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UK gov to create central procurement team

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I've been saying this for years!

What is unclear from the article however, is if procurement via CO will be mandatory - it absolutely should not be, however, it should be mandated to be one of the options where competing quotes are required.

This allows local government to pop to the corner shop for a box of paper yet still meaning they are getting a good price (you could add metrics for cost of a box of paper + delivery + time, ie if you need the paper now, it's no good saving 50p/ream if it takes a week to arrive from CO!).

Ofcom Radio pokes at potential pirates

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From experience it's less

I used to run a radio station and for a none commercial entity you're looking at about -

£2000 for the RSL from OFCOM

£2000 to pay PPL, MCPS and PRS

We also paid another £1,500 or so for equipment hire as we didn't have our own transmitter at the time.

Apart from the financial cost, it takes a significant amount of time to fill out the paperwork - our Ofcom application ran to more than 20 pages IIRC. However, as a student, labour = free so it wasn't a problem.

Dig deep! Radio asks taxpayers for blank cheque

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Scrap DAB, use DVB-T

Here's an idea, scrab DAB and build DVB-T (or DVB-T2) radios - a simple two line 40 character display will suffice with auto tuning.

Filter out the video channels and leave just the radio based ones.

Most of that can be handled by a handful of integrated chips.

No real reason why it wouldn't cost much more than a budget set top box.

This way you get your £30-40 radio for the kitchen, but on the way scrap an entire infrastructure and transmission chain.

Cheaper for operators.

Cheaper for listeners.

Sky gets Five HD

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To clear a couple of things up

We won't be getting anymore Freesat channels any time soon.

This is because the Astra 2D satellite which has a UK only beam is FULL. (Mostly with many variations of BBC and ITV regional channels)

Astra have in their plan to launch more satellites in the next 2-5 years, including a UK only beam one (at least one)

This means we'll be able to broadcast other channels in the clear, the reason they don't do it now is the copyright holders would have a fit if it was to the whole of Europe!


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