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Wi-Fi Alliance ditches 802.11 spec codes for consumer-friendly naming scheme


Re: 11Gb/sec

To get greater than 10Gb/s requires using 160MHz-wide channels, which precludes 2.4GHz, since its bandwidth is only 60MHz wide using all 3 non-overlapping channels (1, 6 and 11).

Actually, to get greater than 3Gb/s requires using 160MHz-wide channels, depending on what technology your WiFi device supports.

Google sues Mississippi Attorney General 'for doing MPAA's dirty work'


Most U.S. public libraries offer free loans of DVDs, which pirates use to make copies of... I wonder if that AG has tried to punish his local libraries for loaning out DVDs?

Google doesn't want to censor its search results at all, because if they do, then they become liable for anything they miss.

Searching to destroy ... Bing? Facebook JILTS Microsoft


Well, Bing is a horrible search engine... it can't even index and find stuff on microsoft.com, the site of its owner!

Try it yourself... go to a page on their support site, say, support.microsoft.com/kb/2509997

swipe across the title of the page to select the first 7 words, in this case

"Unable to install updates in Windows Vista"

(so you can see it's a rather old page, not something they haven't had TIME to crawl and index)... copy and paste that phrase into the search bar (provided by Bing) at the top of the page there.

That support.microsoft.com page won't show up at all on the first page of bing results.

Now go to google.com and paste that same string into the search bar and click the button. Guess what site turns up as the top result?

Boffins hunch over steaming cups of coffee to find HIDDEN SECRETS of caffeine


WTF are "boffins"?

Street View Wi-Fi slurp nightmare: US Supremes snub Google's appeal


> Unsecured networks, people try and log in to them all the time for more

> nefarious purposes than Google ever had. No class action against them.

You don't even have to "log in" to unsecured networks... just select them in the list and click Connect.

Having a map of free WiFi locations is highly desirable.

I would like to see the plaintiffs prove Google has possession of any private data gleaned from documenting those locations.

Google's Drive SLASH, secret 'big upgrade': Coincidence? Hardly


Re: What about later on

You can buy 7200 RPM 2TB drives for $75... buy a couple of those and a Kingwin Trayless Dock (under $20 on amazon)... set the drive controller to AHCI in BIOS (without AHCI you would have to reboot for the onboard controller to detect the new hard drive)... backup your data, and store it off site. e.g. store your backed up private data at the office and your backed up office data at home.

Replace half the backup drives once per year (most are warranted for 3).

Should UK tear Wi-Fi a new one at 5GHz? Speak your brains, says Ofcom


Re: Not passing through walls is the major advantage of 5GHz

If you can get access to/through the basement or attic, you don't have to run the wires through walls. Emerge at the edge of the wall and terminate in surface-mount RJ45 jacks.

Use those to connect to a dual-band router (easily converted to Access Point by connecting to a LAN port instead of the WAN/Internet port, and disabling its DHCP server) in each room where you want WiFi.


9KHz sounds low, no pun intended (since human ears can hear frequencies up to 20KHz).

Got a cite?

Mobe-slurping Wi-Fi SPY BINS banned from London's streets


So, turning off collection of license plate data by cameras that are watching traffic will also be disabled immediately, right?

Bug-finder chucked for posting to Zuck


Sounds like just another reason to avoid facebork at all costs.

NSA headman: 'Don't worry, our watchful analysts TAKE EXAMS'


All about 'the' Benjamin

Those who would sacrifice liberty for *promises* of security deserve neither liberty NOR security.


Re: Less than 300?

Nope... he meant it was less than the movie 300.

Public told to go to hell, name Pluto's two new moons


Pluto's not a planet, remember?

They can't be moons, 'cause when illegitimate planets get things orbiting around them, they have the power to just shut that whole thing down.

Forklift fondleslab 'fellas flee with vast haul of iPad Minis at JFK


Re: Now, they just need to find...

no kidding... I would rather have an iPad Max, with a 13 or 14 inch screen.

Zuckerberg's 2012 personal income tax bill: $1.5 billion


The capital gains tax rate should remain at 15% for the first $100,000... that would encourage savings and investment by the middle class, too. It's the guys making $10m, $20m (or in the case of Zucky, $6b) m and more who should pay a higher rate on that investment income over $100,000 per year.

Lower the corporate tax rate to 4%... and watch companies leave Ireland's 7% rate in droves.

Rooting Kindle Fire bricks videos


Are you implying that root privileges somehow bypass DRM restrictions on content?


Are you implying that accessing root privileges somehow bypasses DRM restrictions on content?

