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Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back


And this El Reg,

is why if you are going to review software (always been a bit of an issue for me- at least on your HARDWARE section), you should do your due diligence and try it on all available consoles... Shame on you and shame on TreyArch... Grenade because, well, play the campaign...

3D Dot Game Heroes


Take your time!

Errr, this has been out for at least 2 months... Bit slow on the uptake there, eh El Reg! That said it is a top game- lots of retro action to be had here! Highly recommended!

Panasonic Viera TX-P46G20 46in plasma TV


Does anyone know...

Does anyone know if the USB ports are active? What formats of files can be read? jpeg, mpeg, div-x mkv etc? I can't seem to find it on Panasonic's blurb...

God of War III


What the hell...

is this review doing here? Don't get me wrong I like SOFTWARE reviews but what is doing on Reg HARDWARE?

MSI tells 97,000 customers to 'Read The F***ing Manual'



>Not sure what dictionary you've been reading....

>An example of abbreviation : Professor into Prof. The word has been abbreviated, hence, it is >known as "abbreviation".

Actually an Acronym / Initialism is a type of abbreviation utilizing the first letter of each word. This certainly fits that description.

WTF- acronym. Enjoy.



Still using CICS now. And TOPS...

Sky blames network problems for site blocking


DNS issue, surely

If it was blocked and not a DNS issue how come when I added the Rapidshare IP etc into my host file I could access it normally. Also https WAS working...

Microsoft cuts out paste

Paris Hilton

@Maemo 6

It isn't... Maemo and Moblin merged last week- Meego is their latest offing. El Reg has some articles on here somewhere...

Paris cos I need her glasses *mumble grumble*

Google Nexus One

Dead Vulture

@ AC

If it does Multitouch, is it Capacitative or resisitive touchscreen? Multitouch, but not enabled- capacitive screen

Does it have accelerometer and Compass? Yes (3 axis) and yes (digital)

Voice guidance maps?(for free) Not that I am aware of

Whats the battery size ? (mAh). How much does the spare one cost? Battery is 1400mAH, spare is $25

3G capable, video calling, any front camera? 3G capable no front camera and no video calling

Headstone- cos I shouldn't have to do the leg work reg...


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