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Oracle exec quits over co-CEO Safra Catz's promise to assist Trump


100 signatures in IBM...

'Nor is it a case of the technology industry rising up against Trump: the IBM staff petition we reported on yesterday still records “100 signatures reached”.'

So that's all the remaining US based IBM employees, then? Not bad...

VMware announces compulsory bi-ennial VCP recertification


The only actual change here is that if you don't recertify when a new product is out, you'll lose the right to claim to be VCP. That said, most places I've been, saying you're a "VCP" is immediately followed up by "VCPx?" with x being the current VMware major version.

And since VMware for years have offered a grace period where existing VCPs can upgrade their VCP cert by taking the exam without a course within a few months of the new version being available, I don't see this as a big change.

I took both my VCP4 and VCP5 exams without courses after taking the mandatory course just for my VCP3 exam.

HP EliteBook 840G1: Sometimes it's an Ultrabook, sometimes it's not


So with me, the reader, in mind...

...you review a business notebook and test the DTS settings but not the security applications?

Thanks! :)

Mandela memorial. Yup, let's SNAP A SELFIE, say grinning Obama, Cameron


For starters...

...I want you to become the first person in a British memorial service to say f***

Looks like everyone had a good time together through his memory. That's the South Africa Mandela enabled. Good show.

Has virtualization really ended all your worries?


It does what it should when done right

In my previous job, going to virtual (in the ESX 2.5 days), meant after the initial heavy lifting, we could cut the server hardware budget to 1/5... and it stayed there year after year. And as we also see in my new job, the virtualized platform provides a far more robust base for handling special conditions, from capacity changes to unplanned downtime. we can now take down a server for maintenance during work hours and everything just stays up, even all the (majority of) apps that can't be clustered using Windows clustering.

Everywhere I've been it's been a game changer, and I still sometimes catch myself smiling when I do things I would have considered magic when I started in this industry. Be it vMotion, automatic provisioning, or FT...

Rising China costs get manufacturers moving


Yeah, well...

...to keep this relevant to the article, as long as the "innovators" keep handing their "revolutionary" blueprints to the sister company of that plagiarizing-cheap-copy-plant, I'll reserve my tears for those more deserving. It's only so long you can send your designs to the IP theft capital of the world and pretend to be surprised when it's copied over there, and get away with it.

For those 5 products still produced in the west and that also got copied... I am sorry.

Norwegian diplomats brush up on black metal



"but the roots of the music are in church burnings and anti-Christian sentiment."

Well, at the root of christianity is people burning and anti-(jewish/islam/etc) sentiment... it all evens out in the end.

Nooooobody expects the spanish inq.... I'll get my coat.

Three flavours of client-side virtualisation


App virt

Hm, no mention of ThinApp, the most mature of the lot? Odd...

Hack attack kills thousands of Aussie websites


All backups wiped

To everyone who asks me when I'll give up duplication to tape, I would hereby like to say "HAH!". And I'm not even going to mention offsite copies... oh... nevermind.

Dear Ubuntu: The netbook is toast


Grains of salt

Weeeell... we'll see. I understand that a developer of mobile apps wants to up the importance of mobile phone OSes, but the notion that desktop and laptops are being pressured by the tablets is a stand that IDC has been pushing for a good while, and has been almost alone in even among their brothers of sensationalist market researchers. Even that the netbooks fall in sales are being caused by tablets is far from an established truth. There might be some core markets where image building, coverage and pricing are strong enough to support a cloud-backed tablet computing future, but inner city NYC, London and Stockholm won't define a new computing era just yet.

SwiftKey plunders social networks for style


They're already doing it from other sources

When you install it, it will scan your SMS texts and local mail for hints on your vocabulary. Works great imo.

Opera Mobile for Android: it's no Fatfox


Oy, reading is *hard*

"As the company announced yesterday at a press event in Oslo, Norway, the browser will arrive in the Android app marketplace place within the month."

IBM backs Oracle against Apache and Google's Android


IBM "backs Oracle", or "forced to abandon Harmony after years of opposition"?

Based on the rest of the article, sounds more like the latter to me...

Swedish far-right party defaced on eve of general election


Even more surprised

What link?