600 tonne asteroid in low pass above Falkland Islands - TONIGHT


BOINC ? That's what *she* said

You would think there would be some global funding for the BOINC project Orbit@home run by the Planetary Science Institute - http://orbit.psi.edu/ - which has as its objective using the idle cycles of computers worldwide to examine data from observatories and search for rogue asteroids with paths that might intersect earth's orbit at some time in the future. Have a look at that site - Pasquale has posted some nice animations showing how far inside the orbits of the GPS network satellites MD2011 will get. With as many of those that there are, it's amazing nobody is concerned about it hitting any of them. I wonder if they're even insured against such a possibility.

Personally, I would rather donate my spare CPU/GPU cycles to that than to the more-famous SETI@home project.

Sony's Thai website pwned by phisher scoundrels


No kidding, ROTF...

Anyone that has bought anything from sony or had anything to do with them since the early 2000's, when sony decided it was a good idea to install rootkits on their customers' computers because they bought a CD from an artist signed by sony, deserves anything bad that befalls them.

When you go bareback with whores you should *expect* to get herpes.

Sony wins subpoena for PS3 hacker's PayPal records


Just another reason

Just another reason to not give Sony another dime of my money.

What scum.

Cuckold computer tech faces ID theft charges over Gmail 'hack'


Selective prosecution

He hardly "hacked" into her account... they kept track of their secure passwords the same way I do... writing them down in a note book kept next to the computer (theirs was a laptop HE bought and they both used, by the way).

Anyway, to get around to my Subject/Title... check out these links:



The female prosecutor has refused to charge the wayward wife with the felony count of adultery. How convenient.

Delicious, Yahoo! Buzz, MyBlogLog, AltaVista all face axe


Is "Delicious"

actually referring to the delicio.us domain name?

Petabyte-chomping big sky telescope sucks down baby code


"not so much" ? Maybe because

you're off by a factor of over 1000.

Check out the http://www.allprojectstats.com/top.php page.

On the right, choose -BOINC- and "CPU statistics" from the picklists and click Show to filter down to the top 200 CPU types. Just the top 10 CPU types listed there amount to nearly 3,500,000 cores. (disregarding that some CPUs can do multiple threads per core, and counting only the cores.)

It's not clear if the article is using the perverted definition of a GB (1,000,000,000 bytes, or 10^8), instead of the original definition of a GB: 1,073,741,824 bytes (or 2^30) which ISO has designated with the unit "GiB" so HDD manufacturer's can't co-opt it like they did GB.

Still, even if they mean the larger GiB, it would require about 1.2Mb/s (152KB/s) for 3000 nodes (assuming 1 core per node), but that would fall to 138 Bytes per Sec with 3.5 million nodes, using BOINC. Even a POTS dialup could support the transfers for 25+ cores, at that rate.


They're reinventing the wheel

The parallel software framework is already in place and working.

BOINC - Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computing


Windows, Linux, Mac; and it's open source, so it can be compiled on about any other platform.

And there are already millions of cores working on various projects.

They might want to get in touch with Pasquale at http://orbit.psi.edu

whose project seems to be working at the same purpose, using available telemetry.

Bad software blamed for AT&T iPhone upload choke



They better be glad ATT's choking their speeds or they would use up their monthly 2GB limit in less than an hour at 5+Mbps.

Adobe warns over unpatched PDF peril


So, how long before you break the story

that apple employees are developing these exploits, on the clock, using code obtained under non-disclosure agreements?

"Oh, we didn't disclose their source code, so we didn't violate the agreement."

Microsoft confirms IE9 will shun Windows XP


Poor comprehension levels

Read it again. XP SP2 and higher (current is SP3) has the required Direct2D support.

If you're really running the original XP or XP SP1, then you don't have the ability to do WiFi or WPA2, either.

Microsoft cuts out paste


Microsoft's not the only corporate FAIL

When you build things by committee it's not unusual to end up with products that satisfy nobody.

Yet with Orwellian rationalization, the idiom "nobody's perfect" leads to RTM.

Over there where GSM is the accepted standard I can see why the iPhone is so popular, but over here in the states CDMA/EV-DO has over twice the coverage (e.g. an iPhone has 'no signal' within 5 miles of my home in any direction).

Still, most of the offerings from Samsung (I think they're Java/J2ME) that are offered by the CDMA carriers (e.g. Sprint, Verizon, et al) don't have copy/paste either.

Other universal features I'd like to see adopted by all manufacturers:

When I'm in the browser, being able to dispatch a text to someone with the URL of the site I'm currently viewing, instead of having to open the texting app and manually type in the URL (since, of course, there is no copy/paste).

Other keyboard layouts besides QWERTY on touch screens... if we have to type with our thumbs, at least put the most-used letters next to each other.

If a stylus is included, ALWAYS provide a storage slot/hole for it on the device.

Being able to edit the URLs of bookmarks, not just their titles.


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