Might need some leather strips though for the sword, perhaps if they could find a Dwarven strut or two they could use the iron to make some Dwarven armour when they get their smithing to level 30... Man this Skooma is good stuff!

Running the Gauntlet: Atari's classic ... now and then


Re: @I ain't Spartacus

Plus with emulation through MAME you get infinite credits AND save states!

Downloading now...

No need to worry: US blows $174m on new Cray to simulate nukes


Re: But will it play Tic Tac Toe

"Do you want to play a game?"

Hmmmm "Global Thermonuclear War" sounds like a bit of fun, what could go wrong?

Canuck reader threatens suicide over exact dimensions of SPAAAACE!



Easily fixed, you see space is an empty void that contains only stars so it's,


Thus using the wildcard and you can have as many or little A's as you like. That's the thing about space, nobody knows...

The end.

Man FOUND ON MOON denies lunar alien interface


"the evidence we have shows very clearly that both those claims are likely to be wrong"

Evidence? We have explored a hand full of planets in our solar system out of the almost infinite number out there, to come to the conclusion you have is completely idiotic! If I stand at the shore looking out to sea I could with out a doubt draw the conclusion that there is no life below the surface, I can't see anything jumping out but we both know I would be wrong so why have you done the same here?

Secondly I wish people would stop ignoring the evidence for evolution, I don't mind having an argument over why a species has evolved, be it God or something natural but it's when people say there is no evidence for these changes, it happens all the time and people need to educate themselves!

Girl gamers sexism row: Top e-sports federation finds reverse gear

Paris Hilton


This just doesn't make any sense, they have a group for males and females and then a female only group but harp on about how girls don't play in these tournaments??? I assume that this is just a way around having a males only group, surprise, surprise none of the ladies ever qualify for the mixed. Aaah maybe next year...

Either one of two things are happening here,

1) Girls suck at COD so there is no point of a mixed tournament as they will never make it through but nobody is willing to admit it, I find his VERY hard to accept.

2) Girls are WAY better than boys at COD and have much faster reflex times etc, everyone on the IESF is worried there man hood might come into question so therefore, no girls!

I think everyone at the IESF needs to be sacked and put on some sort of reality course where they can hopefully drill into their heads that girls don't all stay at home baking cakes!

Who needs a ride-on mower when a ROBOT will cut your grass


Re: "The Indego Robotic Lawnmower comes in at £1,300, inclusive"

"lager is shaken flat in seconds"

You're drinking it too slow!

9 Dark Social Truths That Will Totally Blow Your Bowels!


Re: WTF?

Ah yes that may be true but the Sun are almost guaranteed to avoid factoring in the pliers quotient making it very hard to get a grip on these figures.

Waiting gamer slams no-show show: E3 – was that it?


Sad Times

First off a big thanks to Mike for the article, pretty much just summed up my own disappointment with this years E3, to be honest I am disappointed every year but with the PS4 and Xbone even more so this year! Seriously did Sony and Microsoft accidental surprise themselves with the console releases?

What REALLY annoys me though is that according to Sony and Microsoft we are supposed to be witnessing the dawn of a new type of gaming, blah, blah, blah, yet consoles still don't do MMO's, no copies of what's popular on the PC and no Fekking port of Starcraft 2?!?!?!?!

The popular argument being that "consoles don't do X" where "X" is a game that isn't an online FPS? Seriously how hard would it be to make a copy of Dayz for the consoles, or get an MMO going? I find it so frustrating that I can get a better selection of games on my phone than I can for the PS4, and I only have a Nokia 3310 with Snake2!

Internet rejoices over Star Wars, um, clapboard pic


My big beef with the prequels was that they ruined the original three movies, the big surprise *spoiler* that Darth Vader is Luke's father is no longer a twist. They should have cut that final bit out of episode III as it ruins a classic moment.

