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Playboy model's complaints against HP chief Hurd laid bare by court


So what you're saying is...

If you do well for the company then no matter if you sexually harass, rip off and break the law, you still walk away richer than before guaranteed a job at another huge firm anyway?

It clearly pays to be a smart criminal.

Perhaps I should consider being an chauvinistic (thanks spell checker) over paid prick?

York CompSci student pleads guilty to Facebook hack


Glenn: Uh Hi, yeah so i'm just going to use your proprietary code for this new social networking site I'm setting up for York Uni students.

Mark: Uh, no thanks, that's ours, Facebook does not steal ideas or code from anyone, therefore you should lead by our example.

Glenn: Uh, okay, I wasn't asking.

Mark: Fair enough, I've been there before, but you will end up in a world of hurt, I can't wait to stand over your shoulder and watch you write me a cheque.

Glenn: K.

Navy training mine washes ashore on Miami Beach


Red and white cylinder? "Mummeh, That looks like a chunk of a giant candy cane! May I lick plx?" - festive fun @ Miami beach!

In other news, navy officials have taken a clout over the ear and told not to leave explosive sugar sweets on the beach again.


Apple MacBook Pro 13in Core i5 laptop

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Hi mate,

I've had my MPB since Oct 09 and took a 3 year warranty on it.

Since then I've spilled wine on it, bashed it a couple of times and tore it apart piece by piece to replace only the keyboard which is built into the unibody - this actually resulted in me seperating the screen from the laptop itself. I also swapped out the Hard disk and memory.

However, I recently took it to an apple store due to the battery health deteriorating very quickly, they happily said - no problem, we'll swap it out immediately for you, come back in an hour and a half and we'll have it ready.

Job done - brand new battery.

They also resent me a free replacement snow leopard disk because I lost mine.

Additionally they gave me a brand new ipod touch 4g when the screen started playing up on my own - no questions asked - straight swap at the Gbar.

Apple service is truely fantastic, I commend their outstanding support and so far they have been very helpfull - I'm glad I pay the apple premium.

El Reg in email address blunder


Excellent, it's rare I use my personal email account to sign up to anything, however mistakenly I took theregister, technical journal / blog / news site, of whom I frequently see flaming other tech peddlers for their security mishaps, as one of the safer places to use it.

1. Idiots, I would suggest a route of leg slapping to those responsible but I'm guessing this has already been undertaken.

2. Thank you for bringing to light the reality of my own mistakes in trusting any sort of Internet based resource, especially those I initially believe to have the credentials and saavy to respect the privacy of its loyal users.

Virgin Media broadband in two-day wobble


As stated previously, you're paying for a residential broadband service which has gone down accross multiple local regions throughout the past few days.

Clearly this isn't an acceptable level of service, but it's to be expected occasionally.

For those who claim that their internet service is crap etc. etc. How many times have you phoned / complained to them on each and every occasion the service goes down / fails.

I used to work for these people, believe me, their 'customer service' is crap, i've experienced it first hand. But what is interesting is that when 1 thing went wrong, a user would phone, complain that the service has gone down and has been terrible for the past <insert months / years here> and they're not happy.

Further checks reveal they have called about this issue once before 7 months ago where an outage caused temporary loss of service.

Suffice to say I no longer work for these people, I would still go by saying their internet service works well compared to my ADSL friends and colleagues. Their customer service however consistently fails to impress me.

Especially the stuff about browser settings / patches / computer settings... this isn't 2004 virgin, people don't have that much spyware anymore.

sherlock because more diagnosis is required other than ping tests and traceroutes.

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Your post was all fair and well in terms of technical analysis, but 'guesstimate'.... really? You're better than that sir.

Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral


I don't get it, God isn't reality, it's just belief. Gay's are reality.

