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Google Nexus One


How badly will I miss a physical keyboard?

@AC 09:21 (or anyone else who's used an N1)

If you've used a G1 with it's physical keyboard how does the N1's on-screen keyboard compare for writing long texts, etc.? I'm wondering about accuracy, speed, and how annoying you find the loss of screen real-estate (to a picture of a keyboard).

It looks lovely, but I'm torn between the N1 now (or very soon) and waiting for an N1-alike with a real honest-to-goodness keyboard attached.

The shame is that if Google hadn't crippled the G1 from birth (with it's too limited flash space and laughable battery life) and ignored it starting with the Android 2.0 round of updates I'd have no reason to upgrade from the G1 I love.

But maybe that's the point...?


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