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Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory


Knew I was right!

Now I know that I was right in giving a garbled false mobile number to any dork asking for it!


Phorm director advises UK.gov broadband minister



So, one bunch of scumbags is hiring anotherr scumbag. Given that this load of Nu Labur bastards would not know the truth even if it were to be anally inserted, is anyione surprised? Never thought that I would support any of those European tossers. Lets see if thety can get this right. Oh dear, there they are, a squadron of pin pigs in perfect formation--------- Gary

Wacky Jacqui spanked by husband


The Mind Boggles

Nothing wrong with watching porn at all. Would the money not have been better spent buying Wacky (Does she wack him?) Jacky a basque, nylons, sussies, and heels? Must go now. Please excuse the shaky handwriting------------ At least now she can say NOTHING to the erst of us real people!


Phorm CEO clashes with Berners-Lee at Parliament


Says it all!

You've got your wankers on one hand and your lying wankers on the other....but both hands belong to Phorn.

I refer the noble gentleman to the reply given earlier! Says it all! Thank the Lord for Firewalls and cookie blockers/removers! Gary

Better metrics needed for security, says expert



"He who would defend everything, defends nothing.!"

Gneisenau (I THINK!)

"He who would collect all data copllects nowet!

Gary (with appologies to Gneisenau!)


Polish Spitfire shoots down BNP


Post war promises?

Seeing as we are all getting our gonards in a latther about the treatment the poor Polish workers are getting over here (Britain) can anyone confirm or refute the reports current in London about signs on building sites requesting NO ENGLISH workers while recruiting lower earning Poles? And if we are so bloody sorry for the Poles why did we not keep fightiong to stop the Russians taking over it and the rest of the bloody Balkans post WW2? And why did we not declare war on Stalin's Russia which attacked Poland from the other side in 1939 and met Adolph and his goons in the middle? A good Polish friend of mine, sadly now deceased, who fought in WW2 in the RAF and was Chief Engineer on Atlantic Conveyor when she was sunk in the South Atlantic, hated the Germans AND Russsians with equal venom.


Rogue fishing skipper faked own death


Good Judge!

He firmly believed that between them DEFRA, the MCA and the government's rules simply want to stop the British fisherman earning an honest living and have the British fleet scrapped to enable foreigners to take whatever they want from British waters.

Guilty as charged by this shower he may be, but he had the politicos and bean counters who have sold this nation down the river well judged, sure enough!


Miliband refuses to release torture documents



Buddy, cheque'e in the post! Payback IS a bitch! Gary

Google will tell your mates where you are


Shove It!

If anyone wants to know where I am they can ask me when I get back! If I wish to, I may even tell them! And people ask me why I rarely carry a mobile! Ha!


MP wants Welsh text on ID cards


Dozey Bitch!

And this dozey bitch will doubtless pick up the tab for the extra translation services which will certainly be involved! BLX! Gary

Government grants itself even more data sharing power



"Ministry of Justice" Ah, that wouild be Minijust you;re wanting then, is it sir?

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

Nice quote Ted, I nor I would imagine can many others, add more. Let us hope tht the rivers of which Enoch Powell spoke do not flow. But why should I be that lucky? Time to bin these useless wannabe Stalins, Gary

MoD miracle-armoured-vehicle scheme still struggling


Don't laugh but----

but a thin coating of chicken wire should sort that out

Ash, were you perchance in Aden circa 1967, 'cos that is exactly what some of us did with Land Rovers which had had the tilts removed due to the heat.Chicken wire stretched over the hoops meant for the canvas tilts stopped any passing grenades dropping in the back! I did hear that some of the "dissies" tied fish hooks on said grenades as a counter-counter measure. I never did get to be in one that copped that though!


Home Office acts to kick out Iceland's hate preachers



This is excellent news if it applies to the many preachers of hate of Muslim , Arabic or ANY other national origin! Way to go Jacqui(?) Gary

BBC's TV detector vans to remain a state secret



They do work

By Anonymous Coward Posted Monday 27th October 2008 12:28 GMT

Having worked with people that developed some of the equipment that goes into these vans (although not in the same department) I can tell you that they do work.

So what department of the Beeb License Team are you in, sir? You are obviously well up on the spin of this ere wonderful country of ours. I recently heard another rendition of BBC. It was Bolshevik Broadcastin Company. Love it, 73 de Gary

Google Willy Wonkas park fighter jet on NASA


Alphe Jet?