Clearly Gays > God. (probably why this fictional character of a bed time story 2000 years ago isn't quite happy with peeps over at gay central)

Or in other words, quit trolling and respect the man (and his family) who pushed the realms of todays technology to the limit, advancing us into the smartphone era.

+1 for iPhoning them to death.

The life and times of Steven Paul Jobs, Part One


Agreed, imagine if it wasn't for Steve, we may all still be using feature phones with 12mpx cameras and triple led flashes and innovation would have been stifled.

Gamer claims complete console collection

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PS3 Fat version (pre-slim)

PS2 Slim Black (not silver)



anything that plays igames

psp slim

xbox 1st gen translucent

jap version of snes

Damn good collection though!! :D

OS X Lion roars, coughs on appearance in App Store

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Skimmed through some maccish forums and failed to find much by way of slow speeds, i know there's some unfortunate chaps out there though :(

Personally, I downloaded and installed within 1.25-1.5 hours. Easiest OS upgrade i've done in my life, 'it just worked'. (Sorry, i had to wedge that in there).

As for the trolls bashing apple 'fanboi's well.... never mind i'm sick of saying it over and over. gtfo.

Kudos to apple for the release, they must have some serious resource, any thanks to ec2 perhaps?

Would also be curious to see the numbers by way of DL/installs in the first 24-48 hours :D

Half of Virgin Media broadband ads are wrong, says ASA


customer service is dire

Since we're all having a bash about virgin, the only reason i'm with them is because their actual product is rock solid. I have their 30mb / xl tv and xl phone and recieve an excellent service.

However, looking to their customer service, oh dear. I've had numerous problems particularly with their mobile service team, their advisors are extremely rude, abrupt, don't listen, aren't willing to help and frankly i get the impression they just want you off the phone.

The interesting part is i worked with their customer service team until June last year, things were turning bad on the inside, too much focus on stats and figures and nothing on quality and service. They're now literally sacking people because they can't get customers off the phone quick enough and aren't upselling their own products to target.

Frankly they shouldn't have the virgin stamp on their name at all acting the way they do.

Virgin Media says sorry over Superhub snafu

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Awesome Experience so far

Since recieving my super hub and upgrading from the 10 to the 30mb service, I have been relatively impressed and have experienced little connectivity issues. i run it on the 2.4Ghz band to be backwards compatible with other devices in the home.

However, I'm hoping VM will release an update to use both 2.4 and 5Ghz bands simultaneously. I consistently recieve +25mb downstream and +2.5mb upstream. I've not experienced any trouble with traffic shaping other than usenet/torrent restrictions after certain times.

Their customer service and technical teams were excellent. Setup was a breeze of the super hub, features work well. I just want to see some QoS and Simultaneous Dual-band wireless :)

High 5 VM!

Apple iPad 2 snapped in all its skinny glory

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Fake? Don't think so

Despite the screen being out, it looks to me like the device has been damaged somewhat too (scratches). I reckon this screen issue is a result of a prototype model or something which has came off as faulty assembling from the production line.

Fans roast Microsoft for Silverlight demotion


Correct Decision

Well done Microsoft for going with HTML5.

Slap accross the face Microsoft for being an untrustworthy swine.

Sorry to all dev's who 'put all their eggs in one basket' however that type of mentality is surely going to land you in it again if you continue. Haven't you ever heard the saying?

Open standards cross platform is the way to go.

Hypervisors: grinding through to bare metal

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Jamie Chalmers

An interesting read.


In relation to your comment, bare metal means there is software which runs and interacts directly with the CPU architecture, to interact however you require a virtual machine management console which is accessible using the Host OS. The actual virtual hard disks are simply files accessible on the physical hard drive. So yes, it will require an OS before interacting with the virtual machines and carrying out snapshots/restores on the console. The point given is simply that the virtual machine can interact directly with the hardware through a hypervisor and not via another third party host OS.

