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Life support turned off: NHS Direct dies silent, undignified death


Quack quack

Where will the quack medicine websites now go to steal their content?

I'm not sure I'll miss it much. Every time I used it, it took me through x hundred multiple choice questions and the last page was "Dial 999 immediately".

I'm still alive.

Moon flashes Earth after getting pounding from MASSIVE meteorite


This moon was brought to you by Enterprise Corporate Logos-"Я"-Us .com

If anyone still hasn't noticed after watching the video several times and wondering what the *&^% they are supposed to be looking at, the impact can be found in the lower left of the screen.

US.gov - including NASA et al - quits internet. Is the UN running it now?


Who turned off the satellite data?

I'm annoyed I can't get access to NASA / NOAA satellite data for my work (in the UK). Why they can't just leave the computers switched on is a mystery.

It would be a pity if the MAVEN Mars mission fails to launch next month because of a few petulant politicians.

Solution found for climate change: Nuclear war



There was a good article about this a couple of years back (google "The environmental consequences of nuclear war" www.physicstoday.org) with some wonderfully apocalyptic graphs of Numbers of casualties (units of 100 million) and Soot (in Teragrams).

The "nuclear war solves climate change" angle here is a bit spurious, since those of us that don't go up in smoke would just get a mini ice age for 5-10 years, then it would be back to warming as usual.

It's scary to think that even if no-one lets rip with the plutonium a big volcanic eruption could have much the same effect. (Or is it scarier to think that some tin-pot dictator with a nuclear button could cause as much global devastation as a massive volcano?).

Have a nice day.

El Reg insults 'millions of Irish Catholics'



That says a lot about El Reg's green credentials.

You just couldn't bring yourselves to do it, could you?

LibDems drop net blocking, blame activists



If this law means that "legal" downloads became as cheap as getting the CD/DVD off ebay (or the local charity shop, etc) then I'm all for it. Ooh look, a pink elephant with wings!

Anyhoo... I actually think that by blocking off the 'illegal' routes there will be no incentive to reduce prices in the UK for legal downloads; quite the opposite. So while the rest of the world (except China) will download and enjoy British films and music for free, the British public won't be able to afford them.

I propose that in return for kowtowing to the copyright holders and blocking (allegedly) infringing sites, parliament should legislate for a maximum price chargeable on content downloaded to British IP addresses - say £2 per GByte. I'm sure we could rush that amendment through parliament before the election, along with everything else.

Historian warns against copyright-fight heavy hitting


Let them eat cake!

I have a copyright on fresh air. Now I *could* sell it to you for say 79p per breath, but as so many people are copying my air I demand that you all pay £15.99 per breath to cover my losses. Anyone caught breathing without permission will be fined £1000 per infringing breath.

Er... did somebody mention a revolution?


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