Hopefully these new movies won't repeat the same mistake, I find myself pondering if that's even possible although I'm just waiting for it to turn out that Han is a massive racist while Luke got arrested for paedophilia :(

Star Wars revival secret: This isn't the celluloid you're looking for


Just be done with it and shoot the whole movie in Instagram filters, thats what everyone really wants!

3D printed gun plans pulled after US State Department objects



WTF!? The US government bans a plastic gun that is probably less of a danger than piece of sawn timber with a nail in it. Yet you can pop down to the shops and buy a REAL gun if you can wait a few days?!?!?!

Sometimes I feel really sorry for Americans because it must be bloody embarrassing to have people like this running your country!

Star Trek: The original computer game



numberical miscaculating, RALLY???

Sonic the Hedgehog

Thumb Up

Re: Cheating bar stewards.

up, down, left, right, hold A and start.

When Im 100 years old and I can't remember any of my childrens names I bet I will still remember the level select for sonic 1 and maybe... at a push sonic 2 lol

Quantum computer one step closer after ‘true’ quantum calculation


Re: But...

Probably DirectX issues...



How did I know that the comments section would be filled with drivel of this calibre? No one bothered to ask the most important question of all!

Will it run Crysis?

Sony admits PSPs will not fly off shelves, says phones and PS3s will


The Problem

The problem with Sony is that they always seem to be a good few years behind the competition, they used to be on top during the Ps1 and Ps2 years but it's all just gone down hill from there. People were gagging for a portable playstation and Sony said no "we don't do that!" nintendo release the DS and boom Sony have a change of mind, far too late!

People have been gagging for a phone to play PS1 games, again Sony say no "we don't do that", the mobile gaming market starts up and sony rush a crapy half baked phone. Now the market is HUGE and still nothing from Sony!

Im seriously suspicious that my dad runs Sony as these are all the rubbish decisions a grumpy old man would make! My dad once told me that "video games are just a fad!"

Valve's Half-Life



What a short article :( always waiting for the antique code segment but only one page???? could have done with some padding here! Not like you're going to spoil it for anyone...

Four in ten Brits have had to change all their passwords to foil crooks




Tesco helps high flyers avoid actual shops


Re: i dont get it

Too bloody right, no doubt she has an hour wait regardless of which way she is going (boarding time, waiting for staff to steal your luggage)

If it's advertising and they are promoting there specials then doesn't it actually defeat the point of specials as the shop'ee is no longer going into the shop to buy over priced tat by mistake... Who get's off the plain and goes, "OMFGpop we need to get pickle as we have none at home Lolcats!?!?!"??? Who are these people????

Curiosity needs OS upgrade before getting down to science



Fingers crossed they don't brick it! How embarrassing would that be when the aliens arrive? Brand new bit of kit on mars bricked trying to upgrade to cyanogenmod 12!

Curiosity snapped mid-flight by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter



Bit too late for that now, we've sent loads of em before! Probably more in space then we have on land back home lol

Lords call for the end of TV transmissions


Re: I'll be damned...

Is this the same committee of Lords that decided we move to digital TV only a few years ago???? The rest of the world must assume we have far too much cash for our own good! Should have just done this from square one and saved a bit of cash no?

Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior



On the SNES??? Surely the arcade version was where it was at??? How much money did I spend trying to finish this game only to be presented with a picture and a few cheesy lines of text??? And people complain about Mass Effects ending? Back in my day...

Being a skinny is much more unhealthy than being fat – new study


Re: Here we go again...

Thank you so much for saving me a few mins and putting my exact thoughts to "paper", I wonder how many "thin" people happened to be drug users too... Surely if you are going to start removing sample data (diabetics as an example) then why not remove drug users, alchoholics etc. Also how do these thin people die? Does every fat person die of a heart attack but the thinnies are all dieying of old ages becasue it just so happens that 90% of the thin cohort are all over 90?

