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Looking forward to the end of Tuesday? You've patched this month's 37 Microsoft bugs, right?

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"Killer Updates" - thanks for the advice

Thanks muchly for all the advice - I'll just briefly answer a few of the points.

I appreciate that "tens of millions of Windows machines manage to apply Windows updates without any drama every month". That's true - I'm usually part of the club. But, along with too many others, I 'regularly' get caught out!

I will say that it's an unrewarding and time-consuming task to navigate the official M$ site (will avoid ranting at this point).

I had created various restore points before Windows Updating but, on boot up, it proved impossible to use this option (I won't bore you with details).

As I indicated before the IT engineer made it very clear to me that the problem was with the Windows Update service - rather than "badly written drivers" etc.

IMHO it is M$ themselves should be doing the testing beforehand - not us.


Advance info about killer updates?

Once again a Windows Update prevented me from booting up last month - professional help was needed. Please can anyone provide the address of a site which collects accurate data about updates which are potentially damaging? Surely someone is running some tests somewhere or maybe collating data from early victims.

You're inventing the wrong sort of tech for bad people who want to buy it. Stop it at once


An even more useful app?

"A new iPhone app called WineGlass is poised to change the way wine drinkers order wine in restaurants. Partnering with CellarTracker, the online database of wine prices and opinions, WineGlass helps both the clueless and the semi-knowledgeable pick an appropriate wine.

No more calling a hotline or a savvy friend to ask, in a hushed voice, which white Burgundy you should order. All you have to do is make like a spy and photograph the wine list with your iPhone. WineGlass will provide crowd-sourced descriptions and assessments of almost every bottle, complete with a score on a 100-point system and the average range of prices for that wine in a restaurant."

Full article - Los Angeles Times (by S. Irene Virbila)


Re: "Men have become the tools of their tools" Henry David Thoreau

Sorry if I'm a bit slow but I think you are saying that I'm claiming to be a socialist - and then contradicting myself by saying that I'm competitive?

So then. Is a capitalist necessarily right wing? Do socialists lack competitiveness?

(Now I've forgotten what I said in my first sentence, LOL!)


Re: @Mr_Toad - - "Men have become the tools of their tools" Henry David Thoreau

I wasn't making pronouncements about Thoreau and fail to see the need to justify quoting him in the title. I am already acquainted with his works ie no need to google because I already bought his books (including Walden). *sigh*

I agree wholeheartedly with your evaluation of his relevance in today's world. Thanks for the links.


Re: "Men have become the tools of their tools" Henry David Thoreau

1. "... the world is amazingly not sorted along a line with "right" on one side and "left" on the other"

> I agree that 'ideas' and 'politics' are a different animals. I was merely suggesting that the text was perhaps coloured by the author's political views.

2. "What _is_ the cost in human terms?"

> We'll be here all night debating this one! Everything has a cost of course - Communism, Capitalism and all the other 'isms' :)

"In the 1970s and 80s, Herman Daly launched a broadside assault on the academic discipline of economics assailing ... its willful blindness to our looming environmental crisis. In pathbreaking and widely influential books and articles Daly as sailed the “stupor of economic discourse” by holding up to his colleagues what he called the “wild facts” of our ecological crisis: the growing hole in the ozone shield, the alarming evidence of rising CO² levels, the shocking rates of natural resource consumption, the frightening rates of extinction and loss of biodiversity and so on which mainstream economists ignored (and most continue to ignore to this day). The ecological crisis is caused, Daly argued by too much growth: “the scale of human activity relative to the biosphere has grown too large” and most especially, by ever-growing consumption in the advanced industrialized countries. ...

... corporate CEOs do not have the freedom to choose to produce as much or little as they like, to make the same profits this year as last year. Instead, they face relentless pressure to maximize profits, to make more profits this year than last year (or even last quarter), therefore to maximize sales, therefore to grow quantitatively. So automakers, for example, look to make a profit from every car they sell. They can do this either by increasing the rate of profit on each car they sell by intensifying production -- finding cheaper material inputs, cutting wages to lower labor costs or bringing in more efficient labor-saving technology. But they can’t increase profits forever in this way. Competitors can find the same cheap inputs, the same new technology. And they can’t lower wages below subsistence. So this avenue has limits. Or, they can try to maximize profits extensively - by selling more cars. In practice of course carmakers do both but increasing sales is normally the main avenue of profit maximization because, as Adam Smith noted, returns are theoretically limited only by the extent of the market. So facing saturated markets at home, U.S. car makers look to Asia."

