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Samsung flings sueball at Dyson for 'intolerable' IP copycat claim


Re: The picture ..

It *is* a picture of Dyson's range of vacuum cleaners: "Dyson DC37 vacuum cleaners", according to the title and filename.

Bad luck, n00bs: Mozilla to splurge ADS inside empty Firefox tiles


Doesn't sound that bad

The way I read it is that they will put ads in any tiles that wouldn't otherwise have content - i.e. you haven't yet visited enough sites to fill up the 9 'frequently visited' slots. So for existing users there'll be no difference, for new users they'll have a few more suggested sites (ads). Not much of an issue, really.

COLD BALLS OF FLAME light up International Space Station


Re: "spherically one-dimensional system"

From the NASA site: http://mynasa1.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/research/experiments/FLEX-2.html

The advantage of the spherical symmetry is that only one spatial dimension enters the description of the combustion process. This greatly simplifies the mathematics required for modeling combustion processes. ...

In the absence of gravity, small droplets of fuel (i.e., from 2 mm to 4 mm in diameter) burn "one-dimensionally", which means the flame will be shaped a like ball about the size of a large olive that will be centered around the droplet. This one-dimensional nature of the droplet flame allows the science team to easily measure and understand important features of the burning fuel that would otherwise be impossible to obtain on the ground. This particular type of flame configuration allows measurement and observation of very complex interactions in a spherically one-dimensional system, providing insights into the behavior of combustion phenomena that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, to obtain in multi-dimensional systems that are typically found in most 1-g fires.

Apple's draconian developer docs revealed

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Parts of a contract may indeed be unenforceable

I believe the general view is that contract clauses deemed to be unfair by a court cannot be enforced, but you have to go to court to prove it. This applies to various 'restraint of trade' clauses, of the sort often seen in a contract of employment. You know, the part where the it states that you cannot work directly for an end client for a period of 12 months after your contract expires.

There are circumstances where this type of clause cannot be enforced, e.g. if your employer has terminated your contract and then end client subsequently offers you a new contract (the order of events is important).

Please don't call people dribbling fuckwits, it's not nice.

Young people are lazy, think world owes them a living - prof



Are you commenting on the 'digital immigrant' vs 'digital native' divide, or just accusing everybody older than you of being stupid?


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