Ten... Star Wars videogame classics


Re: Screw the knights

Total agree, Tie Fighter was far better than X-wing. X-wing always made it feel like it was you and your co-pilot against an entire army of Tie's whilest in Tie Fighter that was you!

Also no mention of Battlefront???? Battlefront 2 was the best starwars game ever! It had everything!!! There is nothing better than taking out an entire army with an AT-AT walker!

Ten... Qwerty mobiles


Worst article ever! Not the writers fault but lets face facts here it's a bit like a roundup of "hot" ladies that must at all times have a bag over the heads because it looks like they have been bobbing for apples in a deep fat fryer!

I have given up waiting for a top notch QWERTY phone and gone for the galaxy note, who wants to buy a phone that is already 2 years out of date? It's a shame the Droid/milestone 4 never made it to europe, at least Motorola tried... :(

Maybe Sony will release an update to the xperia mini but I wont hold my breath, we are all sheep buying what ever is tossed our way, I know I did lol!

Motorola Motoactv GPS fitness tracker

IT Angle

lol what Motorola phones? Seems there is a lack of anything coming out from motorola, the US get the droid 4, droid RAZR MAXX and all we get is a crapy watch :(

I want a mileston 4 or even better 5! Still wouldn't buy the watch doohicky thing, will install android pedometer instead.

Rock'n'Roll Racing

Thumb Up

The racers are set, the green flag drops!

Play this on my phone, even managed to complete it! Good times!

WTF... should I pay to download BBC shows?


Re: Optional

I did read the article, I didn't specify any kind of actual content, current or archived.

My real beef here is that the BBC have the time and money to come up with a better solution than making people pay for something twice, it may only be archived data now but where will it end? People would complain about the use of payed for advertising within iplayer but why are they not selling all of the iplayer content abroad?

Why is it that joe public becomes the first target?



Nice tall horse you're sat on there el'Reg.

If the BBC make people pay for iplayer content piracy of said content will go through the roof! Where can I place this bet?

Boffins build cyborg snails to generate electricity


So in the future everyone carries a few snails in there pockets to charge mobiles etc... Does that mean we will also have to put up with those snail trails that look an awefully lot like gizz stains?

I think I'll stick to charging at home... Boom, BOOM!

Mass Effect 3


Meh, Starcontrol 2 did a better job 10 years ago. Someone needs to use the same engine but do a Starcon remake instead!

MYSTERY programming language found in Duqu


Re: maybe

TurboPascal6, classic!

Even better would be if it was a ".bat" file lol!

Echo on!

Mobile gaming: battle of the gadgets


Re: But...

Why not make a phone with two touchscreens, one where the flip out keyboard would be and then the main screen. The keyboard touchscreen could look like anything, a keyboard or any of the current game console pads?

The Motorola Raxr is pretty thin, could you imagine two of those or more so one and a half... You could squeeze in 2 batteries, quad core 1.2Ghz and it would only be 14mm thick.

A beast of a phone i would defo buy!



So if we believe that mobile gaiming will increase year on year then why do we keep moving away from phones with tactile input? Seriously, MWC has been on for a week now and not one flip out QWERTY...

Europe may see the Droid 4 in a few months time but it isn't a great phone and is already old hat! It almost feels like we are being pushed in one direction when as the article states we should be moving in the other. Why so much touch screen when there is much more money to be made in people playing games on there phones?

Some company needs to get a high spec phone, large battery and a flip out QWERTY and Im sure we will have a game changer on our hands...



Not Qaurantine?

"This was Doom with cars"??? Erm... no it wasn't, that was Quarantine! Get it right Mr Reg! Will let you off though as Im sure Carmageddon did way better. Does anyone even remember Quarantine?

Black Ops has best videogame ending ever



Well a little part of me died inside reading that list! I have to wonder who's these voters are and in what mentle state to boot! How does portal 2 fall so far down the list??? Does nobody remember the ending to Monkey Island 2?!?!?! What is wrong with everyone in this crazy place!!!!!???? AAaaaargh!