Oracle sneaks out Solaris 10 refresh


Wait, what?

They're still calling it OpenWorld? Oracle? At least Larry has a sense of irony... oh, he doesn't?

Microsoft slings mud in VMware living room

Gates Horns


MS ought to just finish their virtualization product instead of slamming those who have a complete solution...

What? You're saying Hyper-V isn't beta anymore? Oh dear... yeah, they better keep up their smear campaign to keep attention away from its featureset and performance.

Coder cooks up Java-built Flash Player

Jobs Horns

Apple Made This (tm)

...sticker on it?

Symantec revs BackupExec


Cool, but...

Sarcastic remarks? check

Superficial details? check

Version information? uhm, hold on...

Good El Reg standar piece, except you forgot to say what you're actually talking about. Symantec says it's a new release? it's just tweaking? What is? 2010 SP1? 2010.1?

Nevermind, I'll just google it myself.

Google sets Android on pirates

Big Brother

"If it were Apple doing this, ..."

...it would be an improvement. Since it's Google doing this, people are upset. It's all about the baseline.

1984 avatar because... you know...

Samsung Galaxy S



Too bad touchwiz is soo damn ugly. At least compared to Sense on Android.

Troll, because.... well, you know.

Airline ejects passenger for being hungry


I have two issues with your comment

So you conclude that he was being arrogant and ignorant with regards to security based on this article. Either he asked if meals being served, or he asked if there was police on board. I think many of us are ignorant enough to not realize ANY of those two questions were a security threat, but OK. So they're right, asking if police is aboard is a grave security issue and this guy can't be allowed to fly.

Good call to put him on the next flight then... I feel much safer now.

TBH I've heard enough crap from security people around Europe (which from what I can tell are nothing compared to the stories from the US) to find this perfectly believable. And if I were to make up a reason for why I was booted of a plane, I could make it a lot better than that

VMware scales up vSphere virt, rejigs prices


How come every coverage has missed the most important thing in 4.1?

"ESXi is just the ESX Server hypervisor with the console manager ripped out of it"

Actually, starting with the next release after vSphere 4.1, vSphere is actually "ESXi with the ESX Server ripped out of it".

Apparently, VMware is terminating ESX and going for just the ESXi path. I think that's a big deal, and I think a lot of their other big customers will think so too.

Release notes state: "VMware ESX. VMware vSphere 4.1 and its subsequent update and patch releases are the last releases to include both ESX and ESXi hypervisor architectures. Future major releases of VMware vSphere will include only the VMware ESXi architecture."


"VMware recommends that customers start transitioning to the ESXi architecture when deploying VMware vSphere 4.1"

IMO this means a substantial part of the article should have been focused differently, but maybe that's just me...

"VMotion? Seriously? Why does that sounds like a name of a toy to me?"

I think you took a wrong turn somewhere...

VMware opens up Workstation 7.1 beta


Why wouldn't I want my VM's on a NAS?

First of all, my NASes support iscsi. And they have teamed 2Gbit. And ESX VMs work fine, no reason why Workstation VMs wouldn't

Secondly, who are anyone else to say what I or anyone else need or not. At work I routinely check in and out production VMs from ESX to troubleshoot in Workstation. So far I haven't needed to do it with a gigantic volume, but that could change in the future. Etc, etc.

And no, my 4TB hardware internal RAID runs rings around any 2TB physical disk, so it's not the same thing as some crappy SMB nas.

Paris Hilton


"and last I looked there where not many Desktop Systems with more than 32GB RAM. Same for 2TB Diskimages, first you need a HDD bigger then that to host them."

No, you need a *volume* bigger than 2TB, such as any of my NASes here at home, or the internal RAID in the server, or...

Paris with glasses, cause she's probably shortsighted too...

Virtualisation and vendor support


Don't give them the excuse

I have to say it's not often I've met flat out rejection from vendors when logging issues on VM's, but as a general rule I don't volunteer the info that their system is running on ESX. If they ask, or it's required info, I say so, but I never bring it up because they tend to latch on to it too easily. Usually they can be quickly persuaded to look beyond that and at the actual problem, though.