I find it hard to see what kit, survaillance, avionic or otherwise, this aircraft could carry that other aircraft of similair types could not. It is certainly manouverable, having served in the Patroiulle de France (Hope thats spelt right!) the French aircrfat display team. The French Air Force and the German Lutwaffe used it as, (I believe ) an advanced trainer. That was in the 80s. It is hard to see what useful reconaissance work this aircraft could now do. Course, if it is a stand-by for when the Lotus/Porsche is gridlocked on the freeway, well, THAT'S all right then!! Gary

DVLA: A licence to bill


Tear 'em up!!!

Thsi happened to me many yearsd gao when I had a letter from the cowboy council in a nearby town. (South Wales is as good a location as it gets!!) It joined several other like minded ltters in the shredder. As I say, thi aws in the 80s.----- Gary

McKinnon loses extradition fight


The Late Mr Joyce

Shortly after WW2, (You remember, the war immediately after the war to end ALL wars!) we executed a particularly nasty piece of shit who had been doing his best to demolish the morale of Britain by broadcasting on German radio to gloat over the way WW2 was going. (How he kept going towarrds the end beats me!) He claimed a few things in his defence, but he did noit, as far as I know, try this one. (Who knows,in future law books this may be called "The McKinnon Defence.".) Anyway,we topped the bastard who rejoiced in the nickname of "Lord Haw Haw" and rightly so. The point is, he comitted the act in Germany but against us,the Brits. I see a definite parallel here. Don't worry,all you pinko liberal faggots, I am NOT advocating we strung up poor Mr McKinnon. Let him teach IT in SanQ! Gary

Electoral officers oppose edited register


Post Code

It;'s still the same - the full register can be inspected by anyone but not copied - you have to get the details one by one - so Stalkers=good Spammers=bad

Colin, it seems as though this is another case of where you live deciding what happens. My local council have stopped the farce of public libraries holding copies. The only way to see a copy now, apparently is to go to the city hall. Not much of an improvement,but for thr dumbos who run this city,it is light speed! Gary

Tasing of unarmed opposition peaks among firearms cops


Hows that again?

armed police = armed criminals, and the death of innocent people who get in the way.

Not quite with you on this one. This has been trotted out for yonks, and still gun crime figures escalate and police are NOT armed on a100 per cent daily basis. (Totally off topic,but is it not unfair to defend a minority? Just wondered.) I think the poster on my former gun club wall said it best. "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." And so it has come to pass.



Cold Comfort

When will we realize------

I am sure that your noble sentiments and those of our like minded critics of armed and semi armed (for that is what tasers are) police will be of great comfort to the families of the two women police officers used for targets by the bastards in the robbery that they were sent to, and also to the family of the officer murdered by the North American git last year in the North of England. I can think of no other country in the world where people regularly risk their lives with so little protection. Its a shit world, and unfortunately we are all stuck in it. Let's hope the plods get a few more scrotes and make us a bit safer.


UK data watchdog gives Google spycar fleet the greenlight


OOO Goody____

My son and his freinds who, sadly, have multiple convictions for violence and other such things (as bored thugs do), have been looking for one of these, but nary a one can they find. Can it be that these arseholes are particular into whose busuness they poke their unwanted and soon to be broken noses. (Wonder how they would have fared in the Creggan and similar!) Gary

Home Office minister gets tough, then gets stuck


Airstrip One Personnel

Class exercise: use each of those synonyms in a sentence also using "NuLabour", "Liam Byrne", "Gordon Brown", "Harriet Harman", "David Milband", and/or "Jacqui Smith". Antonyms and other parts of speech permitted.

Are Tossers! (OOOOps ere comes Echelon!!!!) Gary

English Channel defeats one-armed Frenchman


Yeah, Right!

This guy has more balls than all the tosssers who knock him here Gary

McKinnon loses Lords appeal



Since I own a PC that relies on an Intel processor and an AMD/ATI graphics card, I think it's safe to assume that intelligent and creative people can be US citizens too.

Quite right, I thought that when buying HF radio kit from "Radioshack" (Tandy) until i opened some up for mods and saw where the PCBs were made!! Yup, another Chinese Take away! Gary


Take it like a man----

I hope that the European Court has plenty of French judges who have the balls to stand up to the Yanks.

