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OOo's put the willies up Microsoft


that video is not about office suites

but about drug addiction. Several comments resemble those of people who can't stop taking cocaine, see http://stop.zona-m.net/node/198

Historian warns against copyright-fight heavy hitting


"Appeal to Common Practice"

The BigYin said;

"As a point of democratic principle, how can something that most of us do be illegal?"

Your argument is an example of "Appeal to Common Practice" and therefore fallacious... you need to construct a better argument to stand a chance.

VERY well said, thanks. This particular argument against illegal filesharing is simply ridiculous and puts under a bad light everything else people try to say about copyright reform. It's like paying taxes. If it's wrong, it's wrong in itself for some other reason, not because many people hate or love doing it.


Filesharing for sake of filesharing is bad!

I am more and more convinced every year that some of the best supporters of proposals like ACTA, that is some of the people we all have to thank for such proposals receiving attention, are the people who download and put back online everything they can find, "just because", even when they never use it personally.

This is an habit that is just fashion (it doesn't serve any real purpose whatsoever, for nobody) but generates P2P traffic numbers that make it much easier to convince parliaments that things like ACTA are necessary and good. If anybody cares for a longer explanation, it's here in this very short "novel": http://stop.zona-m.net/node/88


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