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Germany, Spain and Belgium get free mobile calls

Christian Dannemann
Paris Hilton

works in the UK as well

You just have to text HELLO to 82595 for the invite

BBC to launch iPlayer for Wii

Christian Dannemann

Window size

Just installed the internet channel on my Wii and gave it a go ...

The playback window for iplayer is quite small - so don't expect a full-screen playback.

Nokia E70 smart phone

Christian Dannemann

Nokia E70, VoIP and Wifi

I have had my E70 for a couple of weeks now. The VoIP client itself takes some time to set up, but has excellent speech quality once you got it working. (I've got mine connected to my asterisk server).

The Wifi implementation is not so good - and that is very nicely worded. After a couple of minutes, the VoIP client doesn't register any more because the WiFi connection doesn't work any more - even though the phone claims it is still connected. You can check that it's the WiFi connection by using VoIP over GPRS - everything is fine (quality of course bad, but the client stays registered).

Nokia has to do something about the WiFi implementation on this phone - the E61 has exactly the same problem. I sent mine back to Nokia to fix it!


Firefox under fire from multiple security bugs

Christian Dannemann

Keep your knickers on :-)

Well well well, now the Opera / IE / Moz users come out of their holes to defend "their" browser ...

I've been using Moz for a couple of years now - and yes, mainly security issues why I have done so.

Any software product has its vulnerabilities, that is unavoidable. I think the speed with which the patches are released still make my choice the right one.

BTW - so Opera never had and never will have vulnerabilities?



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