The only reason the Eurotossers will let this toerag off is cos it will piss off us and the Americans. Justice is not in it, and balls sure as shit aint!They are still sulking about Waterloo. And strange how many of the "judges" seem to hail from "Former Balkan/Eastern Bloc" nations. They are not our no1 fans either. Two fingers to the lot!

If the crime/action affects another country,why should he not be tried in that country. Would we expect Bin Bag Laben to be tried in Afghanistan? And having heard this guy speak today he sounds like a resident of the south of England to me. Not a CU Jimmy in sight! Another thing I fail to grasp is that the quality of security has some bearing on the justification of a crime. Now I see the wisdom of always having a very large nasty German Shepherd. (Thats a dog, not a guy called Hans who tends sheep!) He bites any unwanted entrants to my homestead,but knows all my family! Beats any droid I ever met! And the baseball bat finale is a legal response to the carving knife with which he assaulted me. (Is that wound serious, sir--Oh no officer) writes a final closing chapter!


Google: 'Even in the desert, privacy does not exist'


Good Thing

Fortunately, there also is no fence surrounding the Google Pillock Moble to prevent removal of property and/or personnel in same, and destruction of one and chastisement of the other. (Go on, you decide__!) Gary

MoD in £1.75m rush order for SAS backpack radars


Nothing new under the sun!

Old chestpack radar kits.

Absolutely right,Matt. In 1971 I was on the permanent staff at the School of Signals, Blandford Forum in Dorset. At the nearby Royal Radar Establishment at Malvern they had the newly developed "man pack" man portable radar on trial. Trouble was,it took THREE men to make it man portable! It was on field trials and was intended for the infantry. I always wondered what happened to this "Gee-Whiz" technology,for that is what this seeemed like at the time. We used to swap yarns,(and a lot of "Bullshit") with the guys at Malvern.

Germans develop submarine-launched UAV


Mix up

Not the first German sub-launched drone

The Focke Achgelis was a towed 3 rotor heicopter glider and was manned, although it had a parachute strapped on to it so that,when the copter had to be ditched to aviod any attacking escort vessels,the lucky pilot could parachute into the oggin to await later rescue by the parent U-Boat (Yeah,right!) The towed device, if my sources (German based) are correct, was a towed boat look alike with, as you say,a charge attached to surprise and delight the attacker. I suppose it depends on one's definition of a drone, and whether or not it is limited to a flying vehicle, or to any vehicle in whatever medium it moves.



Three-quarters of EU radio equipment is non-compliant


Too True!

It works both ways though. Some comsumer kit will wipe out the Ham HF bands over a 100m radius due to poor construction. BT's 'Home Hub' is a prime example

Good on yer! As a radio freak myself, I have heard the drivel spouted for years by people who know as much about radio and asosciated subjects as Gorgon Broon knows about running a country or telling the truth! A friend of mine in the South of England has had all his HF (Short Wave) listening kit knocked out by some drongo with one of these BT Hubs. A polite appeal has failed,so a visit is being arranged by those old faithfuls,Mr B. Bat,and MrB. A. L. A. Clava. For further remedies see the book "BT Hubs-A basic Course in Anal Insertion!" Ofcom are as much help as a one legged guy at a butt kick fest! Gary

Senate approves FISA makeover and telco wiretap immunity



Errr, can they trace this????

I think so. They just kicked my door in! Please excuse the shaky handwriting! Gary

Wind power key to UK's desperate renewable energy bid


Easy answer

First off,two fingers to ALL EEC requirements. Remeber how bothered the French were by our threat to take them to the European Court for continuing to ban our Beef! (Sorry, OT) Build more Nuclear stations, its aboput all we can do with the present finnancial climate (NO pun intended!) . And as far as radar goes, there is some pretty good OTHR (Over The Horizon Radar which works in the HF band.)about these days (Northrop have one with a scanning range in excess of 1000 miles.) Looks like we have to go it alone again, Gary

Devil dog laughs in the face of Taser


Ruff Justice

Like if you're a Brazilian electrician in some conspicuously unnamed great world capitol?

