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Shuttleworth's Ubuntu makes like Space Shuttle



"Please... Ubuntu has probably drawn more people to open source than any other open source project."

Errr no mate... You might want to have a little look at Apache or MySQL, oh and there's that little thing called the Linux Kernel. Also honestly don't think we would be where we are today with Redhat's contribution

I am a massive Ubuntu fan, use it where i can, but i am also very appreciative and aware of history. Making sweeping statements just seems a bit silly and derides the great work other contributors have made to this wonderful ecosystem we call Open Source Software.

Google: 'We did not follow Apple into phone market'


Copying != Lack of Innovation

Who cares who copied who, through the history of technology we can see all sorts of stuff being 'copied'. There is nothing wrong with taking an idea and tweaking it for your own needs or the needs of a group of people. That is one of the beauties of Open Source, no one 'controls' technology, rather it is their for others to build on. Its things like Patents that are preventing technology and innovation, forcing people not to copying aspects of technology

In fact there should be MORE copying, i encourage it... If it offers something different, something that can be utilised by others in a manner not identical to the original. In the mobile space, that is what Android offers, like WebOS, like new Windows Mobile or MeeGO.

Of course i am not talking about those cheap Chinese knock offs you find down the sunday market... All the offer is toxic paint dye or a sharp object in the eye

Giant flying pliers menace West Bromwich


Invasion of the DIY'ers

I for one welcome our DIY Overlords!

May they repair my electrical appliances in peace.


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