Again, with a Citrix terminal session, you are being streamed a session and not actaully utilizing any hardware accelleration. With a virtual machine, it will allow the session to use hardware accelleration on the thin client, without having a physical disk. This would require a compressed version of the virtual OS otherwise you're looking at 1gb of memory in thin clients instead of 64/128Mb.

So, it would provide a better experience for the thin client user but potentially more expensive thin clients and technology.

Android's UK phone sales quadruple


Desire is excellent.

Some interesting discussion here. To the gentleman who couldn't be bothered researching HTC devices, you really should, it would pay off to find that you could pay £15.00 less per month for almost the same features as an iphone.

I've recently damaged beyond repair my iPhone 3G. What a phone it was, i felt a real sense of loss when I didn't have it.

I thought, hey, iphone 4 sounds good i'll wait. But then as I waited I did some research and found that an HTC phone might be a better route. After playing with a desire i eventually decided to get one.

After a few months of use, heres my thoughts.



600Min Ultd Txts 1Gb Data 24 months.

Android device has significantly better customization options to the interface and shows greater functionality, takes a bit of playing with but once you know what your doing, you're sorted. Apps are more functional and not so 'look good' games arent great.

Browsing - Fantastic, superfast

iPhone 3G (Previous)


600Min 500Txts 1Gb Data 24 months

iPhone 3G was slower, however this is not the case with iPhone 4. Functionality of home screens, not so great compared to current day droids. Media consumption / Media player = Excellent compared to the android. Applications are functional and look really nice, games are thoroughly enjoyable.

Browsing - Non full screen browsing, not particularly fast. Scrolling is far smoother though, so this is a plus.

Bottom Line. Desire = Cheaper, more functional for every day use, faster to access essential data.

I am going to buy the new iPod touch in a few months as the apps on iOS are superior to those on android.

Google geek slammed over XP exploit


Think about the users

As someone working for a company which gets its revenue and provides applications and generally has a good view in the public eye (with the exception of privacy controversies) then google and its employees should be more conscious of protecting its users.

As undeniable, the competition factor between both Google and Microsoft, Google should still think about the protection of its users and be professional about such things as pointing out exploits which could potentially harm its own users computers.

I'm sure a Microsoft engineer wouldn't have carried out such an unethical attempt at putting Google on the spotlight should they have a security hole in their software.

Come on kids, play nice and think about all those who believe Windows 7 was their idea........

Desktop refresh cycles: How long is yours?


Thin clients here

I work in customer service part time (study computer networking elsewhere) our uni uses core 2 duo machines which are pretty rapid, they are going to win7 from xp in the summer, which is great.

Workplace we have around 3000 others doing our job too, were given thin clients and 17" tft displays. I use about 10 web apps on IE6! it sucks. The rest of my applications are all citrix delivered and i log onto a citrix presentation server, so whats the problem? 10mbit ethernet means i xan PHYSICALLY see the screen refreshing as it downloads my desktop, it also means 1024x768 max res on our 1280x1024 displays, it also means flash enabled sites crash our browser. This was put in 3 years ago.

Prior we had NT4 machines 600mhz 256mb memory. Yes, they felt faster. Rant over

Apple details iPad's 'breakthrough' mobile contract

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Innovate This.

Designing a product with an integrated battery clearly has its benefits as you can see from their uMBP June2009 Launch - this is innovation.

Putting a battery in which can be removable, which has moving parts and which would increase the overall device size is simply copying everyone else.

Incase you didn't know, innovating is to break the mould, which is essentially what apple have done. I was critical of the iPhones non removable battery and lack of multi tasking, now i cant think of using any other phone with either feature, why multi-task on a phone, its not an office device and neither is a multimedia tablet. Can you imagine trying to watch a movie and create a powerpoint presentation on a 10" netbook? I cant.

Kudos on the battery replacement scheme, or device replacement even - many handheld portable devices do come under attack from day to day use and get scratched etc. Apple are nice enough to replace this with a cosmetically perfect device. Excellent.