> I know we are competitive animals but I think it's better to channel this competitiveness into trying to better ourselves as individuals ie self-improvement. Unfortunately capitalism clearly pits us against each other, resulting in losers as well as winners etc.


"Men have become the tools of their tools" Henry David Thoreau

Whilst I am not one wit overawed by his credentials (!), Wadhwa makes a lot of sense - except when he is castigating the Yo app. The writer of the article also has some good points to make.

However, the writer clearly leans to the right of the political spectrum. I do not support rampant capitalism with its blind insistence on finding new markets, no matter what the cost is in human terms.

However, in the specialised market of apps, it should be the users who dictate what should be developed - if it is of value to them, let's go for it. In this instance Wadhwa is perhaps guilty of snobbism (or maybe inserted the Yo criticism to get himself a wider audience than an academic paper would provide). I would also like to see his evidence for claiming that "Entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas usually have a very hard time gaining funding from venture capitalists"

NASA preps flying saucer ballocket flight


Time for some Latin

Hey, 'Scroticus Canis' - you're the 'dog's Ballockets', aren't you!


Re: Ballocket???


Australian government apps access smartmobe cams but 'don't film you'


"As it is, the user will just click whatever they have to click ..."

It's as if you're saying that users are gullible, unthinking morons? Oh, wait...

‘Pre-bionic’ eye implanted in blind patient

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Re: One word:


British Minister likens Anonymous to fascists and racists

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Re: So how come Tony Blair is free to persue a life of crime?

In the last day or so it was announced that Mr Blair will be providing consultancy services to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the state of Sao Paulo, here in Brazil.

I don't seem to be able to escape from him, no matter how far I travel :)


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Re: Wrong Simile

The comment that began "Now first of all, to be completely fair, it is really hard to speak about a group such as Anonymous without ..." (Posted Monday 27th August 2012 05:07 GMT) ...

... is the type of perceptive and well written comment that keeps me coming back to El Reg. Thank you. Somewhat ironic that you wrote a piece like this and then posted it ANONYMOUSLY :)


Attention seeking headlines?

Hain told the BBC he feels Anonymous' actions resemble those he experienced in the “anti-apartheid and anti-fascist struggles."

The above statement is not at all the same as saying that the "British Minister likens Anonymous to fascists and racists". Are they being called fascists and racists OR is the Minister merely pointing out that similar actions were taken against him by ANTI-fascist groups? It smacks of careless reporting to me.

Britain: A nation of txt addicts who prefer Twitter to phoning mum


Re: Connected devices...


Chrome 13: Google uncloaks search click prediction engine


Twice as fast

The video is for numbskulls who need to be told something 20 times before they get it.

Also. Have you played the game of aiming the mouse at the 'Google Search' button, only to find that you've missed completely and got one of their helpful, incorrect, suggestions coughed up by their wretched autocomplete algorithm?

I think the idea was to get you the wrong page twice as fast as they did before. Now it's even quicker - Google gets you the wrong page in zero seconds.


The IT management impact of home working


The great privilege of educating others

@The Other Steve - Good post, old fart just wants to quibble and whine.

This whole thing about how IT specialists are 'different' from the masses can be overdone (don't think you did in ur post, be cool). Although it's easy to laugh at others (helps to prop up ego etc) I would just like to remind everyone of the moments when we, too, were faced with a steep learning curve - and (please) have some sympathy.

The term 'desktop' was created as an analogue of the original term, so, yes, it did originally refer to pens n stuff. For someone to say "Yes, I can see pens n telephone" is merely machine-logical, not dumb. Let me repeat - you should not assume that such people are dumb.

You are in a learning situation and have the great privilege of educating others. Don't knock it!


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