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Microsoft Surface sales numbers revealed as SHOCKINGLY HIDEOUS

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To quote Peanut and Jeff Dunham

If you polish a turd, it's still a turd!

Foundering Nokia pushes 10,000 bods, 3 veeps overboard

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R&R?? Rest & Recreation?? Shouldn't that be R&D? Research & Development?

Unless all the guys from R&D got shifted out in the last batch of "purging". I think the first to go should be the ex Microsoft guy, just for signing that rediculous deal with Microsoft for the Smarthpone OS.

Will Intel slay or flee fearsome Snapdragon Win 8 tab?

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Then I stand corrected.

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Hmm, I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that in fact, it was Motorola that was making the original 8086 chips, not Intel....

BlackBerry sees iPhone shrink in rear view mirror

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Find it amazing the berry is doing so well, considering it has a useless interface and possibly the most complicated mail setup I have ever seen...

Not very impressed having to set these POS's up for clients, I personally use an Android phone, which I love, but if it were a berry or a Jesus phone, and I had no option of an Android phone, I would definitely take the Jesus phone...

Men at Work swiped Down Under riff

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Epic idiocy...

bugger, no icon for that.

I saw it on BBC news last night, couldn't see the resemblance between the two at all..

I saw the lawyer, my word, he is a kid, I don't think he is old enough to even know the song from MaW in the first place! Smug little git.

Honestly, copyright is out of control, RMS was right.

Santa Fe man demands half a mill for being near iPhone

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In the words of Monty Python

from the skit of the cat license : You ARE a looney...

Sony Reader PRS-600 Touch Edition

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Don't see the point

I have an HTC Magic, I have installed an e-book reader, my phone costs about the same, is also able to do tons of other things besides being an e-book reader, sorry, but 250 quid for that is a bit steep in my books...

World's nastiest trojan fools AV software

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Which browser?

They also mention browsers, does it affect all browsers, or only certain ones? How does it circumvent most firewalls? Which Antivirus software detects it.. This is important info guys, particularly for the sysadmins out there...

@ Tony how come you can't live without Outlook? Looked at Kontact or Evolution recently?

A grenade - because this is going to explode soon!

British boffin named first ever 'doctor of texting'

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why did she exclude the kids from 12-18, they appear to be the worst for shortening words, when my 16 year old niece sms's me, I don't bother reading it, because my head will spin trying to understand it. That is why they are saying that sms' are destroying the english language, or any language for that matter.

Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott

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The irony is, if you have been uing Opera for a long time, you will see that FireFox copied a lot of the ideas from Opera, so the single poster up there who stated that opera looks like a bad copy of Firefox ... sorry mate, you aint been in computing long enough, I for one am an Opera user, on both windows and Linux, my Linux came with Opera pre-installed..

I will use Firefox for sites that Opera doesn't like...I refuse to use IE and for ALL of my clients I give them FireFox or Opera, whichever they choose, but block IE...

Security to me is important and IE has holes you can fit an elephant through, and don't you even think of tellingme to patch it, as some other user said, as soon as you enable automatic updates in Windows, they screw you...

Accused Scareware mongers held in contempt of court

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I hope they get these bastards

I am sooo tired of stupid users being conned by these guys, I lose hours trying to get rid of their crap on infected machines. Not only do they con people into installing their rubbish, they also download additional viruses and apps onto a machine that has it installed, these guys should rot in hell!!! Not just the CEO´s but the programmers too!!

Motorola TLKR T7 two-way radio

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These are actually useful

I used to work on film sets, particularly when you are iether in a large indoor set or evenon large location shoots, you can´t beat these things, their long distance range is phenominal, we would often send out a PA to pick up some KFC in the nearest village about 5km away, and he would radio back confirming everyone´s order!! Great fun, and an awesome tool... So to answer the first posters question, yes, it is a piece of great kit and a worthwhile review if you actually are someone who gets off the couch and puts down the remote / laptop from time to time!

Porn doctor jailed for 33 years

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Not Harsh enough

in my opinion, to me, as an ex cop, rapists and child abusers/ molesters NEVER get a harsh enough sentence, they should dream up some lovely painful ways to deal with these guys, and these days, it´s impossible to get the wrong guy, DNA is irrefutable!!

Firefox 3 downloads hit 7m despite server FAIL

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Gates Horns


Since they moved from a linux server to a windows server!!! :D

Microsoft slings multiple sue balls at resellers

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One way to make friends I suppose

Either that, or they are running low of funds!!

3Com - a company built on ether

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Re:Don't mention the modems!

Sorry for you, but all of the IT people I know cried when USR external modems were taken off the market, they were solid, eliable, and you could use them with any OS, I still have a Sportser 56K as abckup in case my router ever goes down!

I have no idea if you were using the grey knock off or something...

Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone

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I have a Motorola Ming/A1200

It can film for 2 hours, as long as I have the space on my memory card. So I can easily believ he could copy the whole movie onto his phone

Expel the IT bodgers, says Microsoft

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Have always been worthless, I mean MS has refused to teach any of these guys anything in the CLI, and made the world believe that Windows98 was not running on top of DOS... Also the fact that they flooded the market with MCSE's, the certification became worthless (which why I didn't bother)..

Microsoft are good at shooting from the mouth, and then with a shotgun to the foot....