Or say, a packof urchins who.far from flying down to Rio,live and beg there and get shot by city plods 'cos it pisses off tourists? Come out of the glass house before chuckin' rocks! Fully agree that to judge one needs to know the full SP! (Note colloquial Saaarfspeak!) My buddy from Upper Norwood is on hols in NZ,but has his laptop,and this is on its way to him NOW! Gary

Tory trash talk fails to halt bin bugging plans



Sorry! Had to say it. The tossers, sorry council, where I live have designated my particular street one which cannot have wheely bins, for reasons as yet unclear. They waffled on about bin lorries unable to get down the lane at the rear which they have previously been doing for 28 years. (Suddenly got a piss artist driver no doubt!!!) Still, its an ill wind! Black bags it is then! And we all know where to dump those 'cos how many office blocks/factories and other places of torture(sorry work, must have a complex tonight!) have no rubbish bay. Love the chip zapping suggestions though, 'cos ANYTHING that screws the council or government gets my vote! Powerful magnets and high voltages shot through wire coiled around chip seems promising, as does a powerful dose of RF for the radio geeks smongst us.On the subject of green bags the tossers who run the council have admitted they send it all to China for processing.And to think I know folks who wash the stuff prior to green bagging it! Who in their cotton pickin mind is going to worry about the state of any of the stuff which goes in THAT scow! If they can afford to ship garbage to PRC,they can knock a few bucks offf my garbage bill! Either way, I'll beat these bastards! Oh yes, this should be loads of fun! ENJOY! Gary

Lunar mini-mole missile probes tested against Welsh target

Black Helicopters

Alternative Target

They perhaps should fire it into the Welsh Assembly in a (VAIN) effort to find intelligent life-----


BSA dubs Manchester second worst for piracy



Fuck em

By John Naismith

Posted Monday 19th May 2008 15:00 GMT

Our business has had letters from the BPI and the BSA in the past. They go in the bin because I'm not listening to fuckwits sending letters out blindly in the hope that some moron will be scared by their meaningless threats.

Tell them to fuck off is my advice.

I refer the learned gentlemen to the answer my colleacue gave earlier. (Skull and Bones added to let you know which side I favour. (If I can find the right button!!!) Gary

School crossing guards join CCTV panlollycon


Must be US!!!

Having spent many years in Germany, at which time the duties which these people carry out(ie Lollypop men/ladies) were done by schoolchildren. They wre called, if memory serves, "SCHULERLOTSEN" and, as our Lollypop people do, had the full backing of the law. I do not recall any such problems at that time (60s, 70s, early 80s.) They wore ordinary clothes wth a white ski style cap and white cross belts. The traffic direction was done by a short stick surmounted by a disc, red/ white on one side (STOP) and green/white on the other(GO) If I recall , lights of the same colour wer on each side. Leads me to the sad conclusion that we are a nation of impatient arrogant agressive bastards, which is proved with monotonous regularitry by driving in this country(UK.)


Welsh blogger fined over 'menacing' plod blog


If the cap fits-----

I believe all our posters who are approving of this individuals actions should put themselves in the position of the officer and his family. Guilt or innocence is not the issue here, the actions of the accused subsequent to his arrest are. I spent time as a police officer and was subject to similar crap. I dealt with it in my own way which is no business of anyone but myself and the person threatening. Before condemning the DC who complained about this scrote, apply my buddie's maxim. Before judging a man walk a mile in his boots. (Police or aotherwise!)


BT's secret Phorm trials open door to corporate eavesdropping



So,we are right back where we were in the 70s,80s and early 90s. Plod subcontracts to a private company and no one gives a shit! Same as how they would subcontract tracing agents to find people who they REALLY wanted to "speak to" and "private investigators" to install monitoring devices (Oh all right then, bugs!) in target adresses. Now where did I leave all those cryptographic articles ansd user manuals------


Local council uses snooping laws to spy on three-year-old


The Answer

May I suggest finding out the names of the heads of the department/s involved. (Freedom of Information and other such Skullduggery.) Follow them them to and from work regularly, check that thier motor vehicles are taxed, ensure they commit no parking and/or driving offences.When vehicles are spotted outside peoples houses enforcing this RIPA bollix circle the cars several tinmes to ensure that they are not prowlers and/or terrorists. Get police to check that they are indeed Pooles of Piss,(sorry couldnt resist it!) There are not that many turds doing this work,and said turds should soon get the message, especially when they get followed home and the good old unmarked white van spends time at their abode.


Government set to 'destroy' UK radio astronomy



DO NOT pay any more to Galileo, stop ALL free loading "asylum seekers" and other such drags on the rations, and sack this government! We will not only get radio astronomy back on track, but probably be on Mars in about two or three years! (To think our first radio telescope used a Gernan WW"2Wurzburg radar dish as an antenna!) Gary

Steve Jobs rescues freetards from BBC iPlayer wilderness (for now)


BBC security?

Call me old Mister Grouch,but what have the BEEB ever produced that warrants ANY kind of security or encryption? Gary.

Glaswegian piracy drive yields just 41 'possible' offenders


Not on this map!"

You would not be impressed where your company's name is in this part of the world, Julie! Lets just say its written on soft paper and gets a trifle "flushed!" (Couldnt happen to better people!!!)

Pirate Bay slapped with copyright charges


Russia it is then!

Speaking of Russia,what happens when it all ends up there then? (The Free Music Industry, that is! )If the useless gits we have here can't get a suspect for murder extradited,what chance do a bunch of jukebox bashers have? Ponimiou Tovarich? ( I think thats right!

US-Iranian naval clash: Radio trolls probably to blame


Takes one to know one!

Maybe you just forgot to write the other half of your expression: "is white and Christian and imperialistic pigs". That might qualify, maybe.

And you say I am racist--------- Gary


How so?

"Having sworn enemies is a sign of immaturity"

Can't quite follow your logic on this one.All you have to be to become a sworn enemy of a large number of our Arabic population is white and Christian. I qualify on both counts. OOH Dear, should I buy a flak jacket!

1; The boats could have been suicide bombers. 2 How the hell can a radio operator,who was probably wiping his legs after hearing the old "We you Coming to get!" pony and trap decide whether or not the call was from them. Last time I worked in EW (60s/70s) two at least,and preferably three or even four receiving stations were required for accurate triangulation. And yes, I am familiar with our Arab populaton, having served in Aden (Britsh Army 1967) And yes,I would have shot the SOBs. The great thing about regretting actions is that one has to be alive to do it!


Microsoft readies Hal 9000


Come back Winston Smith!

I love this drivel! Just how many people do these sad gits think are going to allow themselves to be wired up like latter day Steve Austins. (Who's an old git then?) I can see it now. Production lines of wired in prolls and offices full of same. Get up to go, and watch them all crash down like Tony Blairs chances of re-election, having got entagled in each others leads! Coffee in Room 101 anyone?


UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban


Cameras- A basic course in anal insertion

You are reminded that under English law :

there are no restrictions on taking photographs in a public place or on photography of individuals, whether they are adults or minors;

How true that is. However, I have to say that with all the CCTV, press, and other wackos pushing cameras and other devices into peoples faces ,any one doing it in this neck of the woods (ie South Wales) is inviting the insertion of said device where there is VERY little light, and a lot of smell!!


Labour hit by another anonymous donor scandal


Slush Fund

I'd say that this explains the "apparent"ease with which illegal immigrants/asylum seekers are flooding into this country and the delay of effective enforcement bodies or legislation to stop them. The more Gordon the Gopher allows in, the more will vote next fiasco, ooops sorry,election. Have another miilon me old Gopher, and I'll soon have those cheapo labour countrymen of mine working for a pittance for me, and subsidised by you and your brain dead countrymen/women. Who lives in a country like this? Gordon,it's over to you!!!!

2012 Olympics to be 'car-free'


So he was right!

I refer of course to a good friend of mine who is a South London resident and displayed as much enthusiasm for the news that the Olympics would be held there as a turkey would for Boxing Day! He said it would cost a fortune and it surely will. We have seen how well attended events to which people cannot drive are becoming. (Cardiff-new Millenium Center MIILIONS in hock and rising! Wonder why they built that new car park opposite it after declaring how green they all were!!) I echo Spiders comments about gun/pistol law. I lost two pistols to that piece of ares kissing do gooder legislation. Members of my gun club were serving officers many authoriesd firearms users (as I once was.) Imagine- Here's your MP5 Mr Fuzzbottle, but put down that unsocial looking .22 revolver! Do you think we deserve this lot? Bliar Brown and Livingstone- all the charm of a festering scrotum!!!

Do you have a licence for that sporran, sir?


Burden of Proof

Unless this wannabe dictatorship of a nation has slid so far along the tracks that Tony Bliar's thought police have slipped into power with no-one noticing, I thought the burden of proof was on the PROSECUTION to prove the case. Thus, if any Euro-cretin wishes to give a sporran wearing Scot a hard time about where the raw material for his sporran came from, surely it is down to him/her to prove it. And survive. Having served an attachment with the Cameronians (1964) the two do not always go together,